DIY Wedding Aisle Runners

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On your wedding day you will stand at one end of an aisle, preparing to make the most important walk of your life.  A walk to the end of that aisle into the arms of the man you love, the man you will spend the rest of your life with.

We want that walk to be special, memorable and look gorgeous; something for everyone to remember.  When planning your wedding décor don’t forget to think about your ceremony and wedding aisle look. The foundation of most ceremony aisles are aisle runners, they’ll set the stage as you take your important wedding walk.  Traditional aisle runners are found in white or ivory but let’s kick it up a notch and get you a fabulous, custom aisle runner without having to pay big bucks.

Today’s feature DIY wedding project post is how to make a custom wedding aisle runner.  Get the look of a stylish, high end aisle runner with a budget price thanks to a little crafting and planning.  We’ll take a look at a traditional route using a simple, fabric aisle runner and another fresh, alternative to mix up your wedding ceremony look.

All products used in both of our DIY wedding aisle runner, aisle runner, adhesive rhinestones, silk flower petals, are available at completed projects will run under $40 each. Ordering real rose petals or custom monogrammed aisle runners can run around $60-$100 or more!  These DIY wedding projects offer affordable wedding design options that will save you valuable budget money.


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Traditional Monogrammed Aisle Runner has fabric aisle runners in white or ivory from 50 feet to 100 feet in length.  Step up the look of these runners with a simple, easy DIY wedding project.  Using a stencil and adhesive rhinestones you can make a custom Monogrammed Aisle Runner that will sparkle and shine on your special day.  Guests will appreciate the special touches you’ve taken in customizing even your aisle runner.

Here’s how:

  • Measure the width (commonly 36″) of your purchased aisle runner and the desired height you’d like the monogram at.
  • Make a stencil. Two options, either purchase a large stencil at local craft store or make your own on the computer.  Print out the letters of your monogram and then arrange.
  • Either lay the stencil over the runner or underneath it.  Following the outline given start adhering the rhinestones.  To make sure they will stay in place you may use additional adhesive glue.

There is no limit to what you can do making your own stencil or pattern to follow.  Use a little creativity in styling your monogram, you can even use your wedding date.  Not interested in rhinestone this idea also works well with hand painted monograms, use craft or fabric paint.  Finally, carry this look throughout your wedding day on napkins, favors, even your centerpieces as seen on last week’s glass vase post—monogrammed glass centerpieces.

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Rose Petal Aisle

Not looking for a traditional aisle to walk down?  This next look might be for you.  Set the stage for a memorable walk down the aisle on a bed of silk rose petals as your path.  Silk rose petals come in a variety of colors from traditional red to bright greens and blues; they are a favorite to budget brides available to order in bulk.

Create a rose petal aisle for an outdoor wedding or add something special to your indoor wedding.  They are versatile and easy to use. offers a great conversion chart, towards the bottom of the linked page, to help you figure out the quantity of petal’s you’ll need to cover your aisle. offers bulk containers of 300 petals, to cover a 50′ to 100′ aisle with moderate to dense coverage you’ll need about 4-6 containers.  Get a fabulous silk rose petal aisle for around $36-$54, you can’t beat those savings!

To create your own silk rose petal aisle mark off the area you’ll need to cover with petals using masking or painters tape, which can later be removed.  Fill your area with one shade of petals or mix it up as seen in the example using 2-3 different colors.  If you’re feeling really creative make a pattern, swirled designs or a monogram like we talked about above.   Finish off the whole look with floral arrangements at the altar and on aisle chairs or pews accenting you’re color choices in the rose petals.  Large vases with floating candles or votives lit will also help to set the mood.

Get a custom wedding ceremony look for less.  Modern weddings are about smart planning and affordable options.  Today I hope we’ve brought you a little of both.  Stop back Saturday for more talk about how to plan your wedding ceremony, from the traditional staples to some fun accessory ideas.


    1. Daphne, I loved your custom wedding aisle runners found on your shop. Great color choices and unique monograms perfect for a fabulous ceremony statement piece!

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