How To Make Star Wars Boutonnieres

Are you planning a Star Wars Theme Wedding? Yes? Fantastic!  You can’t help but get into the craze, and why should you, so jump in and make your own wedding boutonnieres!


Do or do not, there is no try.  These bouts are so simple you won’t have any problem making your own, even if you are just a DIY Padawan.

Here we go!

Gather your supplies:starwarsmaterials
You can choose any of our silk flowers and greenery to create your wedding boutonnieres to go with your colors and theme. Afloral has a wide variety of stems.

For our Chewy bout we choose the following:
Star Wars PEZ Dispensers
Silk Anemone
Dusty Miller
Wire Cutters
Floral Tape 

Follow these steps:
starwars2 copy
1. Cut the stem off of your main flower.  Leave about 3″ of stem.  Do not discard the remaining wire stem.  You will need it later.
2. Clip a spray of Dusty Miller from the bush.  If there are too many leaves you can simply pull them off until you like the look.
3. Attach the Dusty Miller to the Anemone by wrapping the stems in floral tape.  Floral tape needs to be pulled a little to get it to stick to itself.  This does not need to be perfect because you will be wrapping the stems again for the finished look.

starwars4 copy
4. Using the leftover wire stem from the Anemone, create a 1″ hook at the end by simply bending it.  Hold it up to the boutonniere and cut any remaining stem using wire cutters.
5. Remove the head off of the PEZ dispenser.  (Bonus- You now get to eat all the PEZ!)
6. Make sure the hook will fit snuggly inside Chewy’s head.  If it feels a little loose you can use hot glue to attach it securely, but wait to do that until the very end.  Remove Chewy’s head (NO! But seriously, you won’t need it for the next step) and set it aside.

starwars7 copy
7. Attach the hook to the boutonniere using stem wrap.  This time you will want to thoroughly wrap the stems so you cannot see any wire.  Take your time.  The best part about faux flowers and stem wrap… if you don’t like how it looks you can always start over.
8.  When you are happy with the final wrap you can put Chewbacca’s head back on the hook, secure with hot glue if necessary.

Aaaaarhg Ahhhhrrrr! That Wookie looks great and is ready to walk down the aisle!


Get creative and remember to always #Afloral with any of your Afloral DIY designs.

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