Bohemian Wedding Inspiration

To kick off our new Bohemian Wedding Decorations category at, we partnered with one of our favorite designers Angela Marie Events and photographer Carolynn Seibert for some boho chic looks you could DIY with our high-quality silk flowers and decor.Boho-Header

The bohemian bride isn’t complete without a stunning floral crown.  Silk flowers are perfect for this DIY.  It is a project you can complete long before your wedding and the flowers will always look freshly picked.  These stunning crowns feature our faux anemones, ranunculus, dahlias, ferns and berries (find the stems used here). The bouquets are a rich mix of burgundy, wines,  marasalas and soft pastel pinks (find the stems used here).  boho1boho2boho3boho4 For the walk down the aisle consider carrying a non-traditional bouquet.  We love the idea of using baskets.  Not only is this a unique look, it will also transition easily to a table centerpiece.  To create this look use our mossy baskets, faux cabbage, hydrangeas, and rosesDMAez5CYslUQc4nrtAHzoZhN978NKthIJP-9oHhd4AI copyThis romantic tablescape features a stunning arrangement in our footed plate in rust brown and metal candelabra drapped in faux flowers, feathers and berries.  The unique additions to this design give it a distinctly boho look that we can’t get enough of.  The tables vintage feel is complements of our  lace table cover and favorite mercury glass votive holders.  For a more natural/rustic chic look you can always incoroporate a moss and burlap table runner.  Uu2xS6ixGXxNq-TrawDzfFnOvTgZAZBPOMV0K541BCIq-fG1PhcdukR_ICQr2VUgBY-Mp4zpTKarsC_R3wCqJ4 copyRyEVB9CoNq6-vXCT1Yzy2xEquewsrMQdzXCzh5H7GjkOzdv0eF-G8BG1Ajui47tPkbMCoGIHRJLTwpZwmHrYC0EYl0lR25Shl2LusmAWRYlWP4zcaSLEo6sUK3Dzlxc64lwRie_1jL1VLTRxDepWeYRKIjx4ANLpmoNFjzhomf4c copy For more inspiring bohemian wedding ideas check out our new boho category and Pinterest board.-4JPvlQJXUOfnUq2gPsfO1wq7RdyGk2Vu1tLEHXtGtI

Photography: Carolynn Seibert Photography | Designer & Coordinator: Angela Marie Events | Florals: | Dress: Joanna August and BHLDN  | Models: Maddi Childers and Natalie Caruso

DIY Gold Glitter Candles and Holders

This DIY features four do it yourself designs for your upcoming event.  Follow the simple steps and shop for all the supplies you will need.  This is a great project for the bride on a budget!

Glitter Candlestick:1

Gather your supplies:  You will need a spray adhesive, glitter, and a taper candle.


Spray the bottom of the taper candle with an adhesive spray glue.  Generously cover the glued area with glitter.  Allow a few moments to dry and then gently tap the candle to remove excess glitter.


Glitter Votive:


Gather your supplies:  You will need a spray adhesiveglitter, and white votive candles in clear glass.


Spray the bottom of the votive with an adhesive spray glue.  Generously cover the glued area with glitter.  Allow a few moments to dry and then gently tap the candle to remove excess glitter.


Glitter Candlestick Holder:


Gather your supplies:  You will need glitter spray paint and a wooden candle holder.


Thoroughly spray the candle holder with your glitter paint.  Give it time to dry.


Painted Glitter Candlestick Holder:


Gather your supplies:  You will need a spray adhesiveglitter, and spray paint.


Start by painting the candlestick holder with the flat color, we choose white.  After the paint has thoroughly dried, spray the bottom of the candlestick holder with the adhesive spray glue.  Generously cover the glued area with glitter.  Allow a few moments to dry and then gently tap the candle to remove excess glitter.


Combine all the projects together for a glittery and beautiful centerpiece.   Buy all of your supplies from and save on your wedding decorations!



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DIY Boho Wedding Cake

Contributed blog post from Green Wedding Shoes


We’re back again with our favorite silk flower company, AFloral, to create a boho inspired wedding cake with silk flowers! Seriously, they look so real right?! We’re also sharing not only how to make this one, but a breakdown of costs so you can see how affordable this one is! It might surprise you. This DIY is perfect if you’re throwing an engagement party, bridal shower or a low-key wedding! Doesn’t take much to make a simple cake really shine with this one.


Thanks so much to The Bride Concierge for lending us their gold rimmed cake plate to pretty this one up!


What You’ll Need:
• Afloral flowers: PeonyRanunculusDusty MillerClematisDahliaSucculent
• Cake (we ordered an 8″ double under a 5″ double from our local Albertson’s grocery store – feeds approximately 20 people)
• Scissors
• Cake stand


Breakdown of costs: Cake $27.99 + Flowers $39.32 (+shipping) = $67.31


Ordering tip: These costs are based off of what is photographed in the photos, but you may want to order more/less depending on the size of your cake and design you want. Have fun with it!steps1-4

Step 1: Begin by cutting your focal flowers (Peony + Dahlia) down to a short stem and placing into the top of the cake.

