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Ghost Chairs: a Wedding Trend

Have you heard of the ghost chair? Me neither.  If you’re like me you might not have heard of them by name but I am positive you have seen ghost chairs popping up in wedding decor blogs and magazines.

Peabodyoperahouse.com reports, “Ghost chairs have been gracing the homes of the trendsetters everywhere since they were created in 2002 by artist Philippe Starck.”  

And why has the wedding world seen a recent appearance of ghost chairs in the wedding reception realm?  “A decade later they began taking over the world of weddings, popping up in receptions and ceremonies as a modern upgrade from the traditional banquet chair.”  

Louis Ghost Chair Wedding Decor;
Louis Ghost Chair Wedding Decor; soft and chic- necreationsweddings.com; mini dessert chairs- etsy.com seller jadorelesmacaroons; colorful chairs- junebugweddings.com; rustic chic- 100layer.com

Sleek, simple and modern are one way to describe a ghost chair. However it’s look might be modern but it’s style is a classic.  Apartmenttherapy.com gives us the run down that Starck created the ghost chair as a reinvention of the classic Louis XV armchair.  They go as far to say Starck’s chair is “the most recognizable chair of the 21st century.” 

The Louis ghost chair’s popularity in the wedding world is easy to understand.  It combines the famous luxury of royalty and a chic modern look with it’s transparent form.  The ghost chair is a statement piece without standing out.  It will let your wedding flower centerpieces shine.

What are your thoughts: a 21st century masterpiece that works as a beautiful, chic piece at your reception tables or a trend you’ll be ready to pass up?

Hot Wedding Trends Inspiration

Engagednowwhat.com gives us full access to the Hartman Studio’s, of Northern California, wedding event.  This annual event previews their newest collection and some of the hottest new wedding trends.  Engagednowwhat.com boasts, “they are truly spectacular at what they do and are considered the high end event rental company of Northern California.”  A ticket to this event is like “an invitation to an Oscar Party.”

The industry event at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco previewed ten vignettes inspired by famous or fictional women.  Engagednowwhat.com gives us a run down of all ten themes in their full post, Hottest New Wedding Trends- Hartman Studios.

Hartman Studios doesn’t hold back with inspiration and creativity, they have something for every style bride from elegant, vintage to glam rock.  They showcase what they do best with beautiful backdrops and palette selections paired with gorgeous wedding flowers and just the right use of the hottest wedding trends.  All photo credits to Orange Photography at the event, posted by engagednowwhat.com.

Popular right now in the wedding world and seasonally are outdoor weddings.  Hartman Studios gives brides two inspiration options for styling an outdoor, themed affair.  The classically, romantic Scarlett O’Hara of Gone With the Wind or the whimsical, woodland Alice in Wonderland.

Scarlett O'Hara theme,
Hartman Studio’s Scarlett O’Hara theme, engagednowwhat.com/ Orange Photography

Scarlett O’Hara offers a forever, classic and romantic look with hedges, plants and trees lit with outdoor lanternsWedding flowers are classic, boldly red and full.  The Alice in Wonderland is a bit more playful with a tea party set for family style seating and mismatched vintage settings, both trendy reception options.

Hartman Studio's Alice in Wonderland theme, engagednowwhat.com/ Orange Photography
Hartman Studio’s Alice in Wonderland theme, engagednowwhat.com/ Orange Photography

Inspired by rocker Pink!, Hartman Studios glams up a pink and black wedding theme.  Chic floral arrangements, trendy metallics and statement pieces like the screen and projector for music videos rock this theme.  Wedding flowers are kept soft and feminine for a great juxtaposition against dark tones and sleek metallics in decor.  Colored LED lightening is a trend must for this look.

Hartman Studio's Pink! theme, engagednowwhat.com/ Orange Photography
Hartman Studio’s Pink! theme, engagednowwhat.com/ Orange Photography

One of this year’s hottest trends has to be 1920’s decor.  Mary Crawley, of the popular Downtown Abbey series, vignette hits this look with rich textiles, china and glassware and ornate chandeliers and candle holders.  Decor in gold and back keep decor classic yet still over the top as with ’20’s style.

Hartman Studio's Downtown Abbey theme, engagednowwhat.com/ Orange Photography
Hartman Studio’s Downtown Abbey theme, engagednowwhat.com/ Orange Photography

This list goes on as Hartman Studio also highlights several modern fashion and movie goer themes.  A true credit to their styling talent all showcased by engagednowwhat.com’s event access.  Who was your favorite femme fatale?  The outdoor classic, beauty of Scarlett O’Hara or fun, whimsical Alice?  The glam of modern rocker Pink! or a touch of rich, ’20’s style?  Personally I’d like to see what they’d do with one of my favorites like Audrey Hepburn for a classic, chic affair or something artsy like Georgia O’Keefe!

