How to Dress Up Your Premade Bouquet

If you’re a no fuss kinda girl, chances are you’re using premade bouquets on your wedding day. Some have the crafting eye and patience to be DIY brides, but others just want simple, hassle free wedding flowers.

Afloral.com offers a large selection of stunning premade wedding bouquets. We have boho bouquets, rustic bouquets, traditional bouquets, and that’s just to name a few. They are gorgeous and totally affordable. But, what if you fall in the middle? What if you love the ease of preparation the premade bouquets have to offer, but really would love to make it your own? Have no fear, the anticrafter is here to offer a simple solution.

I’ve come up with a list of five different ways to dress up your premade bouquet. This way, you don’t have to mess with bundling together individual stems, but you still can carry a unique wedding bouquet on your big day.

1. Bouquet Wrap  The majority of our premade bouquets do not come with bouquet wrap. Pick a ribbon that fits your theme and style, and wrap away. To wrap a premade bouquet, you usually need about one foot of ribbon,  and 2-3 corsage pins.

My favorite ribbons are the burlap ribbon in natural, ivory lacy ribbon, and raw muslin wrap in coral.

Decorative Ribbon

2. Brooches + Bouquet Bling If you’re a glamourous  bride, you might want to add a little bling to your bouquet. Some of our bling comes on a pick, and others are just pins. Either pin it to one of the silk stems, or wrap the pick up in the bouquet.

Butterfly Charm

3. Bundle together 2-3 premade bouquets for a fuller look.

4. Bundle together 2-3 different bouquets for a unique look.

5. Attach a charm or family heirloom to the bouquet wrap. Many brides like to use a family necklace or charm as their something old or something borrowed. Attach it to the ribbon you wrap your bouquet with, it’s the perfect accent. If you don’t have that, use one of our photo lockets or keys.

Bouquet Charm

How to Accent Your Submersible Centerpiece

This week we’ve been focusing a lot on submersible wedding centerpieces.  They are so popular right now, and incredibly easy to assemble. On Wednesday, I wrote about my picks for top five submersible wedding centerpieces (the fish bowl one was my favorite!) but today I want to show you what products you can use to accent your submersible centerpiece.

One of my favorite accents is floralytes. Drop one or two right in your container, and watch it glow. We currently carry four different  colors, and I have to say, the purple is definitely my favorite.

You can even do different colored floralytes in each centerpiece, which takes the drama up a notch.

Submersible Wedding Centerpiece Photo From Your Wedding Company
Submersible Wedding Centerpiece Photo From Your Wedding Company

Another accent I love is natural stones. Drop them in your vase, and they give your entire centerpiece an earthy touch.

Submersible Flower Heads with Pebbles
Submersible Flower Heads with Pebbles

Keeping with this same idea, you can also use several different types of vase filler, from metallic gold glass to raw cork. Here are some of my favorite vase fillers we currently offer.

Assorted Diamonds in Rose Pink
Assorted Diamonds in Rose Pink                                  
Turquoise Crushed Glass
Turquoise Crushed Glass
Metallic Gold Crushed Glass
Metallic Gold Crushed Glass

As you can see, the possibilities are totally endless. Don’t limit your submersible centerpiece to just one vase, one flower, and water.

Throw in some fun accents to kick it up a notch.

Do you have any other ideas? Comment below!