DIY Submersible Wedding Centerpieces

white orchid and calla lily wedding

Are you looking for a stylish wedding centerpiece?  Look no further.’s white dendrobium orchid and calla lily submersible centerpieces create a beautiful tablescape for any stylish, modern wedding.

Submersible arrangements are a popular new, fresh take on traditional wedding centerpieces.  Underwater flower arrangements are easy to assemble and inexpensive, the perfect DIY wedding project for an elegant centerpiece. embraces this trend showcasing gorgeous silk dendrobium orchids, white ginger, and calla lily floral stems illuminated by submersible floralytes and floating candles.  Orchids and calla lilies are a top wedding floral choice.  Their popularity stems from their unique, exotic beauty.  They are the accent of choice for a modern, white or elegant wedding.

Orchid Submersible Centerpiece

The first DIY wedding project featured for today’s how to guide is the submersible orchid and white ginger centerpiece.  An orchid stem stretches the length of a tall glass cylinder vase, effortlessly displaying the soft, delicate flower blooms.  The white ginger blooms anchor the stems towards the bottom while still retaining a weightless, organic look.  A play of several different elements, glass, water, light and floral stems, make up the beauty of this arrangement.  The choice of white florals allows the centerpiece to achieve a classic, elegant look, and not be overwhelming.

Here’s how you can get this look.  3 products, 4 steps under $20.


  1. Trim your floral stems to the height or just a bit over the cylinder vase.  You will loose some of the length as you twist the stems together.
  2. Once they are trimmed the same length bring the stems together.  To achieve the same look as the centerpiece use 2 orchid stems upright and turn 1 ginger stem upside down, so that the flower is at the bottom of the arrangement.
  3. Gently twist the stems together and secure them in place with a waterproof adhesive.  This look and technique works because the stems of the silk flowers are wired.  A tip to make this project even easier, first secure all the stems at one end with the adhesive and then twist them together.
  4. That’s it your stylish centerpiece is basically done.  Place a submersible floralyte in the bottom of the vase, drop in the floral arrangement and fill the vase with water about 3” from the top.  Finishing touches, add a floating candle for an accent.
Calla Lily Centerpiece


Calla Lily Centerpiece

Now our second DIY wedding project, the submersible calla lily centerpiece get’s even easier than the orchid centerpiece.  The calla lily centerpiece utilizes the same elements as the orchid, glass, water, light and floral stems, in a simple yet stunning arrangement.

It is the perfect example of modern wedding decor; simple, fresh with clean and defined elements.  You may add an accenting lit candle in the center of the bubble vase or fill the vase with water for a submersible arrangement with a floralyte.

This look uses 2 products with 1 step under $18.


This centerpiece can be put together in a matter of minutes thanks to the wire stemmed silk flowers.  Take your calla lily stems and shape them into a loose spiral.  Tip: shape them around a cylinder shape about the same measurement as the diameter of the vase.  The wire stems will allow them to hold this shape, then simply insert them into the bubble vase.  Viola, easy DIY wedding project complete!

Showcase the beauty of orchids and calla lilies at your wedding tablescape with one of the hot, new wedding trends, submersible arrangements.  These submersible centerpieces are the perfect DIY wedding project, easy to assemble and affordable for any budget bride.  A stunning, stylish accent to your wedding day.


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