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Re-purpose, Re-use and Enjoy Your Wedding Flowers

Boy, or should I say Bride, have you earned the right to enjoy your wedding flowers.  All of the preparation, planning and coordinating for your flower arrangements has taken months to get everything just right.

Choosing your wedding flowers isn’t as simple as picking a flower type and color.  Brides take into account their wedding theme, style, colors and a lot of other factors all to create the perfect arrangements for your special day.  But what happens to your flowers after your wedding day?

There are several creative ways to re-use, re-purpose and continue to enjoy your wedding flowers long after you say “I do”.  Using silk wedding flowers can give couples even more options to hold on to wedding flowers as keepsakes.

Re-purpose Wedding Flowers Keepsakes
Re-purpose Wedding Flowers Keepsakes; allrecipesmadeeasy.blogspot.ca; freezeframeit.com; frolic-blog.com; Signature Creations via etsy.com

Re-purpose. Are you looking to preserve some of your mementos from your wedding day?  You can find some great creative DIY wedding keepsake display ideas using shadow boxes online.  Preserve your dried real flowers or silk flowers along with your wedding invitation, menus and photographs.

Not interested in displaying your full wedding flower bouquet as a keepsake?  Another idea is to disassemble your bouquet and other flower arrangements to create a beautiful, unique piece of art arranging the blooms in a shadow box display.

A hot trend on pinterest right now has been preserving simple items that have a big significance in clear glass Christmas ornaments.  Available at many craft stores, fill ornaments with flowers from your wedding day and decorate the outside with your nuptials date.

Gifts or favors.  Consider giving wedding flower arrangements as a gift or favors to family members, bridal party members or guests.  Arrangements will serve as a nice thank you for those who helped share your wedding day.  And if you’ve used silk flowers the arrangements are something they can keep for years to come.

Re-use Wedding Decorations in Home Decor
Re-use Wedding Decorations in Home Decor; painted planters and fruit decor bhg.com; holiday milk glass midwestliving; tulip mason jar klassichome.com; planter romanticlifestyles43.blogspot.com

Re-use. With many of the popular wedding themes out there right now like Vintage, Rustic and Country it would be easy to re-purpose wedding flowers and decorations into home decor.  Here are a few home decor inspiration photos via pinterest:

  • Popular in Rustic and Country weddings metal planters can be re-used in home and garden decor.  Bhg.com uses painted and monogrammed planters as chic front porch arrangement.
  • Vases are great home decor items that can be re-used in a variety of ways.  Large clear vases from centerpieces and candy buffets are a beautiful way to display everyday items like fruit or Christmas bulbs during the holidays.
  • Many hot wedding trends are as equally popular in home decor.  Wooden planters, birch containers and milk glass can make an easy transition from wedding to everyday decor.

The possibilities are endless.  Find your own creative ways to re-purpose, re-use and continue to enjoy your wedding flowers and wedding decorations.

DIY Anemone Wedding Bouquet Idea

DIY wedding flower bouquets might seem like an intimidating project.  But the truth is armed with a little inspiration and your color, flower choices any bride can pull this off.

Have you come across a stunning inspiration photo you’d love to re-create?  Well that’s all you need to get started.

Today I have brought you a beautiful anemone wedding flower bouquet idea from fabmood.com.  This soft romantic wedding bouquet is the perfect fit for a vintage wedding.  And it is made up of some of this year’s most popular floral stems: anemones, roses, ranunculus and dusty miller.  So where do we get started?

DIY Anemone Wedding Bouquet Idea
DIY Anemone Wedding Bouquet Idea

Materials, shop here for floral stems in this bouquet:


  • Trim greenery from rose and ranunculus sprays.
  • Start with pink roses and white ranunculus to create the shape and foundation of your bouquet.
  • Next add dusty miller sprays along the base of the bouquet with 2-3 stems incorporated into the layers of the rose and ranunculus blooms.
  • The last floral stems to add are the anemones.  Slide them into the arrangement playing with the height of the flower stems.  Use the inspiration photo as reference for placement.
  • Secure the stems with floral tape and trim the flower ends to be even.
  • Finishing touches add ribbon wrap like lace ribbon or stain ribbon decorated with adhesive pearls to complete your romantic bouquet.

