Dollar Store DIY Wedding Project Ideas

Dollar store,

I scream, you scream…. We all scream for the Dollar Store!

Okay, I will try and tone down my enthusiasm but I do have to admit I get just as excited, if not more, than my kids to go to the Dollar Store.

Choices in seasonal, party, craft, household items and more at an inexpensive cost results in endless possibilities for party and wedding planning.  Some items are no- brainers to pick up at your local Dollar Store, like glass vases featured on our DIY Thursday post.  Others you have to get a little creative and think outside the box for DIY party or wedding projects.

For those more creative, crafty project ideas the Dollar Store has a helpful resource, a website: A site filled with DIY ideas for products you can pick up at most Dollar Store locations.  On a side note, a great tip to remember order items online in bulk to ship to stores and pick up at your convenience. is one of my favorite online stops for fun, creative project ideas.  But I have to warn you it’s addicting before you know it you’ve spent an hour searching the site.  My other current online fix, an online personal bulletin board.  If you haven’t heard of it take a look at’s pinterest profile, then request your own invite.

Now back to our dollar store discussion.  I’m going to go over a few DIY wedding project ideas using dollar store products.  First some of the basics, items you’d most likely pick up and then a couple fun ideas off their website.  Both will offer you great savings with easily accessible and inexpensive items.

glass vase project,

Get the Basics

Glass vases are the perfect example of items you should pick up at the Dollar Store.  Why spend $5-$10 a vase when you can get them for a fraction of the cost?  Most dollar stores offer a variety of styles, shapes and heights of vases.  They are the foundation to any great DIY centerpiece, featured in many DIY wedding project ideas.  See Thursday’s How To post for a complete run down of centerpiece ideas using glass Dollar Store vases.


DIY candy bar,


Items for a DIY dessert or candy bar can be picked up in your Dollar Store household aisle; plates, bowls, trays, jars and vases.  Don’t worry if they don’t all match take a high gloss spray paint in color or a metallic and you’ll have a custom set.  The example shown uses craft paper and ribbon to create a more uniformed look using plates, jars and bowls.



DIY cake stand,


Make your own cake stand display for wedding treats like assorted cakes, pies, cupcakes or cookies.  Remember our non-traditional cake post, any of those options would look great on a cake stand.  Here’s a  tutorial with step by step pics; make the to stand alone or tiered.



wine glass lamps,


Wineglasses have all sorts of uses outside of the holding beverage; here are two of my favorites.  Set the mood with custom mini table lamps.  Make your own lamp shade using velum craft paper, drop a tea light candle into the wineglass and viola.  Or take a literal flip, turning a glass upside down to showcase a trimmed floral bloom, with a votive candle set on the base.

Have Some Fun

Show off a little personal style or quirky fun with a few DIY wedding projects.  Guests will appreciate your craftiness.  This is where you get to think outside the box, think of some uncommon uses for your everyday common Dollar Store products.

cupcake liners shades,


Twinkle lights are an inexpensive wedding item that adds a touch of romance and DIY lighting.  Step up the look of your lights with an accessory that will cost you pennies.  Mini cupcake liners.  That’s right use this common baking item as mini light shades.  Pick one pattern or mix and match.


wine glass tags,


Make your own glass ID tags, use them as part of the theme décor at a bridal shower or as small favors at the reception.  To make get a template and cut the shape out of assorted colors of foam or felt, available in the craft aisle.  Add a little sparkle with adhesive rhinestones or beads.




faux chalkboard,


DIY Chalkboard projects are a popular new trend.  But don’t have the time or money to buy expensive chalk board paint?  Fake it.  Use black scrapbook paper or poster board to slide behind a frame.  This would be cute in a small frame as shown, larger frames to designate guest book sign ins or even as little tags on favors.



It’s easy to see way I’m so in love with the Dollar Store, inexpensive party items, creative DIY projects which results in affordable, stylish wedding décor.  Get planning your perfect wedding day today, using the right resources for products and project ideas like and  With the right DIY projects, inexpensive materials and a little personal style you’ll have a fabulous wedding look.