Quick, Easy DIY Bright Rustic Wedding Bouquet

Can I let you in on a little secret?  Do you know you don’t have to be an avid crafter or have any crafting experience to DIY, Do-It-Yourself, when it comes to your wedding flowers and wedding decorations?

Earlier this week Kristen gave us some great tips and inspiration photos to create Three Simple Bouquets for the DIY Bride using one or two products. Today I have some more tips on how to make a DIY wedding flower bouquet.  This DIY Bright Rustic Bouquet would be perfect for anyone looking for a simple project, a quick arrangement and flowers on a budget.

Here is how we keep it simple, quick and under a budget:

DIY Bright Rustic Bouquet
DIY Bright Rustic Bouquet; pre-made ranunculus bouquet, 4-5 yellow ranunculus, 8-10 rose buds, 4-5 fuchsia roses, click the photo for a link to purchase all these items listed

This DIY Bright Rustic Wedding Bouquet inspiration comes to us from stylemepretty.com.  We are going to create our own DIY version of this bouquet using afloral.com silk wedding flowers and accessories.

Simple.  This bouquet isn’t too complicated it is primarily composed of ranunculus stems with a few roses and rose buds tucked into the arrangement.  This is a simple, easy and quick DIY project because we are going to use a pre-made silk flower bouquet as the foundation of the project.

The pre-made silk ranunculus bouquet captures the bright hues found in our inspiration photo with the same type of flowers.  Note: the pre-made bouquet pictured does include some purple florals and green buds, you may leave them in for an extra pop of color or omit them to get the same look as the inspiration bouquet.


To start the pre-made bouquet is the foundation to add more floral stems too and build a fuller bouquet.

  1.  Disassemble the pre-made bouquet by removing the wire securing the stems.  Still holding the bouquet together with your hands, slip out the purple and green buds and remove the greenery.
  2. Trim the ranunculus, fuchsia roses and rose bud stems into single blooms and remove greenery.
  3. Next using the inspiration photo as reference slip singular stems into the bouquet. Note: add yellow ranunculus along the outside of the arrangement, the rose buds are tucked in along the outside and travel up through the bouquet and the fuchsia roses slip into place filling out the rest of the bouquet.
  4. Select a few stems of greenery to sit low underneath the base of the bouquet.  Then trim all of the stems to an equal length.
  5. Secure the bouquet with wire or floral tape.
  6. Finish the bouquet with burlap ribbon as a bouquet wrap.

Using silk flowers keeps this DIY wedding bouquet affordable, using a pre-made bouquet keeps it quick and easy.

Tip: go for an even easier DIY project with your bridesmaids’ bouquets.  Purchase the same pre-made bouquet we used as the foundation in this project and just wrap the stems in burlap ribbon for a smaller version perfect for bridesmaids!