You Don’t Have to Be Martha Stewart to DIY

I’ll admit it. I loathe crafting. I have sausage fingers, and not one ounce of patience. To top it off, I’m a complete perfectionist. As you can probably assume, DIY was never a word that came out of my mouth. In fact , it’s listed in an imaginary book of  dirty words I’ll never say, along with laundry, made from scratch, and dustpan. {Oops, don’t judge me!} But let me tell you, when it comes to pinching pennies, I’m your girl.

You Can Do DIY Wedding Flowers
The Terrible Crafter’s Block Photo Source

With that said, you can imagine my internal conflict when I realized that DIY wedding flowers were an affordable alternative to their checkbook violating fresh counterpart. Are there any anti crafters out there who feel my pain? When faced with this startling news, I turned to

If anyone could show me how to properly make my own DIY wedding centerpieces, it would be them. Their Wedding Design Ideas are so simple, even a cavewoman – er I mean, anti crafter can do them. Not only do they give you gorgeous design ideas, but they lay out each tutorial with step by step instructions, lovely photos, and simple videos.

For example, check out one of my personal favorites, How to Make a Vintage Style Bouquet

DIY Wedding Flowers

Now if you’re like me, you’re looking at the above image, and scratching your head. But have no fear, it gets even easier! Click on the photo, and you will be taken to the actual Design Idea page, where every individual step is explained in detail.

On top of that, they give you the option to purchase all the necessary stems right on that page {stop ittttt, does it get any easier?}.

So if you’re a budget bride afraid of DIY wedding flowers, take my advice: is your saving grace. They will sell you affordable stems, and hold your hand during that big scary thing some of us call “crafting”.

Are you an anti crafter who managed to make gorgeous DIY wedding flowers? Share your stories below!