DIY Greenery Centerpiece by Friend Of Faux


We’ve partnered with Friend of Faux to bring you this beautiful DIY centerpiece using greenery and silk flowers from Follow along with Friend of Faux to create this simple DIY for your wedding or home décor. We love the wild botanical look to this centerpiece, and the best part is these botanicals are faux-ever blooming!


First thing’s first – Here’s what you’ll need!

FriendOfFaux_DIY-Greenery-Centerpiece_3-2016_1  FriendOfFaux_DIY-Greenery-Centerpiece_3-2016_2


Step 1:

Fill the base of your container with floral foam – depending on the container, you can use it like a cookie cutter to cut the foam so it fits snugly.


Step 2:

Using your largest foliage create the structure of the arrangement – diagonal position works well – make sure it’s not too symmetrical and that it falls naturally.


Step 3:

Keep on building up the foliage so that you have a mix of greens creating a natural background for your flowers.


Step 4:

Add in key focal florals – odd numbers work well. 


Step 5:

Fill with smaller flowers at different heights


Step 6:

Fill any spaces with more foliage – add more height for a more dramatic effect.


Now you have your beautiful finished centerpiece, great for any home or wedding!


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