Top 5 Art Deco Wedding Trends

Art deco weddings are super in this year, and this style is one of my personal favorites. It’s just SO glamourous, and can really be done any time of the year. When this wedding trend first emerged, I had absolutely no idea what the term “art deco” actually meant.

But just to give you some background, art deco can be defined as “an influential visual arts design style which first appeared in France after World War I … combines traditional craft motifs with Machine Age imagery and materials … often characterized by rich colors, bold geometric shapes, and lavish ornamentation”. [Thank you, Wikipedia]

After doing some more research, here are some must have art deco wedding trends for this season.

1. Black and Gold
This trend usually mixes black containers or wedding accessories with gold stems or glittery accents.

Black and Gold Art Deco Wedding Photo From Mug Shots Photography
Black and Gold Art Deco Wedding Photo From Mug Shots Photography

2. Feathers Galore
The art deco theme is partial to the large ostrich feathers popping out of wedding centerpieces and accenting hairpieces.

Art Deco Wedding Photo From BridalTweet.com
Art Deco Wedding Photo From BridalTweet.com

3. Burgundy Accents
Use  burgundy wedding flowers to add some drama to your cream colored art deco wedding bouquet.

Burgundy Wedding Flowers from 100LayerCake.com
Burgundy Wedding Flowers from 100LayerCake.com

4. Bold Geometric Shapes
Love this wedding cake, but this geometric  trend can be used in other wedding decor too.

Mint Gold Art Deco Wedding Cake from RuffledBlog.com
Mint Gold Art Deco Wedding Cake from RuffledBlog.com

5. Nude + Jewels
The mixture of these two styles is a play on the glam simplicity of the art deco theme. Many brides also marry these two in their wedding dress.

Nude Jeweled Art Deco Shoes Source Unknown
Nude Jeweled Art Deco Shoes Source Unknown

These are our picks, hope you enjoy. Do you have any other art deco wedding ideas? Comment below!

Tanya’s Cornflower Blue, Canary Yellow & Black

Tanya writes:

My name is Tanya and my fiance and I are getting married June 2, 2012. Flowers are not my thing at all. Our colors are cornflower blue, canary yellow & Black. The bridesmaid dresses our cornflower blue, my dress is white, and the groom & all groomsmen will be wearing a black vest with white shirt.

Flowers that I like are calla lilies, gerbera daisies, roses & hydrangeas.

I was looking at having someone do these for me but after I saw the estimate I decided to try and do this on my own.

I am so happy to help Tanya design a realistic affordable bridal bouquet.  I recreated a bouquet from the inspiration photo she sent along with her request.  We will start with the base of her bouquet:  3 White Hydrangeas & 3-5 Open Roses.  She could accent with 3-5 of each:  White Calla Lily, Yellow Gerbera Daisy & Rose Buds in Soft Yellow. She could accent her bouquet by adding Black Satin Ribbon & a Rhinestone Bouquet Buckle.

To add Cornflower Blue to her bouquet we suggest Blue Babies Breath, Ribbon or Hydrangea.

**Please Click on highlighted items to go directly to the product location.


Ginger’s Black, White & Silver Inspiration Board

Ginger Writes:
My colors are also black, silver, and white. I need help making my bouquet, or can I buy them already put together. Looking for fake flowers, that look and feel real.

Black, white & silver is a modern & dramatic choice for a color scheme.  Ginger wanted a Cinderella type bouquet.  Although we do not make bouquets to order, we were more than happy to help Ginger compose her bouquet.  For a beginner, it is easier to start with a premade bouquet in solid white roses.  To accompany the all white bouquet, we chose an elegant duo of orchids in Black &  White.  To finish, add some princess sparkles with our crystal  bouquet sprays, jeweled buckle & silver peacock feathers!

We featured our phalaenopsis orchid centerpiece design idea, fluffy flower petal kissing ball, and glittered branches to compliment her sophisticated wedding color scheme.

Heather’s Black, White, and Wine Wedding Inspiration Board


Heather writes:
“Hi I was wondering if you could make an inspiration board for my black, white, and wine wedding. My dress is going to be white, my maid of honor is wearing the wine color from David’s Bridal and my other bridesmaids will be wearing black. Thanks in advance!

Heather, I created your board with flowers in black, white, and a wine toned purple (violet). For the bouquets, why not make them using white and black roses with the violet gerbera daisies? Or the violet gerberas, black roses, with a few white lily accents. Finish off the bouquets by wrapping the stems with a black ribbon and accenting with wine or white pearl pins. I hope this helps!

Dresses from David’s Bridal. Items used to create Heather’s Black, White, and Wine Wedding Inspiration Board from Afloral.com (clockwise starting at top left):

Hydrangea Rose and Dahlia Bouquet, White Sopia Open Rose, Violet Pom Pom Mum, Black Magic Open Rose, White Triple Pearl Pins, Black Satin and Sheer Ribbon, White Stargazer Lily, Dark Violet Gerbera Daisy.

Erica’s Fall Wedding Flower Inspiration Board

Erica writes:
“Hello, I’m getting married next October at my soon to be father-in-law’s house. We are getting married outside by the lake they own. We are having a causal wedding it is going be very small. I want to incorporate fall colors, my favorite flowers are gerbera daisies and sunflowers. My bridesmaids dresses are going be either black or brown, and the grooms men are going to wear shirts and ties and pants. I’m having a hard time coming up with some flower arrangement ideas. Please help me!!
Thanks a lot, Erica”

Erica, I created your inspiration board with flowers in red, orange, and yellow — the perfect fall colors! I think the bouquets and wedding arrangements would look beautiful made up with yellow sunflowers, red roses, and orange gerbera daisies. For the bouquets, wrap a black (or brown) satin ribbon around the bouquet stems to complete the look. For the centerpieces, why not add in some curly willow for added height and more of that “fall” look. I hope this helps give you some ideas!

Dress from David’s Bridal. Items used to create Erica’s Fall Wedding Flower Inspiration Board from Afloral.com (clockwise starting at top left):

Premium Red Open Rose, Orange Open Rose, Natural Curly Willow, Yellow Sunflower Pomander Ball, Black Satin Ribbon, Yellow Gerbera Daisy, Orange Gerbera Daisy, Red Gerbera Daisy, Yellow Gold Sunflower.