Pink Calla Lily & Peony Wedding Flower Inspiration Board


Bouquet Inspiration Photo:  Tara Donne  |  Floral Designer:  Chestnuts In The Tuileries

{Bouquet Request}
Their wedding is baby pink, gold, and silver.  The bride wants artificial Calla Lilies for flowers. My son is getting married and could you help me?   Thanks Sandra

{Bouquet Details}
This pretty pink bouquet via Real Simple features:  Pink Ranunculus & Calla Lilies, and Cream Peonies & Sweetpeas. Take a few shortcuts by using our premade  Pink Calla Lily Boutonniere and Real Touch Hand-tied Bouquet.  To add some silver details, wrap with Silver Satin Ribbon, and accent with Silver Jewel Sprays. Happy Planning, Mindy



Rachel’s Purple Whimsical Woodland Wedding Flower Inspiration Board


Bouquet Inspiration Photo:  Lane Dittoe  |  Floral Designer:  The Vines Leaf

{Rachel’s Request}
I will be getting married outdoors at a Historical Farm in Pennsylvania this July 2013. I would love my bridesmaids to carry lavender bouquets (like I just plan to buy dried lavender, wrap them beautifully, & call it a day). For the Guys I want to make Lavender/Rosemary/Thyme boutonnieres. We are collecting wine bottles for centerpieces (green/white tall flowers in there) – but I am TOTALLY stuck on bouquet for me. I am not a big fan of roses but would love your ideas!

{Rachel’s Bouquet Details}
This purple woodland bouquet via Wedding Chicks features:  Purple Anemones, Lavender Sprays, & Lilacs, Bright Pink Peonies, Eggplant Calla Lilies, and Maidenhair Greenery.  To add a pretty vintage detail, wrap with a White Crocheted Lace Ribbon.

Emerald Green Wedding Inspiration Decor

Tuesday’s post Emerald Green Wedding Inspiration showcased the Pantone 2013 Color of the Year, Emerald Green.  The rich, brilliant green hue has already been popping up all over home decor, fashion and weddings.

We’re back today to talk about Emerald Green wedding decor inspiration.  Emerald Green is a versatile hue with the ability to fit a variety of wedding themes from vintage romantic, rustic to modern, chic.  With each theme Emerald Green takes on a different role.

Emerald Green Wedding Decor
Emerald Green Wedding Decor; modern green;; green vases-; modern green-; romantic green-

For a romantic wedding theme look to add vintage touches with green glassware.  Pair with other vintage plates, teacups, linens and lace.  Emerald Green is worked into the decor items like glassware or patterns on plates and cups as an accent.

A rustic wedding theme can also incorporate Emerald Green into decor items. In this instance the color becomes one of the elements like moss or flowers.  For a rustic wedding natural items like branches and moss are strong elements to bring together simple elegance and natural beauty.

The last wedding theme to look at is a modern, chic wedding.  This type of theme would bring Emerald Green to the forefront of the decor.  Our inspiration photo from uses clean, defined decor.  The striped table linens, simple centerpieces of tall vases and neutral flowers with green glass ware accented by green napkins laid over each table setting with menu cards.

Don’t forget Emerald Green can even be found in your dessert table!  Go for something fun like trendy cup cake, cake pops or macaroons all in green.

Janette’s Gerbera Daisy Wedding Flower Inspiration Board


{Janette’s Request}
Hi there, my wedding is for May 25, 2013. The theme was a mix between spring and beach, so we thought tropical was a good word. My original colors are coral reef and pool (sort of like an aqua). Both colors are from Davids Bridal. Although these two are the main colors, I was inspired by the some hues of orange/tangerines, but not too much of it like the pictures attached. The flowers I really like are gerbera daisies and calla lilies.

{Janette’s Bouquet Details}
Here is the bright and fun inspiration photo you requested via Kelly’s Flowers and it features:  Orange Gerbera Daisies & Orchids, and Pink Gerbera Daisies & Calla Lilies.  To finish your bouquet, wrap with Jade Satin Ribbon, and accent with an Aqua Plumeria Jeweled Pick. Use our Aqua Pearl Garland to add to your wedding decor.  Our multicolored Gerbera Daisy Bouquet is from our Retro Wedding Design Ideas.  Happy Planning, Mindy


Amy’s Hydrangea Wedding Flower Inspiration Board


Bouquet Inspiration & Floral Design:  Lisa Foster Floral Design

{Amy’s Request}
Hi :) My name is Amy. I am planning my wedding for June 1,2013. I want hydrangea to be my main flower but im not sure how to do the bridesmaids flowers or the grooms men flowers or mine. Im not sure how to incorporate them in the cake either. I like the green flower they have on the cake in the picture my cake will be like that but round. the girls dress is a Malibu color with one shoulder. I am also not sure how i would do the centerpieces. thank you so much for your help.

{Amy’s Bouquet & Centerpiece Details}
This lovely garden bouquet via Bollea features:  Pink Hydrangea Blooms, Green Berry Sprays & Hydrangea Blooms, and Blue Hydrangea Blooms.  To finish the bouquet wrap with Turquoise Satin Ribbon.  The centerpiece inspiration via Jubilee Flowers includes:  Blue Hydrangeas,  Green Hydrangeas, Bud Roses, Button Mums, and Dahlias.
Blue Green Wedding Cake

Cake Inspiration via The Whitty Cake Company