Wedding Color Combinations

Growing up did you ever have a mood ring?  If I remember right you would hold down a finger on your ring, as a color appeared that was your corresponding mood.  Now if only picking your wedding colors were that easy right?

While I don’t hold a magical ring that can tell you the right color combinations for your special day, I did come across a recent blog post on DIY Wedding Planner admits, “with so many, many decisions to be made, wedding planning can be completely overwhelming, not to mention frequently frustrating.”  But they go on to boast, “choosing your wedding colors can be the easiest part and after that, it’s pretty much all down hill.”

Their post, Color of the Year, let’s us in on ten different color combinations to keep an eye out for in 2013.  Out of their ten picks I’ve highlighted three that all speak to a different wedding day “mood”.

Rainbow wedding-; photo booth-; rustic wedding-; blush wedding-

Rainbow wedding-; photo booth-; rustic wedding-; blush wedding-

Blush and Pewter Gray.  Soft pinks, blushes, cream and greenery mixed with pewter gray are my pick for a hopelessly, romantic wedding.  Softly lit votive candles with vintage china and glassware for your tablescape will add to the timeless elegance with this color scheme.  Keep things traditional with a floral centerpiece and timeless wedding flowers like garden roses.  A great DIY wedding project suggested by is to use diamond mesh to wrap around votive candles on reception tables.

Over the rainbow. asks, “why not try dressing them (bridal party) all in black, (groomsmen, too) with fun rainbow splashes of color in parasols, bouquets, shoes, socks, boutonnieres, and ties.”  This color scheme would fit fabulously with a fun, carefree and themed or destination wedding.  Remember the Retro Wedding Theme, the photo shoot paired bright mixes of flowers with a fun amusement park setting.  DIY wedding project pick, make your own DIY photo booth for guests at the reception using fun props and message boards.

Olive green and topaz.  Create a fresh take on a rustic, woodland wedding theme with this color combination.  Utilize the best nature has to offer with natural elements like tree branches, moss and silk florals for decor.  Combine polished metals and rich woodwork for a touch of elegance.  DIY wedding project,’s rustic centerpiece using natural branches, a moss table runner with flower heads and votive candles.  Find a step by step youtube video here.

Customizing Your Wedding Day‘s recent post, 2013 Wedding Trends, asked the predictions of 20 influential wedding bloggers for the top trends to watch for in 2013.  These top bloggers ran down their picks for what’s hot in the upcoming year of weddings; reception lounges to one venue settings, elegance and lace with twenties inspired bridal wear and decor, virtual guests to the trendy late night food trucks.

Australian wedding blog,, honed in on their country’s current trend which is custom details to personalize your day.  Ms. Polkadot states, “The hottest trend in Australia right now is customisation to create a truly personal wedding day.”  She goes on to reveal, “I’m predicting more and more couples opting for blank slates they can truly customise to their own style and vision.”

Customizing wedding decor can come from a wedding planner hired to style your wedding, an eager DIY savy bride and, or thoughtfully planned out special touches.  If you don’t have the luxury of someone to help you style your special day with personalized touches, get crafty and DIY yourself some custom decor touches.   And if you don’t possess a crafty thumb or the time for DIY wedding projects don’t fret just get thoughtful in your wedding planning.

Customized Wedding Decor; silk & real flower bouquets; cake topper- seller lovebridsgoods; bouquet charm; toppers paperfrog seller

Customized Wedding Decor; silk & real flower bouquets; cake topper- seller lovebridsgoods; bouquet charm; toppers paperfrog seller

Utilize sites like to catalog wedding decor ideas that can put the right touches on your special day and help you achieve that customized look.  Opt out of things like a DIY dessert bar that as tasty as it sounds could eat up a lot of time to bake all the delicious treats.  Instead pre-order bulk cupcakes or a simple tiered cake and purchase a unique topper from sellers to add before the reception. highlights a great tutorial on how to create your own wedding bouquet charms.  If you’re looking to save on wedding florals but don’t have the time to create your own bouquet with silk wedding flowers, check out pre-made silk or real flower bouquets.  They will still offer you savings and brides can have the option to personalize with a simpler, less time consuming DIY project like the DIY bouquet charm.

In 2013 couples are looking for ways to make their mark on their wedding day and at the same time they are being a bit more relaxed in expected wedding day tradition., “For Australian brides and grooms customising their wedding day, allows them to tell the wider world that as a couple, this is who we are.”

So what type of wedding decor speaks to you?  Can you pick out a few custom decor ideas that will help tell the story of the future Mr. & Mrs.?

