Inexpensive Glitz and Glam Wedding Table Decor

Inexpensive wedding decor items used the right way can create stunning reception table decorations.  Little touches like deccor accents and votive candles can play a huge roll in bringing a table’s centerpiece look together.

One of’s most popular photos on pinterest is the Glitz and Glamor Diamond Table Runner idea featuring the diamond reflection table runner, crushed clear acrylic glass ice and votive candles.  It is a simple design idea, hence it’s popularity, that can pull off a glam wedding look.  Just what any bride can dream of: affordable wedding decorations with style.

Glitz and Glamor Wedding Table Decor, diamond table runner, crushed acrylic glass and votive candles
Glitz and Glamor Wedding Table Decor, diamond table runner, crushed acrylic glass and votive candles

How to Create  Glitz & Glamor Table Decor:

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Dress up reception table linens with the diamond table runner on long or round tables.  Table runners measure 4.5″ wide by 5 yards long they can easily be trimmed to fit table measurements or let them hang slightly off the table. (Tip: use trimmed runner pieces to wrap vases or bouquets dressing up more inexpensive decor items)

Crushed acrylic glass can be added next.  Scatter along the length of the table runner, some pieces falling off the runner.  The beauty is in the randomness of this design.

Final step is to add the votive candles.  The candles in this look pull everything together once lit the flames hitting against the faux diamond runner and acrylic glass create a glamorous play of light.  Pair with lush faux flowers in your favorite hue and simple vases for a centerpiece arrangement.

Smart brides have to be crafty and crafty brides have to be smart to get the most out of their DIY wedding decorations.  This easy DIY Glitz and Glamor Wedding Table Decor idea is the perfect example.  Three inexpensive decor items styled the right way for a fabulous and glamorous wedding look.

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