Ordinary Finds Turned Fabulous: Rustic Country Wedding Centerpieces

Mason Jars, metal watering cans, vintage tin buckets, garden pottery & rustic milk cans…repurposed and ready for your Country Chic Wedding! These simple & inexpensive containers can be turned into fabulous fall wedding centerpieces!

Doesn’t everyone have mason canning  jars in your basement or maybe Grandmas has some extras you can borrow?  We have paired them with our lovely premade bouquets and hand-tied both with natural raffia or would you prefer the simplicity in the bright sunny yellow Billy Buttons with colorful preserved moss?  Each one took minutes and the colors of the premade bouquets, moss, & raffia can be interchanged to fit your own wedding color palette.

Rusty metal gardening containers can be found in your garden shed or center.  Their rusty look has just the right patina to accent the bluish purple tones of silk or natural lavender.  Gather a cluster of your favorite silk flowers &  join them with lavender & you have made a simple vintage looking centerpiece in seconds.  This is also a perfect look for a Victorian themed wedding.

Last but not least, vintage buckets and milk cans, which can be found in any thrift or antique store, will be right back where they belong, in the barn!  These can be a little bit more pricey, but you can use just a few to accent the doorway for your grand entrance.  Gather premade bouquets, loose clusters of silk flowers, preserved or silk autumn leaves or even any natural branches, can be arranged to create a dramatic large show piece!  Stay tuned for all of our upcoming blog features on planning your Country Wedding!