DIY Suspended Petal Chandelier

This one caught my eye and could without question be the reception decoration that will have everyone talking.  Posted on Austin Wedding Blog, suspended petals are a wedding trend that are cost effective and gorgeous.

Now how can you get this look? Here’s your DIY breakdown including items, steps, and a few choices that can make this fit any wedding theme. Items:

Natural Grapevine Wreath
Rose Buds
2-3 5/8” White Satin Edge Chiffon Ribbon
Floral Wire Cutters
Paddle Wire
Loose Satin Rose Petals
optional: 6.5’ Clear Crystal Garland
Choice: Ivy Garland, Forsythia Garland, Natural Raffia Roll or Aspen Pine Garland


** Note there’s a few options of how to suspend the base of this decoration.
Our inspiration picture is using an existing chandelier with greenery wrapped around it.  Consider a wreath around a light fixture, or hanging just a wreath by itself.** (If you’re hanging a wreath without an existing fixture, make sure and hang it from at least three points so it is easier to balance)


  1. First, tie and hang various lengths of ribbon from the base(chandelier, fixture or wreath). This way you can easily cover how it’s tied later on with garland.  You want to use the thinner 5/8” ribbon cut at different lengths to create a dramatic but light look. Using a thicker ribbon to hang the rose buds will make the arrangement appear too heavy.
  2. If you’re up on the ladder tying each piece of ribbon onto your base, you might as well stay up there for the next step and wrap your choice of garland around the base. Use floral wire and wire cutters to secure the garland around the base.
  3. Next, you will tie rose buds from the hanging ribbon. Having these all pre-cut before you start tying will save you time. Using floral wire cutters, cut the rose buds from the stem leaving about an inch of stem to tie the ribbon on. (if you’re worried the rose buds will slip out of the ribbon, use a little dab of hot glue).  Hang the rose buds at various lengths and leave some of the ribbon pieces loose without buds.  You can decide if you like more flowers, or less, and how many ribbon strands you would like.
  4. The last step is the easiest! Arrange your rose petals on the table below.  The suspended petal chandelier would look great above the cake table as shown in our inspiration photo, above your guest book sign in, or above the bride and groom at the bridal party table.

That’s it as easy as 1,2,3…. and well 4.  Now make this fit your wedding:


Keep it soft and elegant with cream or light pink rose buds, and ivy garland around your base.  Add to your “wow” factor and hang crystal garland with your ribbon pieces for some sparkle.


Get a bright spring look with forsythia as your base garland, mix it up with pink tulips and yellow sheer ribbon.


A rustic look is easy if you’re using the grapevine wreath as your base! Skip the garland and loosely wrap natural raffia around the wreath, keeping with the neutral tones and use light ribbon and flowers.


For winter weddings you could use an aspen pine garland around your base.  Get a dramatic look by using both white and red rose buds with white chiffon and crystal garland.

A few items, a few steps, and a gorgeous DIY wedding idea!

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