Give Your Wedding A Tech Upgrade

InHouse-Header-Mobile-Apps-Afloral-ProductsContributed blog post by a guest blogger Shannon Lochwood.

So the time has finally come. You’re finally going to plan your dream wedding to the love of your life. Congratulations! I hope you’re prepared for all the decisions coming your way. After all, making your dream wedding a reality doesn’t happen overnight. Everything from the strings of fairy lights to the napkin rings, will be up to you. And if that sounds daunting… well, you’re right.

Thankfully, times have changed since your mother and grandma planned their special days. We now have the internet to help us navigate all the ins and outs of wedding planning. If you embrace the digital world and modern technology, you just might find that wedding planning is easier – and more fun – than you would have imagined. 

Wedding Planning Apps

You likely have a wedding-related Pinterest board squirreled away in some corner of the internet. Don’t be embarrassed; around 70% of brides actually create these boards before they even get engaged! This app is a great place to draw inspiration for your wedding, and you just might stumble on a venue, dress, or invitation style that suits you perfectly.

Wedding apps like Pinterest, (a website to help you manage the dreaded seating chart), and Wedding Dress Studio (which lets you “try on” dresses online) can ease the stress of planning your wedding and make some of your decisions easier. Who wouldn’t want that?

A.V. Innovations

Once the big day comes along, you’ll want to treasure the memory for life. And thanks to the amazing advancements in technology, you can – in more ways than ever before. Talk to your wedding videographer to see what services he or she can provide, or even supplement your video package with a few extra special shots.

Got out-of-town relatives who can’t make the wedding? Now, you can livestream your ceremony and include them from miles away! Slip a GoPro camera into the bride’s bouquet for a unique perspective as she parties the night away. And when it comes to photos, the #WeddingHashtag makes it easier than ever to capture not just your own memories, but the fun had by each of your guests, too!

With all this remarkable wedding tech, you can be certain that you’ll have plenty of footage for the grandkids to see. For more inspiration, check out this infographic from Brilliance!