blue and orange wedding flowers

Orange Wedding Flowers ~ Meghann’s Inspiration Board

Meghann writes: My wedding is on November 29th at a historic mansion. Our colors are navy and orange. The bridesmaids will be in navy and the groomsmen in gray suits and a navy tie with thin orange stripes. My dress is in an off-white. Because of our location, I want a vintage-feel to my flowers. I was thinking that because our wedding party will be wearing a lot of navy, my bridesmaids could carry a bouquet of orange (and maybe off-white) flower and I could do mostly orange, with some white and blue.

Meghann-OrangeBouquet Inspiration Photo:  Eden Day Photography  |  Floral Designer: L&S Design Co
via Style Me Pretty

To recreate and view the realistic floral stems used to in this orange and navy, please click on items below:

  1. 3 Orange Poppies
  2. 5 Cream Anemones
  3. 3 Peach Rose Spray
  4. 5 Orange Ranunculus Sprays
  5. 2 Orange Berry Sprays
  6. 5 Cream Garden Roses
  7. 1 Blue Berry Sprays
  8. Orange Rose Bouquet for your bridesmaids
  9. Blue Jute Ribbon to wrap your bouqeuts

Happy Planning, Mindy


Blue & Orange Wedding Bouquet ~ Sabrina’s Inspiration Board

Sabrina-Blue-OrangeBouquet Inspiration Photo:  Shea Christine Photography  |  Bouquet Designer:  Sheridan Flowers

{Sabrina’s Request}
My daughter is getting married September 14,2013. Her colors are blue and orange. Ceremony will be short and outdoors. we need your help. I want roses and lacy romantic flowers for the wedding. We live in west Texas she is picking flowers that are to bright for my taste. We need your help,please. So that we can agree, so far she want tropical and oriential which I sadly disagree with. I know this is her day but I have to foot the bill. I just feel she needs help to see all her options.

{Sabrina’s Bouquet Details}
This sweet bouquet via Intimate Weddings is both bright and tasteful.  It is recreated with Blue Hydrangea & Muscari, Orange Rose Buds, Peach Dahlia & Quince Blossom Branches, White Babies Breath, and Ruscus or Lace Fern Greenery.  To finish, wrap this lovely bouquet with White Chiffon Ribbon and accent with an Aqua Plumeria Jewel Pick or vintage turquoise brooch.  Happy Planning, Mindy