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Blue & Purple Winter Wedding ~ Brittany’s Inspiration Board

Brittany writes: My wedding is in December. It’s going to be simple but elegant. My bridesmaid dresses are dark purple (grape from bridal gallery). I was thinking of having purple and blue but can’t find a whole lot of ideas. I originally was hoping to have calla lily’s but that’s not a must have.


Love the colors! I used a bouquet that I think is stunning and has a winter’y December feel. Made up with hydrangeas and anemones in various shades of blue and purple (this way you get all the tones) and green grey greenery. The soft green leaves makes for a winter perfect bouquet. I know there aren’t calla lilies in this example, but they go great with hydrangeas and we offer them in both purple and blue if you’d like to add them! You could even swap out the anemones for the callas.

Get the Goods:

Blue and Purple Hydrangeas

Green Grey Greenery

Blue and Purple Anemones

Photo credit: Holland Studios

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Peacock Quinceanera Party ~ Rachel’s Inspiration Board

Rachel writes: I am not having a wedding. It is a quinceanera for my daughter. The date is set for November 15, 2014. The theme is “Peacock”. colors are light blue, lime green, purple, royal blue, accent color is gold. The main flower is the Calla Lilly, but I am not sure what other flowers would go with the Calla since it is such an elegant flower, just by itself is gorgeous. I do have the peacock feathers to go with it. Any help would greatly be appreciated.


Love these colors!  Although we picked a bouquet for your board – the arrangement can still be used for a centerpiece design, and all the items in it look great with calla lilies. You can either add callas to this mix, or swap out the roses. Add a gold vase and some purple table decor to tie in all the colors.

Get the Goods:

Blue Orchids

Calla Lilies

Green Hydrangea

Gold Vase

Diamond Table Decor

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Hydrangea Blue Wedding Flowers ~ Cathy’s Inspiration Board

Cathy’s request is a simple diy bouquet in hydrangea blue.

Cathy-Blue-HydrangeaBouquet Inspiration Photo:  Anastasiya Belik Photography |  Floral Designer:  Peony Art Decoration Studio
via Burnetts Boards

To recreate and view the realistic floral stems used to in this colorful inspiration bouquet, please click HERE:

  1. 3 Blue Hydrangea Blooms
  2. 3 Cream Hydrangea Blooms
  3. 5 Cream Roses
  4. Blue & Cream Hydrangea Rose Bouquet for your bridesmaids
  5. Wrap your bouquets with Antique Blue Taffeta Ribbon

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Blue Wedding Color Combinations

Blue can be combined with a variety of colors that each create gorgeous wedding color palettes.  Blue is a cool, dominating color in any palette.  It’s richness and strength make it the main focal point of any combination.

Even with this dominating nature different colors paired with blue can emit a variety of different moods.  Understanding colors, their personalities and how they interact with each other is an important key to choosing the right color combinations for your wedding day.  To say you want a blue wedding is only the first step in making your wedding color choices.

Blue and Green Wedding Flower Centerpiece; lantern, hydrangea, calla lily
Blue and Green Wedding Flower Centerpiece; lantern, hydrangea, calla lily

Blue and Green Wedding Flowers

Blue is a cool color, it is mellow and tends to recede.  The color green is actually a variation of blue, blue mixes with yellow to create green.  It too is a cool color on the color wheel.

Paired together, a blue and green wedding is calm, soothing and rich in deep colors.  Blue is the more classic of the two hues and dominates over green, whether both are used in color choices for flowers or one is picked up in accents like ribbon.

Pink and Blue Wedding Flowers, flower girl, pomander ball, photo credit: cedar
Pink and Blue Wedding Flowers, flower girl, pomander ball, photo credit: cedarwoodweddings.com

Blue and Pink Wedding Flowers

The color combination of blue and pink is the opposite of our last choice.  Pink is a warm color, created from mixing red with white.  Pink is warm and radiates energy.

While blue with it’s strong nature still presides over pink they both get attention in this color pairing.  The two play off of each other giving energy and life to both blue’s rich nature and pink’s radiant nature.  Typically pinks will be picked up in flower choices while blues can be added to with accenting blooms, it also works for a fabulous ribbon color choice.

Blue and Orange Wedding Flowers, bouquet and stripe ribbon, photo credit: theperfectpalette.com
Blue and Orange Wedding Flowers, bouquet and stripe ribbon, photo credit: theperfectpalette.com

Blue and Orange Wedding Flowers

Another vivid color pairing is blue and orange.  The two colors are opposite of each other on the color wheel, this is called complementary colors.  Used together these types of colors bounce off of one another for a bold pop of color.

Anyone looking for a color rich and playful wedding can think about this color combination.  Dark blue or navy are more traditional, sophisticated hues perhaps picked up in bridesmaid dresses, orange is a bold, yet playful pop of colors that would work well in wedding flower bouquets.  The bride’s wedding flower bouquet can pick up blue trends from the bridesmaid’s dressed in a bouquet ribbon wrap.

One color, blue.  Paired with three different color choices can create three completely different looks.  When planning your wedding colors it is a good idea to ponder how each color will interact with one another to center in on the right wedding color choices.