Step 2: Fill with some filler flowers (like Dusty Miller) to add some texture. Use the icing to your advantage and stick the flowers into the cake to hold.

Step 3: Next move down to the middle and add some smaller focus flowers (Clematis + bud of a Ranunculus) as well as another sprig of Dusty Miller.

Step 4: Move to the bottom of your cake with a few bigger focal flowers again (Succulent + Ranunculus). This will create great symmetry with your cake.final1final2final3final4final5

Such pretty spring color inspiration! Lovin’ how realistic these flowers look, too!

If you dress up a cake with AFloral using these steps or supplies, we’d love to see how it turns out, so please share on Instagram along with the hashtag #GreenWeddingShoesDIY

*This post is sponsored by All content, ideas, and words are by Green Wedding Shoes. Thanks for supporting our sponsors!


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Fiesta Wedding Bouquet DIY

This gorgeous, colorful bridal bouquet can be made, by you, with silk wedding flowers from  Follow these easy steps and create a bouquet for your wedding fiesta!351b-RVrhVVAYWvXA1TMJ15RAbwzq6U06qKcgGx6zDE,1jqZl87vY1WkZXQTQEvp5ulP92tm8JGo71tM6Sv6es0

1. Gather your favorite silk flower stems.  For this bouquet we used 3 of the Clematis sprays in violet purple, 6 Peony buds, 4 of the Sweetpea sprays in two-tone fuchsia, 2 of the Poppy sprays in flame, the Rose Bouquet in red fuchsia, 4 of the Zinnia sprays in rubrum pink, the single Hydrangea in purple green, Billy Buttons, the soft touch Tulips in coral yellow, 3  Cabbage Echeveria stems, purple ribbon, floral tape, and wire cutters.

aaHjZc1spWUZc-gYJ-F5vt_1evIo7uBXsNHNn_ZivsU2)  Cut each of the stems to size, anywhere between 8″ – 10″ long, and remove the leaves.Ke7J8g8hHSTcnoKc_m-lb7hwBJ1MAG_NNJXgQaPpKaQ3) Begin your bouquet by gathering several stems into your hand and taping them together with floral tape.lC35Ym0vqUWH7lQwS_7YPQ0UjBeFAXMY_Y6BA7o_Mk4 copy 4)  Continue to add the larger stems and taping them together.  Work around your bouquet to keep the look even.  7pPjIxcubadS4L3naD5Q61L3C-oiVZJ4GTi3q3MWVf8 copy 5)  Add the smaller stems into the bouquet. lRHKEdJP8n9EYuZ2Mq8kzdqHE-AquYweRwgVOVf3vug-1 copy 6)  When you are happy with the look, use the floral tape to bind all the stems one last time.  Trim the stems so they are even. vBVj1Ia5nSFuKHA7Qu3frN0Gwd2QQkER7kf9pDR5StI 7)  Choose your favorite ribbon and wrap the stems.  Secure with a pin or hot glue.  You now have a beautiful bouquet for your wedding day! eKxstN5nD4M_vvEh1CJTAZ54j8wnx0gRVFE3Ix7QCb0,nsAsNtG5Xr3KUdIUrBckl9JvafiimQER57j7u4GAPmw Silk flower bridal bouquets can be made months before the event and will last long after.  Create a beautiful keepsake that you could use as a centerpiece for your first wedding anniversary! XdSNk7k9S-iZExz38er6EydTuTggTieQK-_64hkutX0


Pretty in Pink Baby Shower

We are so excited to feature a “Pretty in Pink” Baby Shower by Caryn Casterline from The Moments!  We fell in love with the touch of glam added to the party and were flattered to have our Mercury Glass Cylinder Vase featured in the design.

Sprinkle-PackIf you are planning a baby shower, these are the products you could use to get this look.


Create beautiful flower arrangements with premade silk flower bouquets and glass vases from  Faux flowers from look like the real thing and the Mom-to-Be will have a keepsake to take home after the shower.  Fill our Mercury Glass Carraway Vase  (1) with our Small Confetti Rose Bouquet in Two Tone Pink (3).  To get the look Caryn used in our gold Mercury Glass Vase, include our Rose Bouquet in Soft Pink, Cream and Red (5).  Use one of our Ceramic Cake Pedstals in White (4) for your desserts and arrange everything on a Gold Sequin Table Runner (2).

Share your #Afloral designs with us on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or upload your designs in our DIY Design Ideas.

Thank you Caryn for your inspiring design.  Happy Planning!