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Peacock Quinceanera Party ~ Rachel’s Inspiration Board

Rachel writes: I am not having a wedding. It is a quinceanera for my daughter. The date is set for November 15, 2014. The theme is “Peacock”. colors are light blue, lime green, purple, royal blue, accent color is gold. The main flower is the Calla Lilly, but I am not sure what other flowers would go with the Calla since it is such an elegant flower, just by itself is gorgeous. I do have the peacock feathers to go with it. Any help would greatly be appreciated.


Love these colors!  Although we picked a bouquet for your board – the arrangement can still be used for a centerpiece design, and all the items in it look great with calla lilies. You can either add callas to this mix, or swap out the roses. Add a gold vase and some purple table decor to tie in all the colors.

Get the Goods:

Blue Orchids

Calla Lilies

Green Hydrangea

Gold Vase

Diamond Table Decor

Happy planning,

DIY Centerpieces featuring Glass Vases

glass vase, apartmenttherapy.com

Glass vases are often the foundation for a great wedding centerpiece.

They come in all shapes and sizes, from short and square, tall cylinders, large hurricanes to fish bowls.  We’ve featured countless vases in afloral.com DIY wedding centerpiece projects.

Each type of vase offers it’s own unique way to showcase beautiful floral stems.  But quite often with the end product, not much attention is given to the vase.

Well, today we’re going to shine a special spotlight on this often un-recognized, yet essential product – the glass vase.  The most accessible and affordable  vases can be found at your local dollar store.  When planning a big wedding where you’ll need lots of vases, keep in mind you can order in bulk online at the Dollar Store and have them ship the cases to the store where you can pick them up at  your convenience.  That’s where Afloral gets all their vases for their wedding design ideas!

To showcase what great centerpiece options the versatile glass vase provides we’ll take a look back at a few favorite afloral.com DIY wedding projects and introduce a couple new ones.  The inexpensive Dollar Store glass vase paired with affordable silk wedding flowers are any bride’s dream; they’ll offer you a stylish look at a cheap wedding price.

orchid centerpiece, afloral.com


For a simple, classic look glass vases of any shape and size work for a bouquet of arranged flowers.  A tall trumpet vase was the right fit for the tall, slender dendrobium orchid silk floral stems.  This afloral.com DIY centerpiece is a simple, classic arrangement of 3 types of silk orchid stems. The exotic stems brilliantly explode at the top of the trumpet vase, the sheer volume and presence of the arrangement is sure to be a show stopper for wedding guests.  The centerpiece will hold those in awe around the reception table; but it is also the perfect height, sitting above their eye level to still allow guests see each other and mingle.




floral, vase centerpiece, marthastewart.com

Think Outside the Vase

Go the opposite route of traditional.  This fabulous DIY centerpiece project from marthastewart.com takes things outside the vase.  One simple trimmed floral stem is wrapped on the outside of the cylinder vase, showcasing it’s sleek beauty, with a colored string or use colored wire.  Slip a votive candle inside the case for a dual arrangement and lighting.  Guests will admire and be intrigued by this original floral idea.





jumbo dahlia centerpiece, afloral.com

The Filler

Glass vases not only show off floral stems they also provide a great way to display arrangement accents.  Fill a tall vase with river rocks, beaded jewels or crushed acrylic ice.  This accent will bring an additional element of style to the floral arrangement.  Remember back to our Bold, Jumbo Dahlia centerpieces.  Modern, tall cylinder vases were the perfect foundation for a simple arrangement of jumbo dahlia silk floral stems and moss ball fillers. Picture this beautiful silk flower arrangement at your reception; it is sure to make a statement. Deep rich tones of fall are captured in orange and plum, burgundy dahlia silk flowers; accented by by a burst of bright green in the moss balls.


orchid submersible centerpiece, afloral.com

Get All Wet

Next up is our trend alert! We debuted the hot new trend of submersible floral arrangements with two different white wedding options.  The dendrobium orchid and white ginger DIY centerpiece and the calla lily DIY centerpiece.  Both took the unique shape of a glass vase and used it to showcase the beauty of long, slender and sleek silk wedding florals.  First up, the white orchid and ginger centerpiece that stretches the length of a tall glass cylinder vase, effortlessly displaying the soft, delicate flower blooms.  The white ginger blooms anchor the stems towards the bottom while still retaining a weightless, organic look.  A play of several different elements; glass, water, light,  and floral stems, make up the beauty of this arrangement. The calla lily centerpiece utilizes the same elements as the orchid; glass, water, light and floral stems, in a simple, yet stunning arrangement.  Two real touch calla lily stems which are wired and twisted into an organic shape beautifully held within a fish bowl glass vase.  Water can be added to the arrangement along with a floating candle or floralyte to finish the look.

