DIY Wedding Hair Accessories

red rose bride


Hair accessories are a small wedding detail that can pull your whole bridal look together.

Brides can often spend just as long searching and contemplating their bridal hairstyle options as their bridal gown options.  Once you’ve spent the time to narrow down the perfect look for your special day don’t forget to accent your choice with just the right hair accessory.

Whether you plan own doing your on hair or have enlisted the help of a friend or skill of a beautician, a DIY wedding hair accessory will add a touch of pizazz to complement your look.  It’s an easy and affordable wedding project that lets you craft a little personal style into your ‘do.

We have 3 DIY wedding hair accessory looks featuring silk flowers, rhinestone and feather sprays, hair clips and combs.  Each look can be completed in 3 or less steps and price out under $10 each.  Affordable style that will add just the right touches for your bridal look.

DIY orchid wedding hairpiece

Elegant Orchid Spray

Do you remember back to our elegant and modern orchid wedding theme?  We featured the hot new submersible centerpiece using white dendrobium orchids, for a bride with a chic, modern style.  Or a more classic take with white orchid trumpet vase, exploding with 3 types of beautiful orchid stems.  Both decor items brilliantly showcases the exotic, yet timeless beauty of the tall, slender orchid stems.  But now what about the orchid theme bride’s look?’s DIY orchid wedding hairpiece has got to be one of the easiest wedding projects that look truly gorgeous in two simple steps.  All you’ll need is a dendrobium orchid silk wedding flower stem, $2.79 a piece, and floral wire cutters.  Trim the stem, which is wired and leave your desired amount of dendrobium blooms no buds.  Pictured are 3 blooms.

This is the ideal hair accessory for an updo.  You are going to twist the wired floral stem around your hair whether it is pulled into a ponytail or bun pictured in our example.  The stem will hold because it’s wired, tuck your end in around the stem just to make sure it’s secure.

Pair this will a white orchid arm bouquet and you’re all set to go!

DIY white rose wedding hair piece

Lush Rose

Classic and elegant’s white rose wedding theme is simple yet eye catching.  Just like this DIY white sophia rose wedding hairpiece.  One big, lush rose bloom attached to a hair clip for floral piece is a beautiful for a casual up do.

The weight of the flower bloom does require you to make sure it is secured to a hair clip. offers hair clip designed for floral accents.  Remove the silk floral rose bloom from the stem taking floral wire to run through the base of the bloom.  Then with the hair clip open wrap the wire tight around the clip securing the bloom in place.

Simple, yet elegant and beautiful.  The white rose wedding theme is the perfect look for the bride who is looking for a timeless look without a lot of fuss.  The right accents like rose petals and votive candles will pull the look together just like this lush white sophia rose hair accessory.

DIY rhinestone wedding hair comb

Sparkle and Glamor

So far we’ve used wired floral stems and a floral hair clip, now let’s take a look at how to make a DIY wedding hair accessory using a hair comb.  This glamorous. sparkling rhinestone hair accessory is a versatile accent to just about any wedding theme.  Whether you go with a classic red rose look, glamorous black and white theme it adds a little something extra.

The hair comb would work great for an up do as shown in our example, use a smaller comb to sweep hair off of your face or secure a small veil.  Purchase the hair comb at any dollar store or drug store.  This look features rhinestone and beaded jewel spray both under $3 each, trim each so you don’t have too much wire to work with.  Once trimmed wrap the pick/spray pieces in between the comb tines.  Arrange the wire pieces as you like, using a little adhesive if you’d like to secure them in place.

Check out a great twist on this look using feather spray.  A soft, whimiscal look for any winter wedding.

That’s a Wrap

That’s a wrap, clip or comb; 3 different DIY hair accessory options that can meet the needs of any stylish and budget bride.  Choose from an easy floral spray orchid wrap, a lush, rose tucked up with a clip or a woven spray of sparkling rhinestone comb.  Each DIY option is an inexpensive wedding accessory that will give you a fabulous look while also saving you some cash.  I say splurge on a great pair of shoes!