Get the Look: Blue Hydrangea Wedding

Blue hydrangeas are a classic and popular wedding flower. These garden stems are perfect for a summer wedding,  as they act as a gorgeous and natural accent, but don’t dominate the entire ceremony.

Assembling a blue hydrangea wedding is also incredibly easy. At the very least,  you just need several hydrangea bushes, stem cutters, floral tape, large containers, and finishing ribbon for the bouquet wrap. If you want to create a more full and diverse look, you can also add in some assorted greenery or white/cream stems, such as a rose.

The visual below shows you just how easy it is to assemble your own blue hydrangea wedding bouquet.

Blue Hydrangea Wedding  - Do It Yourself

I also fell in love with this wedding centerpiece pictured below. This is great for all you DIY brides who cannot get enough blue. The mason jars add a simple rustic touch and the blue hydrangeas definitely complete the look.

You can recreate this look by trimming off the stems from our blue hydrangea bush, and placing them in one of our blue mason jars. If you want to change it up a bit, scatter a couple mason jars around the event with white hydrangeas as well.

Blue Hydrangea Centerpiece – Photo from ElizabethAnneDesigns.com

If you aren’t much for assembling your own wedding bouquet or wedding centerpiece, just use our premade blue hydrangea wedding bouquet for both.

Blue Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet Only $14.89
Blue Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet Only $14.89

Carry it alone, or pair it with one of our lovely containers for your wedding centerpieces.

The blue hydrangea wedding is one of the simplest looks to recreate. It is perfect for a summer wedding, and goes well with DIY brides who prefer a more natural, garden fresh look without much fuss.

Did you use blue hydrangeas in your DIY wedding? Comment below!

Pink & Chocolate Wedding Flowers ~ LaWayne’s Inspiration Board

Pink-Bouquet-LaWayneBouquet Photo Inspiration:  Leo Patrone Photography  | Floral Designer:  Camellia Floral Design

{LaWayne’s Request}
My wedding colors are lite(pastel) pink and brown.

{LaWayne’s Bouquet Details}
This gorgeous pink and white bouquet via Style Me Pretty can be recreated with Champagne~Blush Open Roses, Mauve~Pink Hydrangeas, White Feathers, Cabbage Roses, & Gardenias, and Eggplant~Chocolate Calla Lilies.  For your bridesmaids, use our Elegant Blush Open Rose Bouquet.  To finish, wrap each lovely bouquet with Chocolate Brown Satin Ribbon.  Happy Planning, Mindy


Wedding Planning by Color

Planning a wedding by color has become a popular direction taken by brides.  By planning  your special day with specific wedding colors in mind you are given a great starting point to pick wedding flowers, wedding party attire like bridesmaids dresses, groomsmens’ ties and accessories along with other major wedding décor.

Many sites are going towards color specific searches for wedding planning, whether you’re just searching for inspiration or doing your wedding shopping online.  Afloral.com’s Mindy gets weekly requests to build custom wedding inspiration boards by specific wedding color choices.

Now we’re not the only site to recognize this Postolache Ana-Maria with marriagebouquets.com wrote a recent blog post on “Orange Wedding Bouquets” and talked about this popular trend towards searching and planning weddings by color.

Ana Maria discusses,” The truth is that colors are a very powerful tool when it comes to creating a special ambiance for a wedding.  And the best way to insert a unique color in a wedding is through flowers!”

Wedding flowers will give you a great place to start inserting color in your wedding but she also goes on to talk about how seasons affect wedding color choices.  “In general, the choice of color for a wedding is largely dependent on the season and venue of the event.  And every month or season has its own tonality that can be reflected through colored flowers.”  Right now Ana Maria says, “Summer is more focused on bold hues.”

Wedding flowers are a fabulous place to start when looking to insert color into your wedding day.  Looking for color specific flowers will also help narrow down your wedding flower search for brides who might not know what they are looking for in wedding flowers.  When planning your wedding flowers you can look for one or two main colors and flowers to feature and then work in a few accent colors and greenery to complete your bouquet of wedding flower arrangement.

