Top Tips: Coordinating Wedding Party Flowers

Brides planning your wedding party’s flowers around your bridal bouquet can be easy.  Don’t get overwhelmed with too many choices when deciding on bridesmaids’ bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages.

If you’ve settled on your wedding flowers and bouquet style your work is half way done.  Coordinating the rest of the wedding party’s flower arrangements will be based off the decisions you’ve made for your bridal bouquet.

Wedding colors  + Wedding flowers + Bridal bouquet style =

A Good Start in Coordinating Your Bridal Party Flowers

The bride’s bouquet is going to be more elaborate, typically consisting of two- three types of flowers and color choices.  That gives you more options to break down flower arrangements into smaller bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages.

The bridal party flowers are going to be an extension of your more elaborate bridal bouquet.  They are meant to accent and complement the main focal piece carried by the bride who should be the center of attention on her wedding day!

Lets take a look at two different bridal bouquets and their coordinating bridesmaid bouquet and boutonniere:

Hot Pink and Black Wedding Flowers; adamandkavya.tumblr.com; etsy.com; wildorchidcustomfloraldesigns.com
Hot Pink and Black Wedding Flowers; adamandkavya.tumblr.com; etsy.com; wildorchidcustomfloraldesigns.com

Hot Pink and Black

The hot pink and black bridal bouquet is composed of three types and colors of flowers with some dramatic black feather and rhinestone accents.  It gives us a great start to break down flowers into smaller and simpler arrangements.

The bridesmaid bouquet borrows one type of flower from the larger bouquet.  A simple hand-tied gerbera daisy bouquet captures the same style with black ribbon accents and touches of rhinestones.  The boutonniere pulls all three color choices together with a simple flower combination.

Three different arrangements that work together by coordinating flowers and colors.

Rose Peony Pink White Peach Wedding Flowers; weddingchicks.com
Rose Peony Pink White Peach Wedding Flowers; weddingchicks.com

Pink, White and Peach

The peony and rose bouquet in pink and white is a fresh, full arrangement perfect for a spring or rustic wedding.  The bridesmaid bouquet is a smaller, fun version of the larger bouquet.  It uses the same peony stems and mixes in a new peach color in roses accented by baby’s breath.  The boutonnieres keep it traditional and simple with white rose buds and baby’s breath.

These arrangements work with slight variations in colors and flowers but the underlying style remains the same to create  beautiful, fresh wedding flower arrangements.

Are Traditional Wedding Flower Bouquets On the Out?

Wedding trends can often reflect what is in right now in the fashion world.  In both realms, wedding and fashion, some trends might be it items this season but out the next.

Can we foresee what trends have a big enough impact to stick around a few seasons or more?  Not always.  As with fashion some wedding trends are about keeping up with the latest look and standing out, therefore forever changing.  Others may make a big splash and stick around through a few seasons.

With the uncertainty of wedding trend’s resiliency I beg to ask for your thoughts on this current trend featured on TVNew Zealand One News: Are wedding flower bouquets being replaced by the convenience of wrist corsages and floral crowns?

In a recent post, Get Your Fix on Fabulous Wedding Fashion, New Zealand blogger shares top trends seen at New Zealand Fashion Week’s from the NZ Wedding Magazine Collection.  One trend that had them talking were wedding flower bouquets, “Brides on the catwalk wore wrist corsages and floral crowns, rather than carrying traditional bouquets, and Gardi sees fashion forward brides picking up on the convenience of the trend.

While the traditional wedding flower bouquet might not become obsolete, they do boast the convenience of this new trend, “You can still have this adornment and look really beautiful and romantic and incorporate fresh flowers but you don’t have to have your hands occupied with the bouquet all day.”

wedding flowers wrist corsages & floral crowns

So what are your thoughts on this emerging trend?  Will wrist corsages and floral crowns start out weighing the traditional bridal wedding flower bouquet?  Both sides have their pros and cons.

Wedding flower bouquets are a traditional, romantic statement piece for your bridal look.  Bouquets hold with them a lot of sentiment as the bride walks down the aisle from when they are thrown at the reception.  However,wedding flowers to make up your bouquet arrangement can take a good part of your wedding budget also taking into account corresponding bridesmaid bouquets and groomsmen boutonnieres.

Wrist corsages and floral crowns are a popular trend in the fashion world and currently on the catwalk, they have also been seen in recent celebrity weddings.  They are definitely a different approach to your wedding flowers and can provide a unique take and statement on your special day, but do they fill the roll of a traditional wedding flower bouquet.  On the budget bride end, corsages and floral crowns take less materials to assemble, in the end saving you more on your wedding flowers.

What will in be traditional, romantic wedding flower bouquet or a trendy, unique take with a wrist corsage or floral crown?

photo credits:bridal crown- wanelo.com; wrist corsage- cache0.bigcartel,com; wrist corsage-ruffledblog.com; floral crown-pinterest.com; peach corsage-afloral.com