DIY Glowing Submersible Centerpiece brides have spoken and if there is a silk flower favorite it is definetly the submerged orchid centerpiece. You can create this look in just a few simple steps, and with silk wedding flowers this is a project you can complete long before your wedding day!  materialsGather your supplies.  For this project you will need clear glass cylinder vases, faux orchids (we choose a Phalaenopsis orchid in fuchsia), vase filler, LED party lights, floating candles, wire cutters, a lighter, and a pitcher of water.

1.  For the first step you will need to measure the stem against the vase.  Hold it up to the outside of the vase and use your wire cutters to clip off the access stem.  Place the flower in the vase to make sure it fits. Keep in mind that you will be adding several inches of vase filler so leave one or two inches at the top of the vase.  The faux orchids are on a wire stem so you can bend it a little to fit or cut off any additional stem.  After you are happy with the length of the flower in the vase you can remove it and set it aside.  measurecutV4-Rq0_hCzJcSitkKTXV07MwzVN0BMmEeGDGg__Vcs0,JiOSGoEcXHQMIdyiwQf6QcFMj_fisp1WCk4t-p2trSs copy 2.  Cover the bottom of the containers with vase filler.  We choose crushed glass but you could use sand, shells, pearls, stones, etc.  fillfiller copy 3.  Add your lights.  We used white non-blinking mini party lights.  Make sure you choose carefully when you are purchasing the lights for this project.  Double check that they are waterproof and have a long battery life so that they stay illuminated throughout your event.  IYNV9WobQPznxZW1bpvxgyciNIZdLpeAySjqGA7KQ6o,FuwDfYWUY8QxCs7ekVWrSSWbO5RJcO3WCDdmlQog4eM copy 4. Place the flower back in the container and fill with water.

* Tip: When using silk flowers for a submersible arrangement, it is recommended that you do a trial run before your event.  Submerse your choosen flower in water for 24 hours before you make your centerpieces.  This way you will know if the dye used in the flower will run.  One way to prevent this is to coat the flower with a protective spray.  However, we still recommend the 24 hour trail run with our without the protective coating.  QjmF-UlIIB0U7oukBXd8abTkc22R5qeoNnqINykWTc0TGE-eImD_I8T8ZTUnBz5OunYYr0qdaa1QpHoVNfnb5Emjlg0XI29RbSm1C0x29O-Ez_6GjZMVrnfBq8z3O4MLI5.  When you have your vases arranged on the table, add the floating candle and light it.  7N5nUl6LEgF0vScciSbU0R0LTshExux6R8xkixIHxd4nr3N0y1_8Ty7eJcilzw5pfQ8ErjVBgBvbOyUUHGINiU

Voilà!  You now have a stunning centerpiece that will wow all of your guests.  DyrvtvrWhngHuMnMmC9Zrn-ZWYfW1AdZ73opupSFkzc 6e35L73cdiAJMMvB5rsBzgztSBhIO3TRu-b4gJOfIaY iT15gCQXB_V7UHH3wcRPbpX4Qyz7EfqhoD3qZHBQ9_E _KAMbZt_nMqGo1k5jjYzL46Tj0-1OotzqEiscCqX2yo

For more DIY video tutorials follow the Afloral Youtube Channel.  Add #Afloral to all of your DIY wedding pictures to share your beautiful designs.  Find more centerpiece ideas and  upload  your images directly in our DIY Design Ideas.  For all the supplies used in this DIY visit!



  1. Wow I have been looking for something like this that’s easy and cheap not just for special events but for home decor also wonderfully beautiful

  2. Yailene, Thank you! This is so simple and all of the products used in the centerpiece can be reused in a different way after the event!

  3. How do u keep the flowers from floating up? I wont be using the candles on top which may serve as stopper cz the hotel wont allow candels since it is a fire hazard. Any tips please?

    1. That is a great question! You could use frogs or weights to hold down your flower stem. The vase filler will cover them. The orchid we used was real touch and those weigh a little more than silk flowers so we did not have a problem with floating. We also pushed the stem into filler for a little more security. As for the candles, we do offer Water-Activated Floating LED Tea Lights that can be used to create the same look.

  4. What size floating candles should I get compared to the vase diameter? My vases are 3 1/2 ” diameter and I’m not sure what size candles I should get.

    1. That’s a great question! Our vases were between 5-6″ wide and we used 3″ candles. I would recommend out 1.75-2″ floating candle. Try these!

    1. Our experience has been that Real Touch flowers tend to work the best for submersed arrangements. They hold up the best under water and don’t bleed. We suggest that you do a trial run with any flower you want to submerse. This way you will know how they will look before your event, if they will bleed into the water, and how long they will hold up. We’d love to hear your experiences using different faux flowers.

  5. To gey your flowers to stay put at the bottom of your vase…Use oval fishing sinkers with a loop at the top (walmart) sewn through the stem at the bottom and tie it to the sinker…i used 2 sinkers.
    Stuck the immersible light with dollarama sticky tac.
    Worked perfect!

    1. Then covered the sinkers and lights with clear rocks…and placed a white oval floating candle on top.
      Dollarama lights worked for 3 days.
      Will likely use the clear whit lights i ordered on line.
      This was a test run.
      Have fun with all of your arrangements!

    1. We used 2 stems – one full stem for the taller vase and we divided the second stem for the small two. You can use any of our orchids for this DIY arrangement. We choose real touch because the color is not as likely to run into the water, but silk works as well. We recommend submerging one of the flower heads in water for 24 hours prior to your event so you are prepared for any changes that may occur when the flowers are submerged for a long period of time.

  6. Hi Melanie,

    Would Small Phalaenopsis Orchid Silk Flower “Heads” work and give the same look?


    1. Hi Valerie! Thank you for taking a look at our blog post! The only problem with using flower heads alone is that they are not weighted down and will float to the top. The stem allows you to secure the flower in the vase filler. Some DIY-ers have found that you can weight the heads down with sinkers you would use for fishing, and some real touch flowers are much heavier than silk and will not float. We recommend doing a trial run with a flower before you commit to it. This is beneficial because some silk flowers may bleed in water as well. Please let us know if you have any more questions!

  7. I am confused as to where to hide the actual on/off switch. My waterproof lights are gold. Can I emerge all of it in the water or use a Baggie ?

    1. We covered the lights with a little bit of vase filler. The type of lights we used for this DIY can be fully submerged in water on their own. Be careful to read the label to make sure your lights can be submersed for a long period of time. We always recommend a trial run.

    1. Hi Rose, You do not want to use preserved orchids, they do not hold up in water for a long period of time and the color may bleed into the water (you can read more about this on our Petal post). Fresh and faux flowers are the best options. In this DIY we used real touch faux orchids. You can shop of Submersible Flowers here.

    1. The submersible lights that we used for this arrangement have a limited battery life. However the floating candles can easily be replaced after they have reached their burn-time, for a lasating arrangement.

  8. This is beautiful and can’t wait to see them on my tables for my wedding. What lights did you use? I am having a hard time finding ones that are able to work in water AND have a long battery life. I need 6+ hours if possible.

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