Play around with your arrangement using your inspiration photo as a guide.  Maybe you want to dress  up the bouquet with pearl bead sprays or feathered pearl picks.  That is the fun of making your own DIY wedding bouquet you can customize your look!

And remember DIY wedding bouquets can be assembled months in advance leaving you at ease that you will have just the right look for your special day.  Floral stems are reasonably priced, those in our arrangement range from $1.99 to $2.99 each, giving you an affordable wedding flower arrangement.

Quick, Easy DIY Bright Rustic Wedding Bouquet

Can I let you in on a little secret?  Do you know you don’t have to be an avid crafter or have any crafting experience to DIY, Do-It-Yourself, when it comes to your wedding flowers and wedding decorations?

Earlier this week Kristen gave us some great tips and inspiration photos to create Three Simple Bouquets for the DIY Bride using one or two products. Today I have some more tips on how to make a DIY wedding flower bouquet.  This DIY Bright Rustic Bouquet would be perfect for anyone looking for a simple project, a quick arrangement and flowers on a budget.

Here is how we keep it simple, quick and under a budget:

DIY Bright Rustic Bouquet
DIY Bright Rustic Bouquet; pre-made ranunculus bouquet, 4-5 yellow ranunculus, 8-10 rose buds, 4-5 fuchsia roses, click the photo for a link to purchase all these items listed

This DIY Bright Rustic Wedding Bouquet inspiration comes to us from stylemepretty.com.  We are going to create our own DIY version of this bouquet using afloral.com silk wedding flowers and accessories.

Simple.  This bouquet isn’t too complicated it is primarily composed of ranunculus stems with a few roses and rose buds tucked into the arrangement.  This is a simple, easy and quick DIY project because we are going to use a pre-made silk flower bouquet as the foundation of the project.

The pre-made silk ranunculus bouquet captures the bright hues found in our inspiration photo with the same type of flowers.  Note: the pre-made bouquet pictured does include some purple florals and green buds, you may leave them in for an extra pop of color or omit them to get the same look as the inspiration bouquet.


To start the pre-made bouquet is the foundation to add more floral stems too and build a fuller bouquet.

  1.  Disassemble the pre-made bouquet by removing the wire securing the stems.  Still holding the bouquet together with your hands, slip out the purple and green buds and remove the greenery.
  2. Trim the ranunculus, fuchsia roses and rose bud stems into single blooms and remove greenery.
  3. Next using the inspiration photo as reference slip singular stems into the bouquet. Note: add yellow ranunculus along the outside of the arrangement, the rose buds are tucked in along the outside and travel up through the bouquet and the fuchsia roses slip into place filling out the rest of the bouquet.
  4. Select a few stems of greenery to sit low underneath the base of the bouquet.  Then trim all of the stems to an equal length.
  5. Secure the bouquet with wire or floral tape.
  6. Finish the bouquet with burlap ribbon as a bouquet wrap.

Using silk flowers keeps this DIY wedding bouquet affordable, using a pre-made bouquet keeps it quick and easy.

Tip: go for an even easier DIY project with your bridesmaids’ bouquets.  Purchase the same pre-made bouquet we used as the foundation in this project and just wrap the stems in burlap ribbon for a smaller version perfect for bridesmaids!

What Silk Wedding Flowers Have to Offer

Silk flowers are a growing industry that is continually evolving and expanding.  The wedding world has seen a surge in the use of silk flower arrangements from brides and wedding planners looking for affordable wedding flower options.

For anyone planning a wedding silk flowers offer two great benefits:

  • Silk flowers offer better options than fresh cut flowers.
  • Silk flowers offer great savings.
Echeveria and Blossom Bouquet
Shop Afloral.com for a variety of Silk Flower Options; Echeveria and Blossom Bouquet with moss bouquet wrap

Companies like afloral.com now offer a variety of silk flower options in stems, sprays or bushes, also available are real touch flowers and even trendy succulents like agave and echeveria.  Succulents are a hot new wedding bouquet and wedding table centerpiece item, perfect fit for a rustic or woodland wedding theme.