What’s Your Wedding Flower Style?

What’s your flower style?  Do you have a personal style you’re looking to transfer into your wedding day look?  Fun and flirty, hopelessly romantic or chic and modern; different wedding flowers can fit best into particular looks.

Styling your wedding day requires a lot of details and planning.  Some brides don’t even know where to begin.  The key is to keep it simple and establish the basics before you add in the details.  When you’re first planning your wedding flowers your first decision is what type of flower and look you are going for.  Hence, what’s your flower style?

Fun and Flirty Gerbera Daisy Wedding Flowers, afloral.com

Fun and Flirty

Are you fun and flirty? Are you and your groom looking for a low key, fun filled day with family and friends?  Gerbera Daisies are the perfect wedding flower for your special day.  Cheerful, bright and full bursting blooms gerbera daisies will greet you with a smile.

Gerbera daisies make a cheerful bouquet whether they stand on their own or are mixed in with a variety of vibrant flowers.  Their presence stands well as your main flower in wedding arrangements.  Use small vases for single stem daisy centerpieces or create arrangements like afloral.com’s retro daisy metal layette pot with poppies and billy buttons.

Hopeless Romantic Rose Wedding Flowers, afloral.com

Hopeless Romantic

The most traditional wedding flower has to be the romantic rose.  Roses are available in a variety of beautiful styles from open roses, rose buds and rose bushes.  They are soft and delicate, paired with a traditional white, pink or red roses are a very feminine and romantic flower choice.

Roses are not only a flower of classic beauty but they are versatile bloom that works with almost any other type of flower.  To keep with a romantic look pair roses with lush hydrangea stems, peonies or ranunculus. Roses can be styled traditionally with a wrapped bouquet stem and rhinestone accents or kept more casual with a loosely, hand tied ribbon.  Afloral.com’s white Sophia rose arrangement is a simple yet romantic centerpiece idea that would work with a variety of wedding styles, pair with softly lit votive candles to complete your reception ambiance.

Chic and Modern Calla Lily Wedding flowers, afloral.com

Chic and Modern

Chic and modern.  Are you all about keeping it minimal, fresh and chic?  Calla Lilies are wedding flower with a unique and sleek look perfect for a fresh, modern wedding.  A well planned modern wedding will keep it minimal using a few key elements strung throughout your décor.

Consider a submersible centerpiece like afloral.com’s Calla lily in bubble vase for a play on elements, glass, water and floral that make a stunning statement.  If you go with white calla lilies add a pop of color with your reception table clothes or vice versa, glass or metallic container for centerpieces will keep it chic and lighting can set the mood with simple twinkle lights or votive candles.

The Right Planning

Finding your wedding style and flower style can take some time.  Browse wedding magazines, websites and who can stay off pinterest these days for some inspiration.  Once you have settled on a general style look then start in with the details like what type of wedding flowers to use, color palettes and move on to more details like types of arrangements and décor items.

Graffiti Inspired Bold, Chic Wedding

graffiti art wedding inspiration, arturban.net / blog.freetobephotography.com

Graffiti or street art is about being bold, graphic and showing off some personal style.  It’s urban, fresh and creative.

A variety of graffiti styled wedding inspiration has been popping up all over the wedding world realm.  From bold, urban backdrops for engagement photos, chic, urban bridal wedding flower inspiration, bridal accessories to wedding cakes, street art is a hot new trend influencing wedding styling.

Create your own custom, urban, chic wedding theme by taking a few ques form urban graffiti.  The main ideas to pull from street art for inspiration are graphic elements, bold color and a lot of personal expression.

afloral.com wedding flower inspiration

Color Me Chic, with Wedding Flowers

Color.  You want something that is going to catch your eye, drawing attention for its saturated hues.  Wedding flower bridal bouquets are an ideal area to add a pop of color.  Choose a wedding flower color that is bold and vibrant, then pair it with one or two complementary colors or one or two neutrals to really make your choice pop.

