Use Hanging Bushes to Make a Wedding Centerpiece

Last week, I talked to all our Flower Friends about how to use spring bushes to make a wedding centerpiece. This week, I want to kick it up a notch, and show you how to make gorgeous wedding or at home arrangements with our hanging bushes.

Wedding Azalea Hanging Bush in Cerise
Wedding Azalea Hanging Bush in Cerise

If you prefer a more romantic, whimsical look, a hanging bush will make a perfect centerpiece. The stems will flow over the container, and add an effortless, beautiful touch to your wedding or home decor.

The cerise azalea bush pictured above would be a great outdoor spring centerpiece. Wonder why I say outdoor? Because it’s waterproof :) (Waterproof faux flowers, what a wonderful world!)

Place some foam in a large container, perhaps something like the Whitewashed Natural Wood Container or the Terra Cotta Pot in Antique Blue, and then just stick the hanging bush in the foam.

Fluff it a bit, and you’re done. So easy, right?

Here’s an example of the finished product, we found this gorgeous azalea centerpiece on RealSimple.com.

Azalea Centerpiece found on RealSimple.com
Azalea Centerpiece found on RealSimple.com

If you’re more of a greenery fan, and not so much into flowering stems, vines, and garlands, check out our decorative sweetheart bush in variegated green. This so simple and lovely.

This hanging bush will look gorgeous indoors or outdoors; in winter, spring, summer, or fall. (Ok, well I don’t recommend you leave it outside in -5 degree weather, but that’s your call).

Decorative Sweetheart Bush in Variegated Green
Decorative Sweetheart Bush in Variegated Green

When it’s all said and done, it doesn’t take a crafting genius to put together a centerpiece with hanging bushes. It literally takes you less than ten minutes to assemble, and if you take care of your faux flowers, it could last for years.

Have you used one of our hanging bushes to make a centerpiece? Comment below!


Five Rules for Choosing Your Premade Wedding Bouquet

1. Order Samples

If I’m being honest, our products are actually pretty true to the way they’re pictured online. But sometimes, a photo might not clearly represent how the wedding bouquet looks in person. That is why we always, ALWAYS recommend ordering one or two samples before you place your entire order.

Wedding Rose Bouquet in Red Pink Beauty
Wedding Rose Bouquet in Red Pink Beauty

2. Know Your Ideal Size

Do you want a lush, full wedding bouquet or a simple, understated bouquet? Once you get your samples, bunch  2-3 bouquets together so you know how big you want your bridal bouquet to be. Sometimes, our brides will use three premade bouquets for their wedding bouquet and one for the bridesmaid bouquets, but it’s all up to you and your preference. Once you’ve figured this out, make sure you order accordingly.

3. Finish with Decorative Bouquet Wrap

If you’re ordering one of our premade wedding bouquets, chances are it is held together with green wrap or wire, but it doesn’t come with decorative ribbon around it. (Some of them do, but generally speaking, most do not). In your sample order, make sure you also pick out one or two different decorative ribbons to use for bouquet wrap. Test out each one, and when you’ve picked which one you like best, you can feel free to return the one you didn’t use, as long as it wasn’t cut.

The black and white striped ribbon is my absolute favorite, so simple and trendy :)

Black and White Striped Ribbon from Afloral.com
Black and White Striped Ribbon from Afloral.com

4. Don’t Forget Your Flower Girl

Sometimes our brides get so caught up in ordering bouquets for themselves and the bridesmaids, they forget to order something small for the flower girl. If she’s throwing petals, don’t forget to add some of our colorful rose petals to your cart. If she isn’t throwing petals, we recommend ordering a kissing ball for her to carry down the aisle.

These bright pink petals are so cheery, perfect for a summer wedding.

Pink Rose Petals from Afloral.com
Pink Rose Petals from Afloral.com

5. Fluff It

Finally, don’t forget ladies, these are faux flowers. When you pull them out of the box, there is a chance that they might be slightly bent, and will need some love. Position the flower head outward, and pull the stems a bit more towards you. This is what we call “fluffing” :)

How to Create a Wedding Centerpiece with Spring Bushes

If you’re a not so DIY girl like myself, you’re looking for the easiest way out of any craft. If someone asks you to paint a picture, you buy a paint by number. Please tell me I’m not the only one like this 😉

Anyways, when it comes to wedding centerpieces, I love the full, colorful look, but I absolutely hate arranging faux flowers in a container until it’s “just right”. I’d rather throw something together, and have it look like I spent five hours on it, instead of  five minutes.

Well, this is where our gorgeous spring bushes come into play.

Making a spring centerpiece is so easy with our lush bushes, all you really need to do is bunch a few together and voila! – gorgeous centerpiece.

Whimsical Spring Centerpiece
Whimsical Spring Centerpiece from Afloral.com

For this whimsical butterfly centerpiece, we used:

1 copper bucket

3 blue butterfly clips

1 yellow daisy bush

1 green daisy bush

1 aqua daisy bush

1 red daisy bush

And all you do is bunch the bushes together, toss them in the container, and clip on a few butterflies for sass. Five minutes later, and you’ve got a stunning centerpiece on your hands.

See? It really is that easy. I must say, this hassle free DIY method makes me want to create some spring centerpieces for my apartment. I think I found my weekend project :)

Happy crafting,