How to Incorporate Mercury Glass in Your Wedding Decor

A couple years ago, mercury glass vases entered the wedding decorations arena. They add a touch of elegance and glam to an otherwise simple wedding table arrangement. Personally, we love using mercury glass containers because they are so incredibly versatile, and add a bit of sparkle to any wedding theme.

Pair it with black and silver for a formal affair, or pair it with eggplant and burnt orange for an autumn wedding. The possibilities really are endless.

Check out our favorite mercury glass looks below.

Mercury Glass Wedding Table Setting from Afloral.com
Mercury Glass Wedding Table Setting from Afloral.com

We recently created this look for an outdoor photoshoot. This table setting is perfect for a bright and cheery summer wedding. We mixed the mercury  glass containers with fuchsia vintage bottles and faux flowers, which helped kept the entire look very fun and informal.

Eggplant Mercury Glass Centerpiece from Afloral.com
Eggplant Mercury Glass Centerpiece from Afloral.com

This look is way more elegant, and would be best for a late fall wedding. Keep it classy and simple with one eggplant colored rose and a couple sprays of black berries.

Succulent Wedding Centerpiece
Succulent Wedding Centerpiece

If you love mercury glass, but aren’t a huge fan of faux flowers, try incorporating greenery and succulents instead. We love this wedding centerpiece because the moss and greenery overflow outside the container. It is dramatic, but so easy to recreate.

Mercury Glass Candleholders from Style Me Pretty
Mercury Glass Candleholders from Style Me Pretty

This wedding table arrangement is so gorgeous.We love how the height of each piece varies. The low hydrangeas act as a gorgeous foundation to the high candleholders.

Did you use mercury glass in your wedding decor? Comment below!

Five Rules for Choosing Your Premade Wedding Bouquet

1. Order Samples

If I’m being honest, our products are actually pretty true to the way they’re pictured online. But sometimes, a photo might not clearly represent how the wedding bouquet looks in person. That is why we always, ALWAYS recommend ordering one or two samples before you place your entire order.

Wedding Rose Bouquet in Red Pink Beauty
Wedding Rose Bouquet in Red Pink Beauty

2. Know Your Ideal Size

Do you want a lush, full wedding bouquet or a simple, understated bouquet? Once you get your samples, bunch  2-3 bouquets together so you know how big you want your bridal bouquet to be. Sometimes, our brides will use three premade bouquets for their wedding bouquet and one for the bridesmaid bouquets, but it’s all up to you and your preference. Once you’ve figured this out, make sure you order accordingly.

3. Finish with Decorative Bouquet Wrap

If you’re ordering one of our premade wedding bouquets, chances are it is held together with green wrap or wire, but it doesn’t come with decorative ribbon around it. (Some of them do, but generally speaking, most do not). In your sample order, make sure you also pick out one or two different decorative ribbons to use for bouquet wrap. Test out each one, and when you’ve picked which one you like best, you can feel free to return the one you didn’t use, as long as it wasn’t cut.

The black and white striped ribbon is my absolute favorite, so simple and trendy :)

Black and White Striped Ribbon from Afloral.com
Black and White Striped Ribbon from Afloral.com

4. Don’t Forget Your Flower Girl

Sometimes our brides get so caught up in ordering bouquets for themselves and the bridesmaids, they forget to order something small for the flower girl. If she’s throwing petals, don’t forget to add some of our colorful rose petals to your cart. If she isn’t throwing petals, we recommend ordering a kissing ball for her to carry down the aisle.

These bright pink petals are so cheery, perfect for a summer wedding.

Pink Rose Petals from Afloral.com
Pink Rose Petals from Afloral.com

5. Fluff It

Finally, don’t forget ladies, these are faux flowers. When you pull them out of the box, there is a chance that they might be slightly bent, and will need some love. Position the flower head outward, and pull the stems a bit more towards you. This is what we call “fluffing” :)

2013 Wedding Trends: Art Deco

A recent post on prweb.com gives us a glimpse of what was, the 2012 wedding trend world, and a glimpse of what is to be.   To kick off 2013, Florida Wedding Planner, Aviva Samuels of Kiss the Planner, reveals it’s top 13 predictions to look for.  Samuels states, “so many great trends from 2012 will live on into 2013, but I think the number one takeaway from this past year is that the trend has been, and will continue to be in making a statement about who you are as a couple and finding ways to make your wedding unique.”

Samuel gives a great rundown of wedding trends to look for in 2013.  One that stands out as fresh, unique and hot right now on any wedding blog is Art Deco Weddings.

