Red Rose Centerpiece

We have seen these centerpieces on shows like The Bachelor, Good Morning America and Conan so we decided to break it down for you in a fun and easy DIY! Perfect wedding centerpiece and will look great in your home.AJkmH7uQv9ZcO5Jfe0Q3-5LxmCYezGI2EmuLdI9pUv8The First thing to do is gather your supplies.  For this centerpiece we wanted a large centerpiece with a fuller look so we used a Clear Cylinder Glass Vase at 6 inches wide x 6 inches tall, 2 Silk Rose Bouquets in Burgundy, Water-Resistant Leaf Ribbon, foral foam, wire cutters, scissors, and a large knife.  For a smaller arrangement you can use a smaller container, a single bouquet, or your favorite assortment of silk wedding flowersZKl2J4iZk5Ue1rOF6Fdb5_EO_1I5C0FekkMLIsJoc841)  Measure the length of leaf ribbon you will need by wrapping it around the outside of the vase.  Give yourself an extra inch of ribbon and cut it with your scissors. Lay it in the vase, allowing the ribbon to overlap.  You can add a piece of tape to secure in place.NzvqOC0t5vFIrWDOJFgrM8ScJWLf3l9iYLFW8dPwXQQ copy2)  Cut the floral foam to fit into the vase.  Lay the foam over the vase opening and create a mark in the foam with the knife.  Place the foam on the table and carefully cut the foam with the knife.  Place the foam into the vase. De2mtuDBbuKfjQ7Vm5hKUOx3zG6vqv2QFkmEN4uotgANzvqOC0t5vFIrWDOJFgrM8ScJWLf3l9iYLFW8dPwXQQ copy copy3)  Cut the wire holding the silk flower bouquet together.  Depending on the height of your vase you may need to cut the silk flower stems with your wire cutters so they are not to long. HU38PRWyEb2xCQYarCM4aYBi4vYWHOf4gaI_pZB2H3QSwRdUVfnCLppeYSx8NlxEtnr1hfgxeqiQqjXZrJNj0w4)  Begin by sticking the first rose stem in the center of the floral foam.  Continue adding stems in a circular pattern to remain even.  Because the bouquet we used had many different sizes of roses we started with the larger roses and then added the rose buds to the arrangement to create a fuller look. NzvqOC0t5222vFIrWDOJFgrM8ScJWLf3l9iYLFW8dPwXQQ copy copyThat is it!  So simple and so beautiful!  This DIY will create a full centepiece for your wedding reception tables or a great addition to your home decor.  The perfect centerpiece for your holiday tables and will look great year after year. Fje5y0LwCQ9kCDhW0NNNFV77OgBc_lMndinPM0QFL9049fZX5lvzhHTj22-h5xqNWEMplS8lnQjIEz8wLLF2_zqU copyFor more tips follow our helpful DIY video. Create your own wedding centerpieces with wedding decorations and silk wedding flowers

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