Wedding Flowers: Small, White & Hand-tied Bouquets

Just a few days into the month of June and the summer wedding season is taking off.   June brides are showing off some of this year’s best wedding trends.  So what are some favorites we should be paying attention to in 2012?

“Tis the Season for Weddings” blogs KMALand, radio blog from Omaha.  June is one of the most popular months to get married.  It is also a fabulous time to showcase the year’s popular wedding trends.  KMAland interviews Adelaide Polk-Bauman  a wedding industry expert for her take on what to look  for this season.

“Brides are pushing the envelope,” she says. “They are getting married in modern art museum or refurbished barns that kind of capture that vintage, old world feel but with a contemporary look.”  Polk-Bauman says the traditional hand-tied wedding bouquet is back.   “A lot of brides we are seeing are choosing white flowers, again the traditional but smaller bouquets“.

White wedding flowers are a classic accent to any wedding theme.  White roses are a traditional wedding flower choice symbolizing romance and beauty.  White rose wedding flowers never go out of style and are versatile to work with a classic romantic wedding or modern chic wedding theme.  White hydrangeas are a fresh take on wedding flowers for your late spring or summer wedding bouquet, an added bonus the full flower spray will save you even more as you’ll need less to fill in a bouquet.  White orchids have been a popular trend with wedding flowers over the past few years, silk wedding flowers will save you on the cost of real orchids while still giving you the exotic look.

Polk-Bauman notes white wedding flowers are a trend to take notice of this month, but also don’t overlook her point wedding flower bouquets are also smaller and hand-tied bouquets are back.  Satin ribbon is inexpensive and a great way to dress up wedding flowers in a bouquet for the bridal party.  Let the bridal bouquet stand out even more with bouquet accessories like buckles, jeweled pins and rhinestone accents.

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