bright wedding flowers

Purple Orange & Yellow Cascading Bouquet ~ Samantha’s Inspiration Board

Samantha writes:  Hello! What a wonderful site! I know nothing about flowers yet need to figure out what to have for wedding flowers. I love this one from pinterest. I have no idea what those flowers are or what to do for complimentary flowers for decorations & bridal party. I probably also picked an expensive combination of flowers! My primary color is purple. I like the idea of splashes of orange or yellow. The bridesmaid dress is eggplant.

Samantha-Purple-OrangeBouquet Inspiration Photo & Floral Designer:  Dorothy McDaniel’s Flower Market

To recreate and view the realistic floral stems used to in this cascading bouquet, please click HERE:

  1. 7 Orchid Purple Anemones
  2. 3 Purple Lisianthus Sprays
  3. 3-5 Pink French Rose Buds
  4. 3 Orange Waxflower Sprays
  5. 5 Orange Tulips
  6. 5 Yellow Baby Blossom Sprays
  7. 3 Orange Ranunculus Sprays
  8. Wrap your bouquet with Purple Shimmer Ribbon

Happy Planning, Mindy


Colorful Wedding Flowers ~ Jennifer’s Inspiration Board

Jennifer writes:  I’m looking for a bouquet design for my wedding coming up in July. My colors are light blue, coral, yellow, and lavender. I would like my bouquet to include all of these colors. My bridesmaids are wearing light blue dresses, so I would like them to have bouquets with coral, yellow, and lavender.  Peony

Jennifer-colorfulBouquet Inspiration Photo:  Mi Belle Photographers  |  Floral Designers:  April Flowers
via Bollea

To recreate and view the realistic floral stems used to in this colorful bouquet inspiration bouquet, please click HERE:

  1. 3 Peach Peony Sprays
  2. 3 Coral Roses
  3. 1 Lavender Bush
  4. 3 Coral Peony Sprays
  5. 3 Yellow Roses
  6. 1 Yellow Yarrow
  7. 3 Dusty Miller Greenery
  8. Add stems to a Purple Peony Bouquet for your bridesmaids
  9. Wrap your bouquet with Lace Ribbon

Happy Planning, Mindy

Colorful Wedding Flowers ~ Mary’s Inspiration Board

My bridesmaids dresses are an ombre type palette of orange/pinks…(watermelon, punch, guava, coral reef, and ballet). I am looking for bright colorful bouquets with some contrast as well (like blue or purple). My dress is ivory and I was thinking that my bouquet would be more colorful and the maids slightly less colorful since they have colored dresses. (I included a picture of the swatches for you; hopefully they came out true to color. (also have a flower girl too!) Thanks, Mary


Bouquet Inspiration Photo:  Kate Grewal Photography  |  Floral Designer:  Floral Stylist
via Wedding Chicks

To recreate and view the realistic floral stems used to in this bright inspiration bouquet, please click HERE:

  1. 7 Smoke Pink Garden Roses
  2. 5 Yellow Dahlia Sprays
  3. 3 Cream Dahlia Sprays
  4. 5 Coral Rose Buds
  5. 1 Curly Fern Bush Greenery
  6. Wrap your bouquet with Coral Herringbone Ribbon

Happy Planning, Mindy


Fuchsia & Orange Tropical Wedding Flowers ~ Denise’s Inspiration Board

Denise writes:  Our colors are fuchsia and orange. We are having a tropical themed wedding. I’m having trouble deciding how to combine flowers. Roses are an option, but it doesn’t have to be roses.

Denise-Tropical-BouquetBouquet Inspiration Photo:  Lauren Kinsey Photography  |  Floral Designer:  Fête Weddings & Events, Santa Rosa Beach, FL
via The Knot

To recreate and view the beautiful floral stems used in this bright Tropical Bouquet inspiration, click HERE:

  1. 2 Bright Violet Fuchsia Orchids
  2. 3 Orange Tulip Sprays
  3. 2 Orange Ranunculus Sprays
  4. 3 Fuchsia Peony Sprays
  5. Lime Green Orchids
  6. Violet Fuchsia  Peony Bouquet for your bridesmaids
  7. Natural Jute Ribbon to wrap your bouquets


Colorful Wedding Flowers ~ Alicia’s Inspiration Board

Alicia writes: I am having a mexican themed wedding reception. The bridesmaids are wearing Sangria from Davids Bridal. I want the colors to be bright and vibrant.

Alicia-Colorful-BouquetBouquet Inspiration Photo & Designer:  Sarah J. Winward

To create and view the floral stems for this festive Mexican Themed Wedding Bouquet, please click Here:

  1. 2 Blue Agapanthus
  2. 2 Purple Delphinium
  3. 2 Rubrum Pink Gerbera Daisies
  4. 3-6 Yellow Billy Buttons
  5. 3 Red Anemones
  6. 2 Yellow Rose Bundles {6 Roses}
  7. 2 Orchid Purple Hydrangeas
  8. 3 Green Spider Dahlias
  9. 3-6 Yellow Ranunculus
  10. To finish the bouquet, wrap with Purple Satin Ribbon.