More to Offer

Silk flowers are available all year round not bound within a particular season.  Trendier items like succulents or exotic blooms such as orchids can be found at reasonable prices, not marked up just because of their spike in popularity.  Those looking to incorporate some non-traditional hues into decor can find a variety of color options from bright neons, muted pastels to rich gothic hues.

Half the Cost

The biggest and major reason in the surge of popularity in silk flowers is their affordability.  Silks offer the same look as real flowers at a fraction of the cost.  Silk flowers can be purchased by the stem for bridal bouquets or wedding table centerpieces from $1.99 to $10.99 a stem.  Silk sprays and bushes are another option to be trimmed down into silk floral arrangements.

Even brides not looking for DIY wedding flower arrangements can still cash in on the affordability of silk flowers.  Pre-made bouquets are a  great non-DIY silk flower option ranging in price from $7.99 to $19.99 an arrangement.  Pre-made silk bouquets are versatile, they can be used as bridal bouquets dressed up with a few bouquet accessoriesPre-made bouquets can also be a budget friendly and easy centerpiece idea arranged in vases or decorative containers.

Great savings and better options.  With today’s educated and budget savvy shoppers who couldn’t pass up a deal and the over all great look of silk flowers?

Carnation Wedding Flowers

Carnations can easily be brushed off as inexpensive flowers that only make an appearance around Valentine’s Day and at High School dances.  But perceptions can be wrong.  Carnations are making a splash in the wedding world as a more recent, popular wedding flower due impart to their versatility and affordability.

I’ve gathered up some creative, modern carnation wedding flower arrangement ideas to prove my point.  Trust me; these aren’t your mother’s carnations.  Found in a variety of colors, part of the right arrangement and also used to create affordable pomanders or flower balls you’ll see why carnations are a must for your wedding flowers.

wedding flowers, carnations; thepurpleflower.net; homedecor.sheknows.com; weddingsmall.co.uk; seasweetie.wordpress.com

Popping with color

Carnations are not limited to the traditional red, pink or white.  They come in almost any color imaginable blue, purple, green, yellow.  Making them an ideal wedding flower choice to fit your décor color scheme. Carnations work great as your primary wedding flower in arrangements or as fillers adding a pop of color.

carnation wedding flower arrangements; aforal.com; intimateweddings.com; myinspiredwedding.com; emmalinebride.com

Chic Arrangements

Most people might think carnations are limited to those single stem carnations someone might send you on Valentine’s Day, but our carnation wedding flower bouquet and centerpiece inspiration prove them wrong.

Carnations grouped together create a sense of volume.  Used in bouquet arrangements, group one color of carnations or several different hues to create a voluminous bouquet with presence.  Used in the right way with the right bouquet style carnations make beautiful wedding flower choice.  Bring the whole look together with a satin ribbon to wrap your stems in accented with a bouquet clip or jeweled pin.

Think outside the vase when it comes to creating carnation centerpieces for you reception.  The pink planter, carnation centerpiece from intimateweddings.com will make you look twice.  They have created a beautiful arrangement that goes beyond any traditional take on centerpieces.  Seen in our afloral.com fresh flower, lavender collection carnations are a beautiful way to add an accent to centerpieces with multiple types of flowers.

carnation pomanders; w-weddingflower.com; simplystunning designs.blogspot.com; weddingsbycolor.com; rhondapattonweddings.typepad.com

The World of Pomanders

Because of their volume carnations are an ideal choice for DIY pomanders or flower balls.  Carnation stems will cost you less money per stem and also on your overall quantity needed to create a flower ball.  Pomanders can be incorporated into your décor in many ways.  Flower girls look adorable coming down the aisle holding a pomander and a ribbon handle.  They can be used as pew or chair decorations down your aisles at the ceremony or hung as décor at your reception.  Assemble them beforehand and you’ll have a hassle free time setting them up the day of your wedding.

These carnation wedding flower ideas and arrangements are definitely a step away from the tradition thoughts of carnations.  But the best is saved for last.  Carnations are loved by many modern brides because they are so affordable.  Silk or real flowers, carnations will cost you a fraction of the cost of other floral stems.  When you are talking about incorporating hundreds of stems into arrangements for bouquets, centerpieces and other décor accents that savings is huge!

So what are your thoughts? Ya or nay to carnations.  Leave them for Valentines Day or give them a fresh, modern take for your special day?