monogram idea, dollarstorecrafts.com

A Little Bling

One last DIY wedding project idea featuring the inexpensive Dollar Store glass vase is custom rhinestone monogrammed labels.  Adjust this tutorial to make a monogrammed bouquet wrap to a glass vase for your very own glass vase centerpieces adorned with your monogram.  You’ll need a heavier piece of paper or velum to trace the monogram letter and adhesive rhinestones available at afloral.com.  The added bit of sparkle with catch guests eyes and then wow them with the detail once they realize it’s your monogram.

Your options are truly endless with the inexpensive dollar store glass vase as the foundation for your wedding centerpiece.  Each shape and size lends something special in the way you use it and the with the type of wedding flowers you choose to arrange.  Whether you go for a traditional bouquet arrangement, a trendy submersible project or a simple stem that takes you outside the vase the dollar store is the right stop to pick up an inexpensive product that’ll be the building block to a fabulous wedding decor.

Stop back Saturday for a run-down of great items to pick up at your local dollar store for all your wedding planning.

DIY Submersible Wedding Centerpieces

white orchid and calla lily wedding

Are you looking for a stylish wedding centerpiece?  Look no further.  Afloral.com’s white dendrobium orchid and calla lily submersible centerpieces create a beautiful tablescape for any stylish, modern wedding.

Submersible arrangements are a popular new, fresh take on traditional wedding centerpieces.  Underwater flower arrangements are easy to assemble and inexpensive, the perfect DIY wedding project for an elegant centerpiece.

Afloral.com embraces this trend showcasing gorgeous silk dendrobium orchids, white ginger, and calla lily floral stems illuminated by submersible floralytes and floating candles.  Orchids and calla lilies are a top wedding floral choice.  Their popularity stems from their unique, exotic beauty.  They are the accent of choice for a modern, white or elegant wedding.

Orchid Submersible Centerpiece

The first DIY wedding project featured for today’s how to guide is the submersible orchid and white ginger centerpiece.  An orchid stem stretches the length of a tall glass cylinder vase, effortlessly displaying the soft, delicate flower blooms.  The white ginger blooms anchor the stems towards the bottom while still retaining a weightless, organic look.  A play of several different elements, glass, water, light and floral stems, make up the beauty of this arrangement.  The choice of white florals allows the centerpiece to achieve a classic, elegant look, and not be overwhelming.

Here’s how you can get this look.  3 products, 4 steps under $20.


  1. Trim your floral stems to the height or just a bit over the cylinder vase.  You will loose some of the length as you twist the stems together.
  2. Once they are trimmed the same length bring the stems together.  To achieve the same look as the afloral.com centerpiece use 2 orchid stems upright and turn 1 ginger stem upside down, so that the flower is at the bottom of the arrangement.
  3. Gently twist the stems together and secure them in place with a waterproof adhesive.  This look and technique works because the stems of the silk flowers are wired.  A tip to make this project even easier, first secure all the stems at one end with the adhesive and then twist them together.
  4. That’s it your stylish centerpiece is basically done.  Place a submersible floralyte in the bottom of the vase, drop in the floral arrangement and fill the vase with water about 3” from the top.  Finishing touches, add a floating candle for an accent.
Calla Lily Centerpiece


Calla Lily Centerpiece

Now our second DIY wedding project, the submersible calla lily centerpiece get’s even easier than the orchid centerpiece.  The calla lily centerpiece utilizes the same elements as the orchid, glass, water, light and floral stems, in a simple yet stunning arrangement.

It is the perfect example of modern wedding decor; simple, fresh with clean and defined elements.  You may add an accenting lit candle in the center of the bubble vase or fill the vase with water for a submersible arrangement with a floralyte.

This look uses 2 products with 1 step under $18.


This centerpiece can be put together in a matter of minutes thanks to the wire stemmed silk flowers.  Take your calla lily stems and shape them into a loose spiral.  Tip: shape them around a cylinder shape about the same measurement as the diameter of the vase.  The wire stems will allow them to hold this shape, then simply insert them into the bubble vase.  Viola, easy DIY wedding project complete!

Showcase the beauty of orchids and calla lilies at your wedding tablescape with one of the hot, new wedding trends, submersible arrangements.  These submersible centerpieces are the perfect DIY wedding project, easy to assemble and affordable for any budget bride.  A stunning, stylish accent to your wedding day.