Three Ways To Wrap A Bouquet

Learn how to wrap a bouquet in three ways- the Formal Wrap, Romantic Bow, and Layered Wrap.  After this simple wedding tutorial you will be able to finish your handmade bouquet like a pro! This How To is perfect for any bride-to-be looking to make her own wedding bouquets.


We’ll begin with the Formal Wrap. Don’t let the word “Formal” scare you, this wrap is simple and classically beautiful.

Begin wrapping the bouquet stems at the base of the flowers.  Start by overlapping the ribbon around the stem once and then, pulling tightly, continue wrapping down the flower stems.  Cut the ribbon and fold under the cut end to “hem” the ribbon.  Using pearl headed pins, secure the ribbon to the stems by pushing the pins at an up angle.

You can recreate this bouquet for under $50 with the faux flowers below.  Pick your favorite ribbon, between 1 1/4 – 1 1/2″ thick, and finish it off with bouquet pins.

Peony-Silk-Flower-in-Pink-Cream-27-Tall-fsp524_main-1Real-Touch-Caroline-Rose-in-Two-Tone-Pink-27-Tall-gtr284_main-1Silk Wedding Ranunculus Spray in Pink-optSilk-English-Rose-Stem-in-Peach-Cream-28-Tall-fsr705_main-1Pink-Silk-Peony-BushEucalyptus in Green Burgundy

Maybe you are looking for something a little more whimsical.  Learn how to wrap your bouquet with a Romantic Bow.

Using a wider, silk ribbon, wrap around the stems several times. Make sure that the floral tape is completely covered with ribbon before you tie off the ribbon.  Finish with a knot and a loopy bow.  Cut the ends of the ribbon so that they are long enough to cascade from the bouquet.

You can make this bouquet for under $60 using the silk flowers and greenery below.

Pink-Silk-Peony-Bush Silk-English-Rose-Stem-in-Peach-Cream-28-Tall-fsr705_main-1Silk Wedding Ranunculus Spray in Pink-optArtificial-Eucalyptus-Leaf-and-Berry-Spray-in-Green-31-Tall-19953s-2_main-1Lambs Ear Leaf Spray in Green 005-OPTPreserved-Brunia-Bundle-65160901

The Layered Wrap is a playful combination of the first two.

Start by wrapping the bouquet like you would the Formal Wrap, using a wider ribbon like you did for the Romantic Bow.  You will need to secure the ribbon with a pin at the top and bottom of the stem.  If you prefer a seamless look you can use hot glue to secure the ribbon.

Starting from the back of the bouquet stems wrap a thinner ribbon, in a contrasting color around toward the front.  Twist the ribbon once and pull tight.  Pull the ribbon ends down toward the end of the stem and wrap them in the opposite direction around to the back of the bouquet again.  Tie in a knot to secure.

This bouquet features real touch flowers, preserved greenery and faux stems.  All from, you can make this bouquet for under $100.

Peony Bud in Fuchsia-optReal-Touch-Single-Peony-in-Pink_main-1Real-Touch-Caroline-Rose-in-Two-Tone-Pink-27-Tall-gtr284_main-1Peony-Silk-Flower-in-Pink-Cream-27-Tall-fsp524_main-1Eucalyptus in Green BurgundyBilly-Buttons-Spray-in-Sunflower-Yellow-18-Tall-Minimum-Quantity-of-3_main-1


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