The Lovely Gina Louisa Designs

Today we would like to feature the lovely Gina Louisa Designs located in the Logan Square area of Chicago, IL. The owner Ms. Gina Louisa Cappetta works as an administrative assistant at a university by day, and comes home to create fancy wedding arrangements by night. She’s been creating silk floral arrangements and coordinating events for about 8 years now.

Her design style has always centered around her love of all things vintage and goal of creating arrangements that look unbelievably realistic. To Gina, the most rewarding part of her job is having multiple people say, “I have been standing in front of your arrangements for the past 10 minutes and I am still in a state of disbelief that these flowers are silk.”

When asked to recall on of her most memorable design experiences, Gina said:

“That would have to be creating floral arrangements for my little sister’s wedding. She was married in Chicago, September of 2011, and the wedding had an authentic late 60’s theme. My sister wore my mother’s vintage wedding gown and my brother-in-law grew his hair out and sported a white suit, making him look just like John Lennon. I created boutonnieres by sewing a beautiful mustard yellow silk fabric into flowers that looked similar to ranunculus. I used orange, yellow, and rustic reds ranunculus’ to create the bouquets. I added feathers and berries to each arrangement and gave both the bride and groom matching gold peace sign charms in addition to their arrangements. Keeping with the hippy feel, the reception was held in a barn in Willowbook, IL. I created matching centerpieces for about 20 tables. Each table was assigned a particular rock star from the 60’s or early 70’s. The entire evening was a huge success and everyone was overly excited to be able to take home their flowers after the event and forever be left with a fantastic memory of the wedding. I was just incredibly happy that I was able to create arrangements for their big day and be a part of something that will forever be special to them.”

Gina’s favorite flowers to work with with are a combination of peonies, ranunculus’, cabbage roses, muscari and hydrangeas. She is a big fan of romantically vintage-looking arrangements. Gina said “I grew up clinging to wedding photos of my great grandmother from the 1920’s and continuously looking for reasons to replicate the gorgeous flowers in all of her photos. Cabbage roses seemed to be all the rage back then. Simply stunning!”.

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