DIY Vintage Paper Wedding Projects

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DIY paper crafts have been quite popular in recent years.   And who wouldn’t love a craft that is as cheap as a piece of paper to transform into a beautiful accessory or decoration?

Paper crafts aren’t limited to kid’s birthday parties, there are countless thoughtful and well crafted ideas for wedding favors, accessories and decorations.  These aren’t cut and paste kids crafts or on the other hand complicated origami creations;  there is a happy medium.  With the right ideas, inspiration and tutorials you can construct beautiful, artistic  and the best of all inexpensive DIY paper wedding projects.

Today we are going to narrow our DIY wedding paper projects to vintage paper crafts, perfect for a romantic or rustic theme wedding.  Pick up vintage books, dictionaries or sheet music at local thrift, second hand stores or at estate or garage sales.  With one or two books you’ll be able to create fabulous wedding favors and decor items for pennies a piece!

Vintage paper music cones, user upload Lisa May

Music Cones

Create these vintage music, paper cones by simply cuttings a square out of sheet music and rolling it into a cone shape.  To get a cone shape, turn the square so it sits like a diamond and then roll the edges across narrowing it at the bottom and securing it with a dab of glue or tape.  Leave it just as a cone or attach a piece of ribbon to hang.

The vintage music cone can be used at reception place settings as shown adorned with flowers or use it to hold a favor like chocolates.  Make larger cones out of whole sheets of paper to hold silk flower arrangement, hang them as chair back decorations at the ceremony or make one for the flower girl to carry down the aisle.



Vintage music paper flowers,

Paper Flowers

Paper flowers have been a recent trendy DIY craft, due in part because there is just so much you can do with them.  Styles  and methods to create paper flowers range from rolled, folded to layered.  They can be used for arrangements, decorations at reception place settings or escort cards and accents on cakes or favors.

The flowers shown are available on from seller smilemercantile, they are large stemmed flowers made of vintage 1880s sheet music.  If you’re looking for a similar look and up for the craft project had a great tutorial with step by step photos.  Create a layered paper flower with a scalloped paper punch, your choice of paper and a few other miscellaneous tools.

Vintage paper heart confetti, seller ddeforest


Confetti is cheap and versatile, DIY vintage paper confetti has several possibilities for uses at your wedding.  Break with tradition and have the flower girl toss handfuls of heart shaped confetti cut from vintage sheet music or romance novels as she walks down the aisle.  Use music sheet printed confetti with soft pink flower petals for a true touch of romance that will grace the ceremony aisle.  Heart confetti can also serve as a unique table accent, scattered at the base of the reception table centerpieces or along the cake display table.

Use a craft, heart shaped paper punch to make this not only a cheap but extremely easy DIY project.  And if your really watching your budget or just like being frugal save your scraps of vintage paper from other projects like the music paper cone and punch heart shapes out for your confetti.


Paper Pinwheels

Pinwheels are fun favors and whimsical decorations.  Using vintage music sheet to keep with the classic, romantic look you can tie the wands with soft pink ribbons or strings of lace.  These would be a fun, different favor to hand out after the ceremony transitioning into the wedding reception. had a fabulous, easy to follow tutorial showing how to make your own beautiful and affordable wedding pinwheel favors.  You’ll need large 12″ X 12″ paper, wooden dowels, push pins and miscellaneous tools; all easy to find items and to by in bulk to save you even more money.

Fall in Love with Vintage Paper Favors

I love it when you can find smart, crafty DIY projects that allow you to transform cheap, everyday materials into beautiful, custom wedding or party decorations.  While realistically you aren’t going to craft your entire wedding look out of paper crafts, a few DIY wedding paper projects can provide you with the right cheap, affordable wedding accessories to bring together your whole look.  It’s about the little and personal touches you can put into your wedding day to make it special and memorable.


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