Wedding Design Ideas: Create an Autumn Rose & Berry Kissing Ball

Summer is still in full swing, but Fall is just around the corner.  Busy brides are finishing up the last of their wedding details for their September, October or November weddings!  Sometimes decorating is the last step in the process.  We are going to help you with a quick and easy project that was submitted by one of our brides.  She was kind enough to send this photo as part of her wedding inspiration, so we decided to help her recreate it.

Autumn Rose & Berry Kissing Ball

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You’ll need the following :

  • Orange Open Rose (20-25)Stems FSR168-AM
  • Orange Lily (3-5) Stems GTL386-OR
  • Red Berry Spray (4-6) Stems FSB456-RE
  • …and a few floral supplies & tools

  • 3 or 4″ Styrofoam Ball DAR-01006 or 01007
  • Chocolate Satin Ribbon GYR-142-9-33-BROWN
  • Greening Pins DAR-35740
  • Glue Gun FPC-H-270
  • Glue Sticks FPC-DT-20
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    Silk Florals & Supplies for Kissing Ball
  • Cut Silk Rose, Lily & Berry Stems to 1 1/2″ for 4″ Ball & 1″ for 3″ Styrofoam Ball.
  • Cut a 16″ strip of Satin Ribbon for top loop. You can adjust this measurement to meet your desired length to hang ball.
  • Cut 4″ strips (5-7) of ribbon for accents.
  • Find the middle of the top of the styrofoam ball  & mark the center. This is where your ribbon handle will be placed.
  • Take 16″ strip of ribbon fold in half  & cut a small slit in the center of loop.  Glue ribbon on either side of the slit to top center of ball.  Pin with greening pins for extra security. This will create a ribbon that can be tied.  If you want the loop at the top to hang, glue & pin the two ends.
  • Take your first rose, glue the bottom of the stem with a small bead of hot glue, & stick rose through center of slit in ribbon at the top of the ball. This will give the ribbon handle extra security.
  • Continue to insert roses leaving space for the lilies, berries & ribbon. There is no science to this process.  It is strictly your artistic floral vision.
  • Take Lilies & insert them using the same process as the roses. Continue with the berries.
  • To complete the look, fold 4′”strips of ribbon in half to make small loops,  hot glue ends, secure with greening pins & insert into styrofoam ball.
  • ** As with any project, be careful if using hot glue.  I always have a bowl/glass of ice water on hand for a quick dip if you get hot glue on your fingers!