Real Brides Can DIY Wedding Flowers

DIY colorful, whimsical wedding flowers

The wedding world is DIY crazy.  We’ve blogged a lot about this current trend and boast’s DIY bride resources, like this blog, the you tube channel and wedding design ideas on the website.  There are such a plenitude of resources and guides out there for DIY wedding planning, but when it comes to doing your own wedding flowers you wonder, is it really that easy?

With the creative staff behind magazines, websites and blogs the question arises can any novice bride pull these DIY projects off?  Whether it’s from a friend, a friend of a friend or on a platform like blogs and websites featuring customer’s creations it is nice to hear a great testimony from an everyday bride who planned their own DIY wedding flowers.

I stumbled upon the blog author Meghann shares with us her journey in choosing to do DIY wedding flowers.  She watched her engaged sister find the right resources, get the right advice from a family member and have the right plan in pulling off her DIY wedding flowers.

After watching her own sister plan her DIY wedding flowers, Meghann realized how, “Easy, inexpensive and fun the whole experience was.  My sister and aunt worked together for months on selecting flowers, exchanging arrangement ideas.  The Thursday before the wedding, my sister picked up the flowers, and a gang of us headed to my aunt’s to help with arrangements.”

Seeing how her sister’s DIY flower planning went Meghann concluded, “My budget is just as tight, and the way that our friend raved about it, she convinced me to go that route too.  Watching the process unfold, I began to grow more and more excited about my own flowers.”

Meghann’s blog post is the perfect account of the everyday bride learning how to plan their DIY wedding flowers.  She gave us the right information and tips to look out for.
DIY wedding flowers can save you a bundle in wedding budget costs and can look just as gorgeous with the right planning and resources.  Meghann and her sister used a wholesaler to purchase real flowers, consider ordering silk wedding flowers in bulk from sites like to save you more money and allot you more time to create wedding flower arrangements.  She used Pinterest in planning what wedding flower look she was going for by pinning inspiration photos and types/colors of wedding flowers.  Find a friend or family member with a little flower know how to help with your arrangements or do some more research online to identify flower types and seasons and DIY instructions and tutorials.

DIY white/yellow & retro wedding flowers



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