Summer weddings are offering an array of bold, vibrant hues to choose from.  Vibrant oranges are hot right now as the Pantone color of the year is tangerine tango.  Dahlias, Gerbera Daisies, Ranunculus, are great orange wedding flower choices.  Vibrant pinks are feminine yet chic for a summer bride roses, peonies, orchids. Blues are a refreshing tone that can also pump up your color spectrum with bold hues, roses, peonies, hydrangeas and cornflowers.

Take a look through our blog by color to view color specific wedding design ideas and also great color themed inspiration boards or email Mindy[at]afloral.com to have her create your own!

photo credits: blue & orange corsage afloral.com; orange bouquet w-weddingflowers.com; blue, yellow, purple boutonniere afloral.com; yellow bouquet elegantweddingcenterpieces.com; pink bouquets bollea.com

Heather’s Country Elegance Wedding Inspiration Board

Our bride Heather, chose Poltlewait’s Farm in Canby, Oregon for her rustic wedding destination.  “Postlewait’s is situated on a working farm and offers rustic country warmth amidst beautiful park-like grounds. Majestic trees, lush lawns, water features and a rippling creek are surrounded by authentic rural sights, providing the perfect backdrop for your memorable event. True country elegance at its best”!   http://www.postlewaits.com

Heather wanted wildflowers to be included in her June 2012 country chic wedding.  She chose a combination of David’s Bridal Cornflower, Horizon & Marine Blue.  She wanted a country feel, without getting bogged down in traditional country themed decor.

I chose Peonies & Hydrangeas for the base of her bouquet.  The wild look of the delphinium, cosmos, ranunculus & bluebonnet will complete the elegant, but rustic look.  The premade Hydrangea bouquet added to any vase or floral container, would create an instant wedding centerpiece.  The Angelvine garlands are a unique way to accent any doorway, arch or arbor.  The vine garlands can be used alone or accented with greenery or silk flowers.

I wish the couple many happy years together and thank them for letting me help in their wedding planning.  Mindy

**Click the highlighted text to view the silk florals used in the above Inspiration Board.

Create a Beautiful Blue Hydrangea Bouquet

This blue hydrangea bouquet is beautiful, simple, and fun.  Customize this with any flowers or colors you would like – it’s all about making it your own!


Finished Blue Hydrangea Bouquet

[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]

You’ll need blue silk flowers

  • Blue Roses (2-3) FR2007-BL
  • Blue Anemones (3-4) GTH857-BL
  • Blue Hydrangea (3-5) FSH017-BL
  • Jewel Centered Stephanotis (2) GTS150-WH

…and a few floral supplies & tools

  • Blue Ribbon GYR-142-9-18
  • Pearl Wisp PRM-44WH
  • Rhinestone Sticker EUR-BLING-CL
  • Wire Cutters DIA-7010
  • Stemwrap DAR-35902
  • Glue Gun FPC-H-270

[/twocol_one_last] [divider]


Blue Silk FlowersStep 1: Cut the hydrangea stems to match the approximate length you would like for your bouquet.

Step 2: Hold all of the hydrangeas in a bunch and tuck the roses and anemones in between the hydrangea blooms, being careful not to put too many of the same types in one spot. Do the same with the stephanotis.

Step 3: Wrap the stems of the bouquet tightly using the stemwrap, and trim the stems so that they are the same length.

Step 4: Decide where you want to insert your pearl wisps, then put a dab of glue on the stem and insert them into the bouquet. Make sure the glued stem is against the stem of another flower so that it will hold. Then, attach the rhinestone stickers to the petals. You can add more or less, depending on the look you are going for.

Step 5: Wrap the stems with ribbon, using a dab of glue to secure it to the bouquet stems. You can include a darker, solid color on the bottom and then add a criss-cross sheer ribbon on top, or you can choose to add a bouquet holder instead.