DIY Wedding Project Ideas

A DIY bride is smart, stylish and resourceful.  Growing in popularity, Do It Yourself wedding projects allow you to cash in on savings while adding a few unique, personal touches to your special day. shares “style savvy brides and grooms often take on DIY projects to add personality to their day without totally breaking the bank”.  There are endless resources and project guides out there for inspiration and ideas to fit your needs.

Thursday’s Easy Fall DIY Project post shows you even the not so crafty brides or grooms can get in on DIY savings.  DIY projects can run a wide spectrum of skill levels from the experienced crafter/ artist to the naive newbie.  You need to find the right fit for you.

The key to selecting the right DIY wedding projects are finding ones that fit your skill level and time availability.  Planning and orchestrating a wedding is like taking on a full time job.  DIY projects are meant to help, by saving you on money and time, not consume you, by taking over too much of your time and resources.

I’ve selected several fun DIY wedding projects that range from crafty to easy, to share with you today from a few popular wedding categories; invitations, floral, favors and cake toppers.

watercolor wedding invitations/ invitation kits


Wedding invitations are important because they will set the tone for your wedding day.  They are the first glimpse of your special day potential guest will see.  I came across this tutorial on for a modern, organic hand painted watercolor and stamped invitation.  For someone who is comfortable playing around with the medium these invites would surely be one of a kind, a perfect introduction to your wedding day.

However if you’ve never picked up a paintbrush or have a lot of invites to send out this project might be quite an undertaking.  Consider a more time effective alternative like wedding invitation kits.  Sites like offer a variety of styles and options.  You purchase the invitation stationary, down load a template, type, load your paper and print.  Simple and easy as that.


pre-made bouquet


Wedding floral arrangements can eat up a huge part of your budget; making them a great DIY project category to tackle.  This is a prime example to illustrate the importance of finding the right resources and project guides for DIY projects.  Sites like publish weekly DIY project ideas with step by step instructions on right where you are now their blog and instructional videos on their youtube channel.  There are affordable projects with silk flowers for every level DIYer.



dahlia river rock arrangement


They can range from making your own arrangement like the country, chic dahlia river rock centerpiece to the easy to assemble pre-made bouquet centerpieces from Thursday.  If you’re still stuck or just not sure where to even start in planning wedding floral email to create a personal wedding inspiration board.


favors bread, jam/ smores


Wedding favors are a small but thoughtful way to thank your wedding guests.  While you’d like to show your them your appreciation wedding favors can start to get a bit pricey once you calculate your totals.  Homemade/ DIY favors can offer an alternative and affordable gift that comes from the heart. would agree,”store bought trinkets just can’t beat the sentiment of a homemade gift”.

Homemade breads or jams are popular favor choice, they can be prepared in large batches ahead of time and frozen.  Freezer jam requires your choice of fresh fruit, sugar and pectin; follow the directions and measurements on the pectin box.  Once set your jam will be good in the freezer for several months.

Another avenue to take with favors is semi-homemade gifts.  Take store bough treats and add some personal touches with packaging; like in this smores favor from

painted cake toppers, gease goose

Cake Toppers

To wrap up this DIY wedding project run down here’s something fun and playful that keeps popping up on all the wedding blogs.  DIY painted wooden cake toppers, kits or custom orders available on etsy from the goose grease.  $16 kits are a bargain when you see custom orders for painted toppers range from $100- $160.


pez cake topper


Looking for something just as fun without the artistic touch, I feel in love with Mindy’s find the Pez Bride and Groom from

Add a touch of style and savings to your wedding day with any of these DIY wedding projects.  Remember to be smart and resourceful to find the right project that fits you’re needs.



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