Hannah’s Manzanita Branch Wedding Centerpiece Inspiration Board


{Hannah’s Request}
Hi,  My wedding colors are coral/salmon, cream, and chocolate brown. I love the look of hydrangeas. I also like the look of manzanita branches with crystals, but I’m not sure if I can make it flow for a summer wedding. I need some ideas for about 6 tall centerpieces and 10 medium height.  I appreciate any thoughts ides and feedback you might have.  Thank you!!

{Hannah’s Centerpiece Details}
Here are two fabulous examples of  how you can incorporate a Summer look into your wedding branch centerpieces.  The first amazing manzanita branch centerpiece via Terra Flowers Miami features:  Coral~Orange Lilies and Cream Hydrangeas & Garden Roses.  The second bold & simple centerpiece via The Knot features a single branch in an April Glass Vase.  Replace the shells as shown with Crushed Clear Acrylic Ice or Pearlized Glass Vase Filler.  Each branch arrangement has been spray painted to match the exact wedding color scheme.  Happy Planning, Mindy

Natural Wedding Decor

Looking for natural elements to incorporate into your wedding?  Or just searching for a few green, eco-friendly decor items? is a great site for green wedding ideas, products, real green wedding stories and tips. guest posts on other blogs to share eco-friendly wedding tips; and that is where we found their latest post DIY: Natural Wedding Decor over at the shares,“bare branches are striking as wedding decor if you add to their stark beauty with bird seed favors hung from twine or sustainable ribbon.”  Eco and budget friendly, “this natural decor can double as favors for your guests to take home and hang in their backyard.”

Natural branches work beautifully as wedding decor, in centerpieces or tablescape arrangements at your reception and chair, pew or altar decorations at your ceremony.  Birds and/or bird’s nests can also be incorporated a variety of ways into wedding decor; floral arrangements, centerpieces, chair backs, wedding cake toppers and other decor.

Birds nest wedding decor;;;;;;

Bird’s nest wedding decor;;;;;;

Birds and bird’s nests are a stylish accent to natural, romantic, rustic or seasonal wedding themes.  Birds often represent the start of a new life or new home, the perfect symbol of love for a couple about to say “I do”. offers an assortment of bird’s nests for any level DIY bride.  They are a fun element to use in creating your own wedding favors or table cards.  If you’re looking for a simpler DIY wedding project settle a bird’s nest into a wedding bouquet of floral centerpiece for a rustic, natural touch.
Eco-friendly touches like natural branches, birds, bird’s nests and bird’s seed and environmentally and budget friendly.  These natural items let you personalize your special day.

2013 Wedding Trends: Art Deco

A recent post on gives us a glimpse of what was, the 2012 wedding trend world, and a glimpse of what is to be.   To kick off 2013, Florida Wedding Planner, Aviva Samuels of Kiss the Planner, reveals it’s top 13 predictions to look for.  Samuels states, “so many great trends from 2012 will live on into 2013, but I think the number one takeaway from this past year is that the trend has been, and will continue to be in making a statement about who you are as a couple and finding ways to make your wedding unique.”

Samuel gives a great rundown of wedding trends to look for in 2013.  One that stands out as fresh, unique and hot right now on any wedding blog is Art Deco Weddings.

As Samuel  lets on to, hot trends of 2012 have transcended into something new for the upcoming year.  “Sparkle and glitter were everywhere in 2012 and lives on in a more refined way, in the form of Art Deco styling.”

Art Deco Bridal Inspiration;;; riseofthemire;;

Art Deco Bridal Inspiration;;; roseofthemire;;;

Keep an eye out. “All over the fashion runway and in vogue in the interior design world, this new trend will invariably penetrate the wedding community too, showing up on gowns, bridesmaid dresses, cakes, table linens and printed items.”

Art Deco is a movement that was popular in the roaring 1920′s into the ’30s and ’40s, characterized by rich colors, bold geometric shapes, design and lavish ornamentation. In the wedding world this can translate into beautiful detailed bridal wear, lush, exotic florals with feathers and ornamented gems.

Art Deco wedding decor;;;;;

Art Deco wedding decor;;;;;

Samuel says to take note in 2013 bridal fashion, “Brides will also take a cue from the 1920′s flapper styling in anticipation of the upcoming Great Gatsby movie. High and low hemlines, sheer overlays, corset bodices, ombre coloration, belted gowns and peplums, as well as gold and other colored gowns will continue to hit the runway.”

Decor is rich and lavish with real glass, china, silverware and metal on tablescapes lit up with romantic candles and twinkle lights.  Take inspiration from the recent, ever popular vintage wedding theme by using real vintage china and glass ware for table settings or favors.  Feathers, strings of beads or pearls are also beautiful additions to any tablescape accenting lush floral centerpieces.