What are Silk Flowers?

Faux Florals: You asked, we answered!
Planning for special events can be an overwhelming experience. From choosing the location, to the guest list, to serving food that everyone will enjoy, to finding the perfect dress to wear, and more! But when it comes to choosing your florals, Afloral.com would like to make your experience a breeze and stress-free!


There are many things that you may have been wondering about our products, but now you can know!

Here at Afloral.com, we have a few selections of materials that the florals may be made of. We have a broad range of silk, real touch, foam, and plastic flowers. If you were thinking you might be the only person wondering, “What even are the differences between silk flowers and real touch flowers?” Don’t fret, you are not alone!

Silk Flowers
Silk flowers are actually a polyester silk blend.  This blend helps them to hold their form and fray less than 100% silk flowers.


Silk flowers are a wonderful alternative to fresh for many reasons.  They are hypoallergenic, a great option for couples with flower allergies.  They will not wilt in the summer sun.  They last longer than fresh flowers.  Brides will have a lasting keepsake from their wedding with a silk flower bouquet. They are also available year round.  Dreaming of peonies in your wedding centerpieces?  You can order them throughout the year, no matter the season.  Flowers are always in bloom at Afloral!

Pictured below: The very popular Mini Silk Ranunculus Bush!


Real Touch Flowers

Real Touch flowers
are made from a foam/latex blend, and are made to look and feel more realistic than traditional silk flowers.  These are the highest quality artificial wedding flowers.

The most common real touch flower is a silk flower with a polymer coating to give it it’s lifelike look and feel.


This beautiful Real Touch Calla Lily Wedding Bouquet, pictured below, is a type of artificial flower known as Floramatique® Natural Touch Wedding Flowers. Floramatique® uses polyurethane in place of fabric to give it an incredibly realistic look and feel. Floramatique® flowers will maintain their color, texture, and beauty forever.


Plastic Flowers
Our plastic products are more durable, easier to clean, and are much more prone to holding their shape.

Pictured below is a gorgeous, plastic succulent that will help add some spunk and color to your arrangement, or simply look beautiful on its own:

Foam Flowers

Our foam florals are a thiner, softer feeling material, but are still just as beautifully realistic looking!

Pictured below is an adorable foam Rose Kissing Ball that will add a soft and romantic touch to your event.  Hang these at your venue and no one will know they are faux.  Because these foam flowers are so durable they make a great alternative to the traditional flower girl basket.

UV Protected/Water Resistant Flowers

Our UV protected products will arrive at your door with a UV resistant coating.  This will keep the colors vibrant longer than uncoated silk flowers.  This is especially beneficial for outdoor faux florals and cemetery arrangements.  The UV protection can last through one year of continual exposure to sunlight or 2-3 seasons if you are alternating your florals seasonally throughout the year.

Many of our outdoor artificial flowers are also water resistant.  These are coated to keep the colors from bleeding when in direct contact with water.  All of our flowers that are UV protected or water resistant are indicated in the descriptions.


Above is our UV protected Boston Fern, this gorgeous fern bush is perfect for your window boxes and patio planters that you can enjoy all year!

How To Care For Artificial Flowers

Also, I’m sure you may have been curious as to how you might go about preserving the fresh and realistic look to your artificial flowers. Do you feel like I am reading your mind yet?

The most effective ways to keep your artificial flowers looking like new, is to:

  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Dust them off
  • Fluff them and keep them upright in a vase
  • Wipe them off with a slightly damp towel or baby wipes
  • Use our silk flower cleaner (pictured below)

Silk Floral Cleaner

One last thing before you go! If your new faux flowers were delivered misshaped or wrinkled, here are a few tips to get them back to their former shape.  We suggest that you sit them upright in a vase for a few days to regain their original shape. If this does not work, we recommend that you use a little heat or steam. Using a blow dryer on low heat or a steamer, you may assist the florals in regaining their original shape.  If you are not satisfied with their progress please contact us.


For more FAQ about our artificial flowers visit Afloral.com!



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