How To Write A Wedding Invitation

How To Write A Wedding Invitation
Blog-TitleContributed blog post by a guest blogger Mary Walton.

Your wedding invitations don’t have to fit the traditional style in this day and age, meaning you can make your invites as unique as you are. When you have so much choice though, how do you write invitations that will truly express yourselves as a couple? Here’s the best tips to write invites that are true to you.

Be creative, but not too creative.

However your invitations will be designed and delivered, they still need to convey some basic information. Who are you? Where are you getting married? When should you all be expected to show up? If this information is buried under your quirky design, then the invitation isn’t working as intended. Make sure all the relevant details are included.

Don’t feel bound to traditional structures.
The traditional wedding invitation is usually issued from the bride’s parents. If this fits you, then it’s more than fine to include it. As family structures change and evolve, though, this may not be appropriate for you. Feel free to jettison this part if it’s not working. After all, it’s the 21st century, you can request the pleasure of your guest’s company yourself!

Including a reception card

If your wedding is being held at the same location as your reception, then you don’t need to include a reception card. All you need to include is the phrase ‘reception to follow’. If you’re holding the reception at another location, then feel free to include a separate card.


Many couples choose to include an RSVP card, envelope, and stamp with their invites. This is optional, as it’s not seen as rude not to include them. If you’re looking at other ways of collecting RSVPs, try asking guests to send an email to a certain address, or even creating an event on Facebook.

Make sure you include important information.

There may be details that you want your guests to know. For example, there may be a special dress code, or there won’t be a full sit down meal after the event. If this is the case, make sure it’s clear in your invitation. If there’s no meal, state ‘and afterwards for cocktails’ instead of ‘for the wedding breakfast’. That way, everyone knows the plan ahead of time.

Check your spelling and grammar.
‘Your wedding invitation is something you want to look back on fondly’ says writer Peter Yale from Academized. ‘That’s why it’s so important that you check spelling and grammar. Without it, your invitation can become embarrassing rather quickly.’ Ensure that you proofread your invite several times before you have them printed.

Useful Tools
There’s lots of tools online you can use to help you create your invites. Here’s some that you can try out:

  • Canva Wedding Invitations: This tool can help you create professional looking invitations in minutes. There’s lots of free elements you can use if you’re looking to save cash on your invites.
  • Boom Essays: If you need an expert to proofread or edit your wedding invites, this is the service to go to.
  • Adobe Spark Wedding: These wedding templates can help you make beautiful invites without the hassle.
  • Assignment Writing Help: This expert writing service can write wedding invitations for you, whenever you need them.
  • Vistaprint: This service can print your invite designs for you, at a good price.
  • Essay Services: Can’t think of how to write your invites? These writers will come up with beautiful text for you.

Writing your own invites can add the personal touch to the beginning of your wedding planning. Use these tips and you’ll have invites you can treasure forever.


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