DIY Wedding Boutonnieres

white rose boutonniere


Behind a great man is a great woman.  Behind a stylish groom is a stylish bride.  Don’t forget to include your groom and his finishing touches for your wedding day.

Boutonnieres are the perfect way to add a little flare to the groom and groomsmen’s wedding attire.  Typically flowers for boutonnieres are chosen from the brides bouquet to keep with the wedding color palette and theme.  Take a cue from bouquet accessories to dress up and add style to boutonnieres; from ribbon, feathers, crystals to jeweled pins.

Boutonnieres are an ideal DIY and inexpensive wedding project.  Silk flower boutonnieres offer an affordable alternative that you could assemble ahead of time and not worry about wilting or damaging.


DIY boutonnieres require no floral arranging experience, they are easy to assemble and can offer big savings for your wedding budget. silk boutonnieres range from $2- $5 real floral boutonnieres will run you $5-$15.  Save even more by ordering your own silk floral supplies and making the groom’s and groommens’ boutonnieres.  Here’s how to assemble a basic DIY wedding boutonniere with a few ideas for stylish touches courtesy of’s winter wedding line.


  1. To start trim your floral stems with wire cutters to 3″, cutting off any leaves to save for greenery.
  2. Take your greenery and lay in down as the “bed”, then lay your accent of baby’s breath, feathers, crystals ect. on top, and then the flower.  Let the tips of the greenery stick out a bit so they will lay higher than the accent and flower once everything is assembled.
  3. Wrap the three together with floral tape or wire working up the whole 3″ stem to secure everything in place.
  4. Optional: add your finishing touches, wrap the stems with ribbon or tie a bow.  The last touch will be to add a boutonniere pin to secure the arrangement to the lapel of the groom’s jacket.

That is a basic run down on how to assemble a wedding boutonniere, take the idea and make it your own.  While a basic boutonniere might hold greenery and baby’s breath as an accent, consider a few alternatives to step up your style.

red rose boutonniere


Taking a cue from’s stunning red rose bridal bouquet, here’s a red rose boutonniere with a dramatic accent of black feathers.  Following the steps above wrap your red rose stem and black feathers with tape or wire and then slide them into a silver lapel pin vase, securing them with a dab of hot glue or super glue.  This is a chic complement to the show stopping bridal bouquet and let’s the groom show off a little style himself.



white rose with ribbon boutonniere


If you’d like to stay a bit more traditional consider chiffon or satin ribbon to wrap the stem of your boutonniere or tied as a bow.  This would be a beautiful complement to a bride’s bouquet wrapped in ribbon.




Small details, Style & Savings

The small details like your boutonnieres will make the finishing touches for your perfect wedding day.  DIY boutonnieres will add a touch of style and flare for your groom’s attire, while offering you an easy and inexpensive wedding project.


    1. Yes, DIY boutonnieres are a great inexpensive wedding project that require little time and no experience. Make sure and check out more DIY wedding projects under the how to section on the blog. There are great ideas from centerpieces to chair backs. Also has it’s own you tube channel for how to videos. Thanks for stopping by!

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