black and white wedding centerpiece

Black and White Wedding Theme

Black and White Wedding Theme

Are you looking for a glamorous wedding look that will make a statement?

A black and white wedding palette can lend a sense of classic beauty and glamour to your special day.  Guests will step out in their best for a memorable, formal occasion where you can showcase a little bit of style.

Afloral.com created a stunning black and white wedding theme during their winter photo shoot that was filled with easy, affordable DIY wedding projects.

Using the right selection of silk wedding flowers, DIY floral supplies, and wedding accessories you can get this glamorous wedding look.  The black and white wedding theme features a DIY wedding centerpiece, chair backs and wedding bouquets.

black and white sphere centerpiece

The Talk Around the Table

The black and white sphere centerpiece is a fresh, glamorous take on the traditional wedding centerpiece.  Featured on Thursday’s how-to post, you can get a step by step guide how to create this DIY wedding project that will have everyone talking.

The mitsumata branches used in this centerpiece are 4 feet tall, adorned with silk floral black and white kissing balls and decorative pearl strands.  A classic palette with a touch of glamour joined with the stature of the branches will look like you spent a fortune for custom wedding centerpieces.  But to the delight of any budget bride you will rake in savings by using the right materials and making it yourself.

One last note on this gorgeous, glamorous centerpiece is that not only does its height work for aesthetic reasons, it is also practical because it will keep decor elements out of the eye level of guests as they are seated around the table – leaving them able to see one another and mingle throughout your reception.

Black and White Tablescape

Finishing Touches

To tie the whole black and white tablescape together, dress up your reception chairs with DIY wedding chair backs.  The black and white chairs backs featured in afloral.com’s wedding theme combine black feather plumes with white tulle to accent the centerpiece’s lush silk kissing balls and decorative pearl strands.  Can you say glam or what?

Wedding accents like votive candles, twinkle lights, and draped tulle will complete your glamorous black and white wedding theme.  Any bride will feel as though they captured their little girl dreams with this wedding theme; creating a beautiful fairy tale day to remember with a lot of style and an affordable budget.


Black and White Bouquet

Style For the Bride

We’ve created a glamorous look for your wedding decor, but now we can’t forget about our bride.  Capture the style, beauty and glamour of this black and white wedding theme in your bridal bouquet.  Afloral.com’s white rose and black feather hand tied bouquet utilizes some of the same elements, black and white hues, silk flowers, feathers, pearls, that created such a stunning wedding tablescape.

Classic beauty is captured in the ecuador silk roses, with a bit of style and glamour added in feather plumes; both are arranged and then tied together in a white bouquet wrap with pearl trim.  All products are available on afloral.com.  Tune into afloral.com’ s you tube channel for a great video showing you step by step how to create this DIY wedding bouquet.

Glamour That You Can Afford

A glamorous, formal wedding doesn’t have to break the bank.  With the right afloral.com silk wedding flowers, floral supplies, wedding accessories and DIY wedding project ideas you can get the right look and an affordable price.A black and white wedding theme can set the stage for a glamorous wedding.  With the right DIY wedding project you can create  custom wedding centerpieces that will wow guests, combine with details like candles, lights and chair backs to complete your look.  Plan your wedding that will make a statement while at the same time cash in on great savings!

DIY Wedding Centerpiece Black & White Sphere

black & white sphere wedding

Today’s DIY wedding project is going to give you a unique, high-end look at an affordable, budget wedding price.

Afloral.com’s black and white sphere centerpiece is a wedding showstopper.  Picture as guests arrive at your reception greeted by these dramatic, stylish centerpieces.

Mitsumata branches are adorned with timeless black and white hues in the pre-made silk kissing balls with a little glamor found in the pearl ornament spray strung from the branches.

The mitsumata branches are 4 feet tall, their stature in this arrangement is simply gorgeous.  Guests will feel as though they walked into an enchanted forest, right in your own fairytale wedding.  Pair this DIY wedding centerpiece with softy lit votive candles, twinkle lights and draped tulle or tulle tied chair backs to complete your glamorous wedding look.

Let’s Make This Centerpiece:

black & white sphere centerpiece


To make this DIY wedding centerpiece you need to start with:

Next I’m going to outline the 4 easy steps it takes to create this gorgeous black and white sphere wedidng centerpiece, with a a few tips discussed in between steps.

To start with you need a tall, glass vase.  I suggest something over 12″ tall, while the branches aren’t heavy you need the right support to help balance their height.  Glass verses a plastic vase will be more stable.

  1. Place the 3-4 mitsumata branches in the center of the vase, holding them in the center with one hand.
  2. With your other hand pour in the deco. rocks, filling the vase an inch or so from the top.
  3. Once the rocks are in gently move the branches into the arrangement you desire.  Obviously they need to be balanced to keep the arrangement from falling over but they still will allow for a little play with their placement.
  4. Decorate the branches with pre-made silk kissing balls (2-3 white rose pomander, 2-3 fluffy in black) and decorative pearl ornament stands to complete the arrangement.  Slide each kissing ball onto the branch, catching them where you’d like them placed.  Use an adhesive or double sided tape to secure in place, repeat with the pearl strands.

You really can get this high-end, big look in 4 easy steps!  Don’t over think the arrangement of the decorative elements, the silk kissing balls and pearl strands.  Hang each item at a different point and height to keep your eye moving throughout the centerpiece.  Creating a beautiful and interesting wedding centerpiece to capture everyone’s attention.

Mix it Up

Are you in love with this centerpiece but not quite sure how to fit it into your wedding theme and color scheme?  Mix it up.  For a dramatic, gothic look opt for red rose silk kissing balls paired with the fluffy in black and pearl strands.  For a winter wonderland theme use silver deco. rocks, white and blue kissing balls and crystal decorative strands. Shop afloral.com silk floral kissing balls and DIY wedding supplies to customize you’re wedding look.

Stop back Saturday for the black and white wedding theme post, classic beauty and glamor, featuring this DIY wedding centerpiece.