Easy DIY Fall Wedding Projects

Staying within your wedding budget is tough, often brides are left with trying to cut corners.  Do It Yourself wedding projects combined with silk and dried florals are a huge budget saver.  Wedding florals can consume a large portion of your wedding budget.  Silks or dried florals offer a cheap wedding alternative that doesn’t skimp on the look.  Cash in even more on savings when pairing either one up with an easy DIY project.

Now, some brides might shy away from taking on DIY projects because they aren’t crafty. So you’re not a DIY wizard or Martha Stewart, even if craftiness doesn’t run through your veins you can still utilize great DIY savings with the right resources and project how tos.  Today we’re going to feature two easy DIY floral options any level DIYer can accomplish using pre-made bouquets and dried florals.

Pre-made silk bouquet, raffia in mason jar

Pre-made Silk Bouquets

Afloral.com’s fall photo shoot featured several eye-catching pre-made silk bouquets.  Whether they are used for bridesmaids’ bouquets, larger bridal bouquets or centerpiece arrangements these pre-made bouquets will budget in at a fraction of the cost.
This vintage rose with silk bouquet creates a lovely country or rustic centerpiece placed in a rustic mason jar, tied loosely with natural raffia.  The soft, muted pink of the vintage rose is a classic floral for any fairy tale wedding, given a nice vibrant accent with the golden yellow; berry clusters and rose greenery tie the whole arrangement together.
DIY breakdown floral centerpiece: 3 products, pre-made silk bouquet, mason jar and natural raffia, all easily and quickly assembled under $15 each.  Simple, affordable and beautiful.


deep, rich tones, pre-made silk bouquet


Do you want a bit of drama in your wedding?  Now I’m not talking about one of your bridesmaids running off with a groomsman.  This is drama in style, with these stunning, deep violet/ burgundy silk bouquets.  The rich, warm tones are a dramatic take on  fall hues.

For a rustic bouquet pair the rich florals with loosely tied natural raffia.  For a more polished or chic look consider wrapping your stems in an accenting color of satin ribbon.  And for the finishing touches add a bouquet jewel.

Afloral.com offers several bedazzling options in their floral supply section, sure to catch anyone’s eye.
DIY breakdown floral bouquets: 3 products, pre-made silk bouquet, satin ribbon, bouquet jewel, all easily and quickly assembled under $20 each.  Another easy, gorgeous, inexpensive DIY wedding idea.



natural wheat bundle, raffia

Dried Floral

Dried Floral: wheat, dried lavender, leaves, branches and mosses are fabulous fall décor selections.  And you can’t get an easier DIY wedding project. Here are two uniquely fall dried floral projects, one will take you one step the other two to complete.  It doesn’t get easier to style than this.
Preserved wheat with blackberry tips are a quintessential fall decor item, combined into a large bundle tied off with loose, colorful raffia they will create an eye-catching fall wedding arrangement.

DIY breakdown wheat bundles, two steps.  Gather a large amount of wheat stalks.  Holding them together tie with raffia, ribbon or twine about 3/4 way up the stalk before the wheat head.  Tie them tight enough to hold them together, but loose enough to let them settle.  Tip: You want your base to be wider than the top so that the bundle can stand on its own.

fall lantern spray arrangement



Chinese or Japanese lanterns will give you a distinctive fall arrangement with rustic branches decorated in a  spray of ornamental color.  Group different lantern sprays for an easy DIY project that captures the warm, burnt tones of fall.
DIY project breakdown, one step.  Literally all you have to do for this project is place your lantern sprays in a select container.  Afloral.com choose a ceramic jug, also consider galvanized containers, wooden crates or old milk jugs for a country, rustic look.

Cut out some wedding floral costs, saving your budget while not having to cut corners on your wedding look.  Silk and dried floral options are great for any budget bride and as you can see any level DIYer bride.


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