DIY White Wedding Chair Backs

white wedding chair backs

Wedding chair backs are a fabulous wedding decor accessory.

Our two DIY chair back idea posts from the fall wedding season showcased how you can change a drab venue chair into a stunning wedding accessory adding the perfect finishing touches to your special day.

I’m excited to share with you today two elegant chair back designs from’s winter wedding photo shoot.  Chic, modern orchid chair back and the classic, elegant white rose chair back; both would be a stunning decor choice for your winter, white or elegant wedding theme.

white orchid chair back

Chic White Orchid Chair Back

  1. Using a 40 yard bolt of white tulle, measure length of 1 yard and cut. Leave the tulle doubled.
  2. Take the tulle and wrap it around the back of the chair having the ends meet in the center back.  Tie a loose knot.
  3. Slip the white orchid stem through the knot, hiding the stem without flowers behind the tulle.
  4. The orchid stem is wired so bend it arching down ward, it will hold the shape.
  5. You can secure the tulle and flower with another knot and Viola you’re done.

There is nothing like the beauty and refinement of a white orchid wedding theme. Orchids are a popular wedding floral choice of recent years, lending their grace and stature for a truly stunning special day.  Orchid chair backs are a fabulous wedding accessory to round out your orchid theme and dress up venue chairs.

This white orchid chair back is simple, yet chic and elegant.  An easy DIY wedding project that showcases the beauty and grace of the long orchid stems with an array of lush orchid blooms.

white rose chair back

Elegant White Rose Chair Back

For the white rose chair back follow steps 1 & 2 above.

  1. Before you slide the white rose silk flower into the tied tulle you need to create a little poof.  Take the pieces of tulle a few inches from the knot in the center back of the chair and bring them up to the center tied point.
  2. That will create a little poof in the tulle.  Add your silk rose bloom (pre-trim the stem to 3″) and secure the tulle and flower in place with floral wire. There you have it!

This white rose chair back gives you a preview of the beauty from an elegant, white wedding theme.  Stop back Saturday for a complete run down on how to get an affordable elegant wedding look for an inexpensive wedding cost.

Wedding details like this simple, stylish chair back are easy DIY wedding projects and inexpensive accessories to dress your wedding day.  The white rose chair back is simple using two products, tulle and silk sophia rose, but effective in relaying a sense of timeless beauty and grace.

Why You Love This Project

Both chair backs use 1 yard of white tulle and one floral stem.  They are easy to assemble and more than affordable pricing out at under $4 for the chic orchid chair back and under $6 for the elegant white rose chair back.  Pair them with a simple DIY wedding centerpiece and your reception table decor will be taken care of.  Avoid the hassle of renting chair backs  and the cost of buying pre-made ones with Do It Yourself Wedding Projects!