Heather’s Orange, Purple & Green Inspiration Board

Heather wrote:

Hi Mindy,

Could you provide me with some inspiration for my wedding….  Here are some details:

July 2012, Outside (I want kissing balls hanging with ribbon on the end chairs)

My color scheme is orange/purple with some green accents.  My bridesmaid dresses are a dark purple.  I like elegance and romance. My favorite flower is the gerbera daisy, roses and calla lilies. I would love for your creative insight.

Thank you,


You picked the right flower for elegance and romance, the rose.  We could start your bouquet with creamy white roses & calla lilies, add a touch of purple & orange gerbera daisies, and add a dash of green berries.  We have a lovely selection of satin and sheer ribbon that would go perfect with your bouquet.  You could use a premade bouquet of solid purple for your bridesmaid bouquets.  I love the kissing ball idea.  We have a large selection of premade kissing balls that would make decorating a snap!  I hope you like this color inspiration and I look forward to seeing what you create.  Thanks Mindy

**Click the highlighted text to view the silk florals used in the above Inspiration Board.

Melanie’s Pink, Purple, and Yellow Wedding Inspiration Board

Melanie writes:
“I love the idea of using silk flowers for my wedding but have no idea what colors to use. The bridesmaids dresses will be aqua, the wedding will take place on the beach in Aruba and I would love to use calla liles, stargazer lilies, and two tone roses in my bouquet. Any advice? I want to add more colors to my wedding. I want the wedding to feel cheery and the flowers to contrast with the dresses nicely.
I cant wait to see what you come up with.
Thanks Melanie”

Melanie, I created your inspiration board with bright flowers in pinks, yellow, and shades of purple. I love all 3 of these colors next to the aqua! You could pick any combination of these colors, or use all 3! I think the bouquets would be stunning made up with purple and pink roses, purple calla lilies, and yellow stargazer lilies. Finish the bouquets by wrapping a colored ribbon around the stems and accenting it with colored pearl pins. I hope you like your inspiration board!

Dress from Nordstrom. Items used to create Melanie’s Pink, Purple, and Yellow Wedding Inspiration Board from Afloral.com (clockwise starting at top left):

Yellow Pink Calla Lily, Violet Open Rose, Two Tone Pink Confetti Rose, Yellow Garbo Ribbon, Assorted Pink Pearl Pins, Salmon Gerbera Daisy (coming soon), Lavender Gerbera Daisy, Purple Calla Lily, Yellow Stargazer Lily, Rubrum Pink Stargazer Lily.