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DIY Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Today we’re going to talk about how to use some inexpensive products to create DIY flower arrangements.  Plastic floral containers and floral foam or styrofoam forms can be the foundation for a great DIY flower arrangement.  Both items are cheap, under $2 a piece, but they can establish form and give support and structure to your flower stems.

Design bowls are available in many shapes and sizes.  They are used by professionals and DIYers alike to create low floral centerpieces perfect for reception and bridal party tables.

Centerpiece using Design Bowl
Centerpiece using Design Bowl; green and purple hydrangea stems, purple tulips, fuchsia rose, yellow ranunculus, blue cornflower, photo credit: designbotanica.blogspot.com

Lets look at how to use the plastic double design bowl in green, measuring 10.5″ long and 4″ wide, styrofoam block and assorted silk flowers to create a reception table centerpiece.

  1. Depending on the size of your styrofoam or floral foam block trim it to fit the design bowl.  Secure with several dabs of adhesive or hot glue.
  2. Trim assorted silk flower stems to about 3 1/2″- 4″ long. (foam and container are about 3″ deep)
  3. Begin placing stems in foam, start with the main type of flower then add secondary flowers, finishing with filler flowers and greenery.  Tip: arrange floral stems at varying heights to add depth to the arrangement.
White Hydrangea and Orchid Pillar Centerpiece
White Hydrangea and Orchid Pillar Centerpiece; photo credit: amsis photography via wedluxe.com

Just as the inexpensive, basic design bowl gave us structure and the shape to create a low floral arrangement this next product gives us the flexibility to take on height.  The round floral container for pillars is the perfect foundation for a tall flower arrangement.

Lets look at how to create a tall white hydrangea and orchid centerpiece using a round floral container for pillars, styrofoam half ball and hydrangea and orchid silk flowers.

  1. Secure the styrofoam half ball to the container using adhesive or hot glue.
  2. Trim hydrangea flower stems to about 2″, the styrofoam ball is 1 7/8″ tall.
  3. Arrange hydrangea stems around the styrofoam covering all surfaces.
  4. Orchid stems may need to be trimmed slightly, measure how far they lay off the arrangement.  Insert orchid stems in deep, around the arrangement.
  5. Lastly, place the finished flower arrangement on the round floral container onto the vase or pillar to complete the centerpiece.  Tip: Using tall arrangements make sure they are weighted or secured at the base so not to easily tip over once on the table. 

With a few tips and the right products to use as the foundation for your DIY flower arrangements you’ll get the perfect look for your wedding day. Shop afloral silk wedding flowers and floral supplies.

What Silk Wedding Flowers Have to Offer

Silk flowers are a growing industry that is continually evolving and expanding.  The wedding world has seen a surge in the use of silk flower arrangements from brides and wedding planners looking for affordable wedding flower options.

For anyone planning a wedding silk flowers offer two great benefits:

  • Silk flowers offer better options than fresh cut flowers.
  • Silk flowers offer great savings.
Echeveria and Blossom Bouquet
Shop Afloral.com for a variety of Silk Flower Options; Echeveria and Blossom Bouquet with moss bouquet wrap

Companies like afloral.com now offer a variety of silk flower options in stems, sprays or bushes, also available are real touch flowers and even trendy succulents like agave and echeveria.  Succulents are a hot new wedding bouquet and wedding table centerpiece item, perfect fit for a rustic or woodland wedding theme.

More to Offer

Silk flowers are available all year round not bound within a particular season.  Trendier items like succulents or exotic blooms such as orchids can be found at reasonable prices, not marked up just because of their spike in popularity.  Those looking to incorporate some non-traditional hues into decor can find a variety of color options from bright neons, muted pastels to rich gothic hues.

Half the Cost

The biggest and major reason in the surge of popularity in silk flowers is their affordability.  Silks offer the same look as real flowers at a fraction of the cost.  Silk flowers can be purchased by the stem for bridal bouquets or wedding table centerpieces from $1.99 to $10.99 a stem.  Silk sprays and bushes are another option to be trimmed down into silk floral arrangements.

