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Are Backyard Weddings a New Trend?

Is smaller better? Are private more personal weddings a growing trend with celebrities and your every day bride?

Wedding trends are picking up on recent nuptials of celebrities like Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan to Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepeid opting for a smaller, backyard venues with minimal guest lists of close friends and family.  Amy Kaneko event planner in San Francisco boasts, “The backyard is the new ballroom.”

The Herald Arts & Life recent post examines, “The Reinvented Wedding: Smaller, Cheaper”.   Helaine Olen reports, “small but growing number of brides and grooms are opting to downsize.  Turning to everything from public parks to the living rooms of friends and family, couples are recreating the traditional wedding one ceremony at a time.

The reasons behind weddings downsizing, and the “backyard as the new ballroom”, Olen finds several factors influencing this new trend.  The down economy has it’s impact on wedding price tags, a “homespun” version comes in with a much lower price tag.  But Olen goes on to note the average age of brides and grooms has risen, couples are getting married in their 30’s, 40’s or up. Brides and grooms to be are “co-ordinating their special day in the midst of other work and family commitments.”

Couples are looking to spend less money and time to put together a wedding.  They are looking for a smaller more personal event.  DIY wedding projects are a fabulous personal stamp on backyard weddings from picking out your own wedding flowers, making your own decor and staging props to organizing and arranging the food.

“Backyard” DIY wedding couples are turning to the internet for resources like purchasing personalized, inexpensive wedding items on sites like etsy.com, while they also use the internet as a source for smart planning and how to guides.  Friends and family can help pitch in by bringing a dish to pass or organizing a cook off that will provide the food for your guests.

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Low Key “Facebook” Wedding


Weddings don’t always have to be over the top or a real formal affair. The recent nuptials of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to long time girlfriend Priscilla Chan reminded the world that  low key  can be a romantic and meaningful event.  Around 100 friends of the couple gathered on May 19th at their home to celebrate Chan’s recent graduation.  Or so they thought, to the guests’ surprise they were actually attending a wedding ceremony.

Katie Kindelan of ABC News Blog reports,“Priscilla Chan knew the man she was marrying would soon be worth billions of dollars but when it came to planning her dream day the now Mrs. Mark Zukerberg took a decidedly low-key approach.”  The low key wedding was described as, “traditional.  It was rustic.  They had these great twinkling lights but it was candle-lit and there were very few flowers.”

Chan’s wedding dress was said to have cost less than what her new husband earns in an hour.  Her wedding dress was simple yet elegant and beautiful.  A low key or less is more approach may fit a couple’s needs and taste.  From a simple wedding dress, a backyard wedding to minimal wedding flowers with the right selections along the way you can pull it off.  Wedding flowers don’t have to be an elaborate affair.  A simple handtied wedding flower bouquet, a clutch of wildflowers, or a singular wedding flower in a vase for a centerpiece can be just the right look for your low key special day.

The Zuckerberg’s show us all you really need is what is important and meaningful to you!

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