For some bold, yet chic wedding flower ideas I grabbed two examples from afloral.com, one from wedding design ideas ,the other the new feature customer showcase.  (load your own floral creations to the afloral.com facebook page or email kristen[at]afloral.com to be featured on the customer showcase page) The first example the colorful wildflower clutch shows how pairing complementary colors in your wedding flowers will help colors stand out.  Complementary colors are opposite on the color wheel and used often in art like graffiti and with advertisers to catch your attention.  The second example sent in by Connie, an Afloral.com customer, shows how to pair one or two bright wedding flower colors with two neutrals, white and black.  The neutrals accent the two bright color choices, pink and green, while also keeping the look well put together and chic.

graffiti art wedding photo, blog.freetobephotography.com

Street Art Trend

Trend alert.  Graffiti murals in urban settings are a popular backdrop for engagement and/ or wedding photos.  Whether you’re intrigued by the art itself or the urban setting, street art is definitely a different take on the traditional photo-shoot setting.

The example from blog.freetobephotography.com shows how you can style an engagement photo using elements from street art to your advantage.  If you’re lucky enough to come across a piece with key words like love, hope, happiness etc. use it to your advantage.  And again if not work, with your photographer to crop and use a section of the piece focusing on certain areas of color or featuring specific letters, perhaps you could work in a monogram.

Graffiti wedding accessorie showcase

Graphic Style

Graphic elements and personal style.  The trend is making its way into other areas of wedding planning and decor.  You can’t imitate street art any more literally than making your own.  I’m in love with these graffiti style wedding shoes from friggieshoes.com.  Taking art, expression and custom wedding accessories to a new level, this look isn’t for every bride but it’ll be a perfect look for those who want to make a bold statement.

Similar to the graffiti styled wedding shoes, this graffiti wedding cake from rufflesandbells.wordpress.com let’s you have a little fun.  Proclaim your love with fun tags on a simple, chic fondant cake.  Personalize your messages to be meaningful to you and your groom.  If it’s a little too urban for you add a few wedding flowers around the base of the cake for some color.  If nothing else wouldn’t this be a fun groom’s cake?

Make it Your Own

I hope you were able to pull some inspiration from our graffiti art, bold & chic wedding ideas.  Use the elements and ideas that work best for you to customize your wedding experience.  Remember to pull inspiration from the bold, complementary colors of street art for colorful, vibrant wedding flowers that will make a statement, use graffiti murals as a backdrop for photo-shoots to really “say something” and last but not least find a few creative ways to incorporate the vivid personal style associated with street art into your wedding accessories.

Fall Wedding Centerpiece: Natural Branch

DIY Natural Branch Centerpiece

DIY Natural Branch Centerpiece

Do you dare to be different?  Do you want to give your guests something to talk about during your reception?

This DIY natural branch centerpiece is a fresh take on the traditional floral wedding centerpiece.  Natural manzanita branch, vanilla silk dahlias, natural moss table runner and softly lit glass votives join to create an eye catching fall centerpiece.

This DIY centerpiece uses 4 afloral.com products and takes just a few minutes of your time to assemble.  Perfect for any level DIYer and budget bride.


Natural Branch Centerpiece

Let’s Get Started:

Natural manzanita branch
2 Mini Dahlia spray, vanilla
Moss table runner
Glass votive candles
tools: floral wire cutters

  1. To start with roll out your moss table runner.  Tip, before hand make sure to take your moss runner out of the package to air out and lay flat to get any bumps or wrinkles out.
  2. Next place the manzanita natural branch on the moss runner, make sure it is laying on a side that it will balance and not fall over.  In the example shown the branch lays on the flatter side letting the outstretched limbs reach upwards.
  3. Take 5-6 dahlia flower heads, that you have snipped from the mini spray, and arrange them amongst the pieces of the branch.  Lay the vanilla dahlia heads so that they rest lightly in the outstretched branches.  Leave a few to grace the base of the arrangement on the moss runner.  An interesting part of this unique centerpiece is that it not only goes up vertically with the manzanita branch but it also goes outward, horizontally with arrangement of the glass votives.
  4. Arrange the glass votives casually along the moss runner on both sides of the branch.  With care a glass votive can be settled into the branch limbs.  But do consider safety issues on having an open flame nestled in the branches if you are decorating your reception tables with this centerpiece.  An alternative would be to use battery operated, flameless votive candles.


That’s it, your natural branch centerpiece has been arranged.  Once lit the glass votive candles will softly illuminate the other elements of the arrangement highlighting it’s rustic, romantic appeal.

Votive candle, vanilla dahlia, moss runner

One thing to keep in mind with this centerpiece, and similar to the Gorgeous Dahlia Fall Centerpiece, is the importance of the illusion of chance.  You don’t want to create a specific order or over think the placement of materials.  The end product should look as though everything just effortlessly came together.

And everything will come together when using this DIY natural branch centerpiece, whether your wedding theme is rustic, country or chic.  It’s simplicity of elements and natural palette lend it a versatility to fit a variety of themes.