Even brides not looking for DIY wedding flower arrangements can still cash in on the affordability of silk flowers.  Pre-made bouquets are a  great non-DIY silk flower option ranging in price from $7.99 to $19.99 an arrangement.  Pre-made silk bouquets are versatile, they can be used as bridal bouquets dressed up with a few bouquet accessoriesPre-made bouquets can also be a budget friendly and easy centerpiece idea arranged in vases or decorative containers.

Great savings and better options.  With today’s educated and budget savvy shoppers who couldn’t pass up a deal and the over all great look of silk flowers?

3 Reasons You’ll Love Silk Wedding Flowers

Planning a wedding is not an easy task.  There are countless categories with endless details in each one to make decisions about and arrange.  Wedding flowers is just one of these wedding planning categories.  None the less details in this one area are endless, from coordinating flowers with wedding colors, picking types of flowers, deciding on arrangement styles and the quantity of flowers needed throughout the whole wedding.

better than fresh peach bouquet

Choosing silk flowers can help ease and simplify your wedding planning.  Silk flowers have many benefits over real flowers.  Here are three great reasons you’ll love silk wedding flowers:

  1. Silk flowers are never out of season.
  2. Silk wedding flowers can fit any wedding budget.
  3. Silk floral arrangements are easy to preserve, making for great wedding keepsakes.

Always in Season

When planning a wedding the bride and groom must first decide what time of year they will get married.  Once they have a wedding date and season they can move onto details like location then wedding theme, style and colors.  Up next wedding flowers.  Can they find the right type and color of wedding flower in the season they are to be wed?

Using silk wedding flowers they would have no problem coordinating wedding flowers to their wedding season and wedding colors.  Silk flowers are available all year round in any season, from silk sunflowers, exotic orchids or fake rosesSilk flowers are always available and offer a variety of colors, styles and sizes real flowers can’t.

Budget Friendly

Another fabulous benefit of silk flowers is they are affordable, great for any budget wedding.  Whether you are purchasing single stems or pre-made wedding flower bouquets, silk flowers cost a fraction of what real flower arrangements cost.  What bride and groom wouldn’t enjoy a couple extra hundred dollars to use towards their wedding or honey moon?

A Love to Last Forever

Something you can’t beat with using silk flowers is that they will last forever.  Silks wont wilt or dry out like real flowers.  With the amount of time and money put into a wedding silk flower arrangements can easily be preserved and kept as a keepsake from your special day.

By using silk wedding flowers you can simplify your wedding planning and make sure you get what you want when planning your wedding flowers.  Silk wedding flowers can provide you the beauty of real flowers with a budget savings that will leave you smiling.  Whether you hold unto your silk flower arrangements as a sentimental keepsake or recycle them for another bride to use your wedding flowers will last for years to come.

Carnation Wedding Flowers

Carnations can easily be brushed off as inexpensive flowers that only make an appearance around Valentine’s Day and at High School dances.  But perceptions can be wrong.  Carnations are making a splash in the wedding world as a more recent, popular wedding flower due impart to their versatility and affordability.

I’ve gathered up some creative, modern carnation wedding flower arrangement ideas to prove my point.  Trust me; these aren’t your mother’s carnations.  Found in a variety of colors, part of the right arrangement and also used to create affordable pomanders or flower balls you’ll see why carnations are a must for your wedding flowers.

wedding flowers, carnations; thepurpleflower.net; homedecor.sheknows.com; weddingsmall.co.uk; seasweetie.wordpress.com

Popping with color

Carnations are not limited to the traditional red, pink or white.  They come in almost any color imaginable blue, purple, green, yellow.  Making them an ideal wedding flower choice to fit your décor color scheme. Carnations work great as your primary wedding flower in arrangements or as fillers adding a pop of color.

carnation wedding flower arrangements; aforal.com; intimateweddings.com; myinspiredwedding.com; emmalinebride.com

Chic Arrangements

Most people might think carnations are limited to those single stem carnations someone might send you on Valentine’s Day, but our carnation wedding flower bouquet and centerpiece inspiration prove them wrong.

