DIY Holiday Wrapping

Black Friday was one week ago, so now it’s time to think about how you are going to get those great finds wrapped up and ready to go.

MxX9nyupUwbEXDbolqRvJenrxTlcffkMPomGWmaEbKs has you covered (pun intended).  Follow these simple Holiday Gift Wrapping DIY or shop our wide variety of holiday favorites and design the perfect gift topper.

pmigAkQJ6ND8KuGQsgJ88UhLIqXVOA5pQWMj7JkBNLc,nhezi3fcUyMaQlmUWyjXvE7SkMAq3hFXq3F7oSg76wA copy

Gift 1: EwJOjv0jvzW1pYdABFbQt-Li0eqjUnuMRj-rWW_2k9U,HgH3vBY4KGBENAEAUHUo4rc7WFBNu6UhOnSxi9Z2wAc copyGather your materials.  We decided to use faux rosemary to make the tiny wreath but you could also use faux pine.  You will also need red berries, jute cord, and burlap ribbon.  To attach the burlap to the gift you will need an adhesive.  You could us tape, glue or glue dots.

ANJa8n-dJi2fqKEfwlCL1tu6BsVbQf-A8QBPPlM9a7s,UFvubo_aTVrQpXsCBJus118iEyxeHKoPwFjmmSAk1kAFirst wrap the burlap ribbon the long way around the package.  Attach to the paper with tape or glue (glue dots and double sided tape will give it a cleaner look).

af0n46A3w9bUSFiqgvyrLHSO9Sy2ey3XB3rIbw7Mj6o,jImKcltRzTjqL6wZmSo4DxbSZh16WR8e5fet_jmIQdk copyTie the twine around the package.

4cUQz1vAL2MzQ_ZzNd1CCOb-sNndltQEI5fujv3Xuk8,0Pmnm0yAh8ON1HamdvxHwl3RKhX0lCZ2t8vy1Zv92oE copy copyCut the sprigs of rosemary from the bush.  Attach the two ends together with floral tape to create a tiny wreath.

Mu_WeKfNZH_H4nJNeOrViIJOO701yO7NT70zmHRjZL8,Im4EWZ_pBSJi_4pah5MW2fUTpyZdVEXrWcz0V3Ho8Y8 copyAttach the berries to the rosemary with floral tape.

BYFGN5U3b0G-outJrkb17nfbBmzAaurGjmIMXdnChsw,cjG6wqgQVay1Hzf75eH-Ub9Ofe6IQh1Egmo7Qah6A8g copyUse the twine to connect the wreath to the gift and finish with a bow.

odmmdV5Pfvp8iTkr0iw12WDXMIWonN-Fn7baNu6a_Kw,lKuvpSHSFddvcxeBXVED-cvDITziUnt6FyT8fVMQOpM copyGather your supplies.  We used the same cord from Gift 1, pine cone picks, and a pine spray.

sapJ02reotixiyXuMq6YTKEiFjf3R5K4l3GWHYjvwoA,6GsHTgQenlbvdvwRHMVPrYGBjk7NKT45cHgA48fRfTg copyCut the stems from the pine spray, leave around an inch.  Attach the two pine sprays together by taping the one inch of stem together with floral tape.

DgajotzllskopsMfZG2V8xpZNLHJWU6c0aXt9GtBBrw,zDMT7VwVudtHl9I6uXX5ioLaWFsJzDJ7VRf5wgKsEtQ copy qFWuRHPFfuz5YzmePG1ZpgjGGkeJ4Gu4G-nKqeX0DiY,OqZUzeYFh2y0OXiiWjXINAp7YGxywCHAbnEUu4qmNbw copyTie the jute cord around the gift and tie a knot around the pine sprays to attach.  Tie in a bow.

jvbKy0XmsEcygZEokqPdNggnNqngFbMcDiaI5HClR30,zC9JfdwUvBpUCiJQJ-Kyv8RJ2fiO5-yhw7CNAaLa9Rg copyInsert the pine cone picks into the bow to secure.

Gift 3:
ihUESZpunno_Sg0D0eZlA_sERFzOeKEdl5JTuQQqCBs,qTCmVYVV08zyNoUMAyfxTjLyMBQqaWJLP_gV1_kPjds copyGather you materials.  For this gift we used a holiday plaid ribbon, pine spray, and a glittered poinsettia.  We also used hot glue to attach the topper to the ribbon, so grab your glue gun!

Wrap the ribbon around the gift and attach to the paper using tape or glue.  Follow the steps from Gift 2 to create a similar pine topper.

h4uiLi3_DFKLBOAVbRHI0GxG8QcyAdFNCD0TY39-9Gw,gAbGn-ms0phyTEGN520QY7l9gQi2OOLRLSeoema7dUI copyUse your wire cutters to remove the flower head from the stem.

CjHdptQKaKgRBTdYA_k5OvfSq06wkVVRJ3bck9L4A3o,2-OFEyq7RcWiIejOtuvOduLtaQfYQH0L0e3rl8ANfmM copyUse the hot glue gun to attach the poinsettia to the pine spray.

8wtrqZvajiYcBOXD95ophUaTnwLOrKc5nSf8CBD2Soo,e2Ap9FOYo_sBBsqQnsrpDrkjcnfL9MWV3_mPirYkm3E copyWe attached the gift topper to the ribbon  using hot glue.

8UWSovT_Xg8Vhj0i3q6N-jXvUgZUpKxpSLDZfvHQs8U,9YTI-VrkoUanmBmJWw_ZqSO1NHG6ZZs2SkyNujVqIhE copyqSfjlYCk9VRZW2ekgLPp2zeujEN0E0s-uixeco6RC6Q,kFq0RTgx-gOu4NHRimHVvA-NdcZyChRECus2D0wSFKQYbe73dD8nKsUNQnKn4QAWKnV45ZavN7WMUd_SGSCFCk,y4Eg3O7sgMNjfrSFMwFvTGdQ42CAat2dxeHIZyM8X4E copy

Use these ideas or create your own with the wide variety of silk flowers and gift decorations available at  Don’t forget to add #Afloral to your DIY Gift Wrapping ideas for a chance to be featured on

For more DIY designs follow the Afloral Youtube Channel and visit the DIY Design Ideas at



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