As Samuel  lets on to, hot trends of 2012 have transcended into something new for the upcoming year.  “Sparkle and glitter were everywhere in 2012 and lives on in a more refined way, in the form of Art Deco styling.”

Art Deco Bridal Inspiration; charmandchain.com; bhldn.com; etsy.com- riseofthemire; bridethefoundblog.squarespace.com; foxontherunbride.tumblr.com
Art Deco Bridal Inspiration; charmandchain.com; bhldn.com; etsy.com- roseofthemire; wedding.co.uk; bridethefoundblog.squarespace.com; foxontherunbride.tumblr.com

Keep an eye out. “All over the fashion runway and in vogue in the interior design world, this new trend will invariably penetrate the wedding community too, showing up on gowns, bridesmaid dresses, cakes, table linens and printed items.”

Art Deco is a movement that was popular in the roaring 1920’s into the ’30s and ’40s, characterized by rich colors, bold geometric shapes, design and lavish ornamentation. In the wedding world this can translate into beautiful detailed bridal wear, lush, exotic florals with feathers and ornamented gems.

Art Deco wedding decor; stylemepretty.com; greenweddingshoes.com; decoratemywedding.com; weddubfudeasmag.com; greenweddingshoes.com
Art Deco wedding decor; stylemepretty.com; greenweddingshoes.com; decoratemywedding.com; weddubfudeasmag.com; greenweddingshoes.com

Samuel says to take note in 2013 bridal fashion, “Brides will also take a cue from the 1920’s flapper styling in anticipation of the upcoming Great Gatsby movie. High and low hemlines, sheer overlays, corset bodices, ombre coloration, belted gowns and peplums, as well as gold and other colored gowns will continue to hit the runway.”

Decor is rich and lavish with real glass, china, silverware and metal on tablescapes lit up with romantic candles and twinkle lights.  Take inspiration from the recent, ever popular vintage wedding theme by using real vintage china and glass ware for table settings or favors.  Feathers, strings of beads or pearls are also beautiful additions to any tablescape accenting lush floral centerpieces.

Diary of a Mad M.O.H. #3


When my husband and I were invited to dinner at our friends’ new apartment, we were really looking forward to it.  We hadn’t seen them much since their move, and we had yet to see their new place.  Plus, who doesn’t want a free dinner that they don’t have to cook themselves?  Chicken and biscuits was on the menu, and a plan was brewing that I was yet unaware of.

Ladies and gentlemen, be very, very careful when choosing your bridal party.  These are the people who will support you, offer their time and energy, and generally help you make it through one of the biggest days of your life.  Choosing your fiance’s cousin because the two of you have a blast when you go out, or your bestest school buddy simply because you talk every day may not be your best option.  Apparently my friend learned this lesson the hard way, and found herself less than a year away from her wedding without a Maid of Honor.  Yikes!  The two lovebirds wracked their brains….who in the world would take this position?  Which female friend would be a ready replacement?  Did they even have any more female friends?  Then…epiphany!  The light bulb lit up.  Kaila! Kaila can do this, and she works with brides all the time and was just married herself.  We’ll ask her!

The coordinating, chicken and biscuits making, scheming couple....

I had no idea this whole process had taken place, and after they plied me with wonderful wine and delicious chicken and biscuits, I was ambushed and she said, (super-quickly and all in one long breath), “Soo……um…we were thinking.  Apparently my Maid of Honor doesn’t want to be my MOH anymore, and we were wondering who else could do it, and who would be better than Kaila because you know, like, you have been there from the beginning and saw us get engaged and go through our growing pains, and now we would love it if you would be my Maid of Honor.”


Yes, that was all said in one breath and I was just as shell shocked as you are right now.  Maid of Honor?  And who better?  Are you kidding me?  NOW there’s no one better than me for the role?  All these thoughts zipped through my brain as my mouth smiled and said, “I’d love to!”.  I really was happy to step in, but felt a bit out of the loop.  Planning had been going on for months, and I had no idea what was going on.  Anyone who knows me realizes that this offends my organizational sensibilities, but I was prepared to jump right in and make myself useful.

Not all MOHs are this accommodating and helpful, so remember to take your time when choosing your bridal party.  I have heard many brides talk about how they wish they had chosen differently for one reason or another, but mainly because they chose someone who wasn’t around, wasn’t able, or who just was plain unhelpful.  Don’t make that same mistake, and please don’t be that bride who has to backpedal and offer the 2nd string MOH who was riding the bench the 1st string spot.


Batters Up!  I take the plate for my swing at the MOH position next week…..