DIY Wedding Floral Planning

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An important category of wedding planning is your wedding floral category.

Having an organized list of the type and amount of flowers you’ll need throughout your wedding will not only help you be prepared but also help you stay within your budget.

By using a worksheet or making your own outline you can compile a complete list of wedding floral needs from centerpieces, bouquets to chair backs.  A side by side comparison of real flowers and silk wedding flower prices can show you what a big savings silk alternatives can do for your wedding budget.  With a complete list you can also compare the savings DIY wedding projects can give you within your wedding floral category

Silk wedding flowers are a fabulous, guaranteed money savings option.  They are always in season no matter you look or time of year.  Silks can be ordered in bulk and they offer something real flowers can’t, time.  You have all the time you wan using silk flowers in DIY projects, you can assemble arrangements weeks or months is advance of your wedding day.

Our DIY floral planning post is going to give you a basic rundown, or outline of what categories of flowers you’ll need.  There will be a few stops along the way to compare and discuss the savings silk flowers and DIY wedding projects can offer a particular section.

Silk Wedding Flower Outline

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Bridal Party

  • Bridal Bouquet
  • Bridesmaid Bouquets
  • Groom Boutonniere
  • Groomsmen Boutonnieres
  • Mother/ Grandmother Corsages
  • Father/ Grandfather Boutonnieres

Silk flowers will offer you huge savings in the bridal party section of wedding flowers.  The average real floral bridal bouquet will run around $100, silk bridal bouquets come in at a fraction of that cost around $25.  You don’t have to skimp on your look just because it offers big savings, DIY bouquet ideas will help you customize and design the ideal bridal bouquet.  Boutonnieres are another great illustration of silk flowers savings, featured in our DIY boutonniere post making your own groom’s accessory for around $2-$5 in comparison to paying $5-$15 for real flowers.

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  • Altar or central arrangements
  • Pew or chair backs
  • Misc. Flower Petals

Items like silk flower petals can be order in bulk in a variety of colors.  They are a beautiful accent to your wedding ceremony aisle.  Use them in the ceremony and carry the look over into your reception by using some silk flower petals to sprinkle on your reception or reception cake tables.


DIY wedding centerpiece,


  • Entry arrangements
  • Centerpieces at each table
  • Chair backs
  • Additional serving and/ or cake table arrangements

One of the biggest sections, the reception can easily rack up a lot of your budget.  Even if you go with small, fresh floral arrangements you’ll be looking at spending a good chunk of change just to decorate your reception tables.  Don’t settle for less just  put to good use the right materials, silk flowers and DIY wedding projects.  This is the perfect section to showcase the money saving power of a few good DIY projects.

Featured weekly on our blog, DIY wedding projects range from centerpieces, aisle decor to seasonal chair backs. tries to offer you stylish arrangements any bride can pull off and pull in under their budget.  The wedding design idea section on the main site will give you a run down of wedding themes and projects featured under each theme.  Check out the blog for step by step instructions in the how to section or see if done for yourself in a you tube video.

We spend so much time showing you these great DIY ideas that feature affordable silk flowers and inexpensive accessories and supplies, because they really do offer any bride fabulous savings.  You can be trendy, chic and cheap it is achievable.

Why Get Organized?

There’s an example of an easy wedding flower outline, bullet noted above.  Trim your wedding floral budget down from $1,000s to $100s without having to go without or compromise on your look.  Getting organized you can compare costs and see where you can rack in some savings, while also weighing the value of DIY projects on your final budget.


  1. I am forwarding this to my sister who is a leap year bride! My creative side wants to do it all for her but she will enjoy doing it herself more. Thanks for such a concise approach, DIY can get out of control so quickly!

    1. Great to hear Danielle! Make sure to tell your sister to check out’s wedding design ideas and how to posts for her wedding planning. Yes getting a list and outline together will really help keep you organized and keep wedding planning manageable. This Saturday’s post will give you even more DIY wedding planning ideas, check it out!

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