Laura’s Hometown Damask Themed Wedding

On April 28, 2012, Laura threw an elegant damask themed hometown wedding. She was thrilled with the quality of our stems, and wanted to show all you DIY brides what she did with her wedding flowers. The ceremony was held in her hometown, Appleton, Minnesota. They tried to have a very personal ceremony, so they were married in the church Laura grew up in. They have an  eight month old daughter, and Laura’s husband pulled her up the aisle in a wagon.

At the reception, the tables were covered in black tablecloths, hot pink overlays and damask runners. She had three different centerpieces and every centerpiece had a white kissing ball that sat on the top. She used pink LED lights in all the centerpieces, dimmed the lights and had hundreds of candles lit to create a romantic atmosphere. The ceiling was draped with organza, lights, and paper lanterns.

When we asked her why she chose Afloral flowers over fresh flowers, she said:
I wanted something that was affordable. I hated to spend a fortune on flowers when I could get something that looked just as nice for a fraction of the cost. I wanted to be able to keep my flowers forever as a keepsake. I knew we were going to be taking pictures indoors and outdoors and I didn’t want the worry having to keep in water and the fear of petals falling off or flower wilting.

So of course we got curious, and wanted to hear how her husband proposed.

Laura’s husband is a police officer and one Saturday morning his friend called and said he was stuck and needed help. So he left and half an hour later he called and said he was stuck too so he needed Laura to come pick him up. She was about ½ a mile out of town and a deputy sheriff pulled her over. She knew she wasn’t speeding, but the sheriff approached and said she had a broken taillight. She stepped out of the car to check out the taillight, and all she could hear was the song “Marry Me” blaring in the Sheriff’s SUV. Her husband got out of the SUV and proposed right there, on the side of the road.

Laura was happy to give us some more fun details about her big day:

Our party favor for our guests were heart shaped cookie cutters with a tag that read “Truly Cut Out for Each Other”.  We rented a party bus for our wedding party to ride in and that was probably the most fun part of the day. It was so fun just letting loose with the people we were closest with and knowing the hard part was over and the fun was going to begin. The whole wedding party had a grand entrance to “Party Rock Anthem”. We then served our meal, had a slideshow, and the dancing began!

I want to thank Afloral for helping me truly have my fairy tale wedding. The flowers looked absolutely stunning…your company has outstanding customer service.  I will definitely highly recommend your company to friends and family!

Congratulations Laura and Cody, thank you so much for letting us feature your beautiful wedding. <3



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