Carnations grouped together create a sense of volume.  Used in bouquet arrangements, group one color of carnations or several different hues to create a voluminous bouquet with presence.  Used in the right way with the right bouquet style carnations make beautiful wedding flower choice.  Bring the whole look together with a satin ribbon to wrap your stems in accented with a bouquet clip or jeweled pin.

Think outside the vase when it comes to creating carnation centerpieces for you reception.  The pink planter, carnation centerpiece from intimateweddings.com will make you look twice.  They have created a beautiful arrangement that goes beyond any traditional take on centerpieces.  Seen in our afloral.com fresh flower, lavender collection carnations are a beautiful way to add an accent to centerpieces with multiple types of flowers.

carnation pomanders; w-weddingflower.com; simplystunning designs.blogspot.com; weddingsbycolor.com; rhondapattonweddings.typepad.com

The World of Pomanders

Because of their volume carnations are an ideal choice for DIY pomanders or flower balls.  Carnation stems will cost you less money per stem and also on your overall quantity needed to create a flower ball.  Pomanders can be incorporated into your décor in many ways.  Flower girls look adorable coming down the aisle holding a pomander and a ribbon handle.  They can be used as pew or chair decorations down your aisles at the ceremony or hung as décor at your reception.  Assemble them beforehand and you’ll have a hassle free time setting them up the day of your wedding.

These carnation wedding flower ideas and arrangements are definitely a step away from the tradition thoughts of carnations.  But the best is saved for last.  Carnations are loved by many modern brides because they are so affordable.  Silk or real flowers, carnations will cost you a fraction of the cost of other floral stems.  When you are talking about incorporating hundreds of stems into arrangements for bouquets, centerpieces and other décor accents that savings is huge!

So what are your thoughts? Ya or nay to carnations.  Leave them for Valentines Day or give them a fresh, modern take for your special day?

Smart Planning: Cheap Wedding Flowers

Looking for tips on how to save money on your wedding flowers?  With some smart wedding planning you can find ways to save on wedding flowers without having to compromise your wedding look.

Moneycrashers.com gives us 17 Cheap Wedding Flowers Ideas & Arrangements on a Budget in a recent post by Casey Slide.“With so many different uses for flowers in a wedding – the bride’s bouquet, the bridemaids’ bouquets, boutonnieres, various corsages, flower girl peddles, altar arrangements, pew decorations, cake decorations, and reception decor – brides can spend upwards of $10,000 on the flowers alone.”  Slide gives as 17 tips on cash in on savings when planning your wedding flowers, here are just a few:

“Move Flowers from the Ceremony to the Reception. I didn’t want to spend a lot on flowers at my wedding so what I did was transfer the flowers that were set up at the ceremony over to the reception venue.”

Re-purpose the Bridal Bouquets.  At the reception, your bridesmaids won’t have a need for their flower bouquets, so why not use them in vases as wedding centerpiece ideas or as decorations for the cake table?”

Use silk wedding flowers.  Not only are silk flowers beautiful, they also last forever unlike real flowers, and you can arrange them exactly as you want them – weeks before the wedding. And if you don’t want to keep your silk flowers once your wedding is over, consider selling them on eBay for someone else to use at their wedding.”

Cheap Wedding Flower Ideas

Being creative in your use of wedding flowers can save you big.  Money crashers gives us some great tips like moving flowers from the ceremony to reception and re-purposing the bridal bouquets.  These tips can cut down on the quantity of flowers you need.  DIY wedding flowers are still a perfect fit, you will just have less projects to complete reusing arrangements as bouquets then centerpieces.  Another great savings will be time that you’ll save on only having to choose the wedding flowers and make each of the arrangements.

The last tip I’ve highlighted, using silk flowers I can say this isn’t the first type we’ve boasted the benefits of silk wedding flowers on this blog, affordable, flexible and option of making arrangements days if not weeks in advance.  Money crashers brings up another fabulous tip only possible with silk wedding flowers.  Silk wedding flowers last forever giving you the option to make some of your money back by selling your arrangements online post wedding on sites like ebay.com.

photo credits: libbyjane.blog.com; flowergirlsoftulsa.com; godutchbaby.blogspot.com; wooks1.wordpress.com