Sarah’s Rustic Garden Sunflower Inpiration Board

Sarah writes: The theme of my wedding is “rustic garden”. I want a comfy feeling. My main flower is going to be sunflowers. I want my bouquet to be just sunflowers but have no idea what to do for bridesmaids. They will be wearing deep purple (eggplant). I also want another accent color of mossy… Read More »

Cheap DIY Wedding Organization Tools

Details.  Details are definitely a great way to explain what a wedding entails.  From flowers, food, venues, guest lists and so on the list goes on and on.  No wonder why professionals have found such a niche in wedding planning. But the truth of the matter is your average Jane and Joe can’t afford a… Read More »

Heidi’s Vintage Bottle Centerpiece Inspiration Board

Heidi writes: Hello, Thanks so much for this new program. Our wedding is “black and white” with teal accents here and there. I prefer all the flowers to be white. I love Gerbera daisies, but my fiance loves Tulips. I have two cases of teal and green wine bottles to use with the centerpieces, so tall flowers?… Read More »

Ijeoma’s Pale Pink & Cream White Wedding

Ijeoma writes: I am a bride who has her wedding coming up in March. However, I want a lovely bouquet that is a mixture of light pink and off white colors. If they could be real touch flowers that will be lovely. Ijeoma, I started with a photo from Best Destination Wedding featuring Real Touch… Read More »

DIY Wedding Floral Planning

An important category of wedding planning is your wedding floral category. Having an organized list of the type and amount of flowers you’ll need throughout your wedding will not only help you be prepared but also help you stay within your budget. By using a worksheet or making your own outline you can compile a… Read More »

Angela’s Persimmon & Ivory Inspiration Board

Angela writes: Hello my colors are Persimmon and Ivory. Angela, Persimmon is such a beautiful vibrant color and it is perfect for any season. The inspiration photo from Floral Design Events features a lovely array of colors: Pink Cabbage Roses, Flame Orange Poppies, Variegated Anemones, Peach & Ivory Rose Buds and Ivory Garden Peonies.  The… Read More »

Luisa’s Fuchsia Gerbera Daisy Inspiration Board

Luisa writes: I’m doing a wedding in June with main colors of Fuchsia Pink. The flowers we are using is Gerbera Daisies.  Please help with ideas on centerpieces and for bridesmaids.  Thank you, Luisa Luisa, I love this fun theme and I found two great inspiration photos.  The Gerbera Daisy, Rose and Mum Bouquet is… Read More »