DIY 4th of July Centerpiece

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This week, we’re showing you how to make a 4th of July centerpiece

4th of July centerpiece


If you’re planning a BBQ for Independence Day and need a little inspiration for your all-American decor, this simple floral arrangement is the perfect way to add a patriotic touch!


4th of July centerpiece DIY




Three white vases of varying sizes (ours were 3.5 inches tall5.5 inches tall, and 8 inches tall)


One large block of floral foam


Wire cutters


Red arrangement (tall vase)


6-8 red carnations


6 red mini Gerbera daisies


Blue arrangement (medium vase)


6 blue carnations


6-8 blue cornflowers


White arrangement (short vase)


6 white mini spray roses


6-8 white carnations




1. Cut a piece of foam a few inches tall to fit inside each vase and place inside.


2. Place stems along the side of the vase to gauge the desired height and trim accordingly with wire cutters.


3. Fill each vase with the corresponding carnations, pushing the stems into the foam.


4. Use the remaining flowers to fill out the arrangement.


4th of July centerpiece

We love that these arrangements are so simple to create and add a fun punch of color to your 4th of July party! (And if you’re not feeling the red, white, and blue, you could use the same method with flowers in different colors to create a monochromatic arrangement for any occasion!)



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