DIY Wedding Pennant Banners

Banners are becoming a very popular wedding trend for any themed wedding. I found this great DIY How-to from the girls at & thought you would love to see it.

For our wedding, we made 400ft of pennant flags as part of our decorations in the backyard we had our wedding in. This is an easy project to do, even for beginning sewers. The time it takes to make them all depends on how long you want to make your pennant flag banner.

What You Will Need:

Your chosen fabrics
Pinking Shears
Fabric Chalk/Pencil
Sewing Machine

I used clothes line string from the hardware store. There were 2 kinds:   Cotton string and Synthetic string. I recommend the synthetic string because it was much lower in price, and it is much easier to sew the pennant flag onto the string with the sewing machine.


1) Cut your Fabric – These are the dimensions I cut all my flags, but how wide and long your flags are completely up to you. I have seen a lot of very fun flags that were all in different sizes. Experiment and have fun! The extra rectangular piece of fabric above the triangular flag  is the part you will need to sew on string.

2) Attaching the flag on the string – Place the string over the rectangular portion of the flag, and roll the fabric over the string.

3) Pin the Flag Down

5) Sew the Flag – You may want to test if your sewing machine will sew over the fabric and string you choose.

6) You are done with your first Flag! – I space mine 12′ inches apart and repeat till you have your desired length.

Not Feeling Crafty…….Check out these fabulous Etsy Designers! 

Etsy Designers: Top Left: atcompanyb, Top Right: craftearth, & Bottom: atcompanyb


  1. My daughter wants my wife (her mom) to make these for her wedding. my wife’s concern is…that when you hang them…the pattern is only on one side….. and she wants to sew a pattern on each side….sounds like a lot of unnecessary work to me….but….Oh….then she wants to take these banners after the wedding and make a quilt for our daughter out of them…….personally I would think to flip flop the patterns ….juss sayin……

    1. Thank you so much for reaching out to us, we love to help DIY-ers make the design they have been dreaming of! Unfortunately, did not make this particular DIY, it is from ( They provided a wonderful image of both the front and back of a pennant, but they did so with a solid color fabric. Your wife will need to be very careful when shopping for the fabric. Make sure she looks at both sides of any prints she chooses. Not all patterns carry to the back of the fabric, and can look very dull from behind. The quilt is a wonderful idea! Please #afloral with any photos of the final project, we would love to see how it turns out.

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