DIY Wedding Flower Girl

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I have a 3 year old niece that is inspired by anything frilly, pink, and girlie.

Last year she made the cutest flower girl in a wedding we hosted.  She was the belle of the ball in her black and white zebra print dress, bright pink sash with matching shoes, and the best accessory she wouldn’t let go of the whole evening – her basket for the flower petals.

For many little girls, being asked to be the flower girl in a friend’s or family member’s wedding is the role of a lifetime.  It is a great honor where they’ll get to play dress up and be center stage in a special fairytale day.

Let your special little flower girl shine in your wedding with the right accessories.  All achievable with – you guessed it! – a few great money-saving DIY wedding projects.  I’m going to give you some ideas for the basics: a flower girl dress and basket; then a couple of floral accessory options to finish out her look.

Welcome to today’s DIY flower girl post.


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Dressed in Her Best

Your flower girl’s attire can match your wedding theme and bridal dresses as close as you’d like it to. featured a great post not too long ago showcasing several retailers offering flower girl dresses with some great style to look through.  Your other option for dress attire would be to provide her parents with the basics, a certain style and/or color, and trust in their judgment.

Breaking away from a traditional formal dress for the flower girl, you can mix it up a bit with a DIY flower girl tutu.  A less formal option, she will still be absolutely adorable and most likely a bit more comfortable.

Make your own little girl tutu using elastic and your choice color tulle.  The whole project takes around ½ to 1 yard tulle depending on the size of the tutu and amount of tulle you’d like to use.


  1. Fold your piece of tulle at the width and begin cutting 1- 1 1/2 wide strips, leave folded.
  2. Bring the elastic around to make the waist secure with a safety pin.  Wrap around chair back if you like, making it easier to work with.
  3. Next all that is left to do is tie the individual tulle strips.  Bring the folded strip behind the elastic. Putting your fingers through the loop of the tulle pull the ends of the tulle strips through creating a knot along the elastic waist.  Continue with pieces of tulle until you’ve done the whole length of the waist band.
  4. Finish the project by sewing the elastic ends together.  Embellish with adhesive rhinestones or small bud silk flowers.
floral flower girl basket,

A Basket or Not?

Baskets are a flower girl’s best accessory and an ideal place to store those petals she’ll be scattering down the aisle.  Think outside of the basket when designing your flower girl’s basket, either in how you decorate it, or with a fun alternative.  Here are a couple DIY flower girl basket ideas:

Pick up cheap baskets at your local craft or dollar store (Easter is fast approaching…perfect timing!).  Dressed up your usual wicker basket by adorning the outside in trimmed silk flower blooms.  Whether it’s roses, dahlias or gerber daisies, pick a flower out of your wedding bouquet or purchase a silk flower spray that will give you multiple blooms. Trim them off the stems with some wire cutters, and use a hotglue gun or adhesive to attach them to the basket.  Baby’s breath or vines would be a beautiful accent to wind up the handle.

doily flower girl basket,


Another option is to forget the basket all together, like this adorable DIY “basket” made out of a lace doily and pearl strand.

  1. Lay the round doily over a bowl turned upside down and spray with starch spray..
  2. Wait until it’s dried and formed before looping a strand of little pearls through the corners as a handle.  This “basket” was featured on from shop brasspaperclip.

Don’t forget to order your silk flower petal when you purchase your bridal bouquets.  Able in a variety of colors and bulk to save you money!

flower girls with crowns,


Accessories will definitely provide the finishing touches to your flower girl’s look , while also making her feel a little extra special.

Create a custom hairpiece for your flower girl using small silk flower blooms from a spray, assorted thin ribbon and a headband.


  1. Using an ordinary child’s head band, wrap it in ribbon and use a little double-sided tape to hold everything in place. Leave loose strands of ribbon hanging from both ends.
  2. Next, hot glue silk flower blooms (stems removed) around the top of the headband. Accent with greenery and/ or baby’s breath.
  3. You can either trim the ends of the ribbon to wear as a head band, or bring the loose strands together-tying them in the back to form a crown.  Tie a loose knot or bow and let the remaining ribbon fall loosely.
flower girl wand,

One last flower girl accessory that would also double as a fun dress-up accessory after the wedding is a DIY floral wand.  This accessory can be included with the flower girl basket, used if you have more than one flower girl, or just let her have both a basket and then a fun wand to play with later.  A girl can never have too many accessory options!  Go the easy route a pick up a princess or fairy wand at your local craft or dollar store then add a few touches to dress it up.  Add a silk floral bloom to the top of the wand with loose ribbon strands tied under the flower, tulle for the little poof.  Viola!  A cute accessory that will also provide hours of fun pretend play.


Get crafting!  These great DIY flower girl ideas will cost you little to nothing, but will mean the world to a very special little girl.


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